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    2024 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin NGC MS70 ER
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    2023-S Proof Peace Silver Dollar Coin NGC PF70 Advanced Release
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    1885-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Coin PCGS MS67
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    1924 Peace Silver Dollar Coin NGC MS63
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    1882-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Coin PCGS MS62
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    All NGC and PCGS Certified Silver Coins Available from JM Bullion

    JM Bullion proudly sells certified silver coins. The coins are graded by one of two reputable third-party grading services: the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Collectors and investors prefer certified coins for several reasons. First, there is no doubt how much a certified coin is worth because it has been meticulously appraised by numismatic professionals on a 70-point scale. Second, the price that a buyer pays for a certified coin accurately reflects its worth.

    JM Bullion has maintained a great working relationship with both the NGC and PCGS in order to supply collectors with a wide selection of graded silver coins. All certified silver coins at JM Bullion are impartially inspected by numismatic experts from one of these two companies. Coin lovers across the United States rely on JM Bullion for accurately graded, certified silver coins.

    About the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation

    Established in 1987, the Sarasota-based NGC serves as the official grading service for the American Numismatic Association. Having evaluated more than 30 million graded coins, the company prides itself on its consistent and accurate grading method. To ensure impartiality, at least two independent numismatists from the company’s 30-member panel inspect every coin.

    Should a coin show surface damage or other flaws, these details are carefully recorded using the NGC Details Grading system. Other services provided by the NGC include identifying split bands, lines, and color variations. These distinctions give potential buyers the most accurate description of the coin possible.

    After grading, NGC-graded coins are encapsulated in plastic to preserve quality and prevent damage. Encapsulation assures buyers that a coin’s appraisal at the time of purchase is an accurate one.

    About the Professional Coin Grading Service

    Established in 1985, the PCGS delivers coin-grading expertise to clients in North America, Europe, and Asia. Owned by NASDAQ company Collectors Universe Inc., PCGS thus far has authenticated more than 24 million coins during its tenure. The company provides consumers with an online price guide that it updates daily. Many people use this guide to help them manage their purchases and sales.

    Like the NGC, the PCGS assigns multiple numismatic evaluators to each coin. A coin’s final grade is determined when all experts come to a consensus on its value. Also like the NGC, the PCGS encapsulates its coins to protect them from damage and ensure grade accuracy.

    About Coin Grading

    The act of grading a coin helps the public understand the true market value of that coin. Market value depends on several factors, including the quality of the coin when it was initially struck and how much wear and tear that it has endured over time. A 70-point grading scale, called the Sheldon Scale of Coin Grading, helps determine a coin’s grade and market value.

    A grade of “”P-1″” reflects the poorest rating that a coin can get. This type of coin is hardly recognizable due to excessive wear and damage. A grade of “”FR-2″” means that the coin is in slightly better shape, but still quite worn. As the numbers ascend the Sheldon scale, coin quality improves. The “”MS-70″” mark, which stands for “”Mint State Perfect,”” sits at the top of the grading scale. Such a coin is flawless and perfectly centered.

    Popular Graded Silver Coins

    Certified silver coins are valued for their uniqueness and their benefit to investment portfolios. Some of the most popular graded coins are listed below:

    Silver Eagle: Minted every year since 1986 under the Liberty Coin Act, Silver Eagles are one of the most popular coins with investors and collectors. These coins contain one troy ounce of silver and have a face value of $1.

    Canadian Silver Coins: Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), these coins are known for their exceptional purity and beauty. The Maple Leaf design is the most popular, followed by the RCM Wildlife Silver series and the Birds of Prey series.

    Australian Silver Coins: Manufactured at the Perth Mint in western Australia, these coins are gorgeous collectors’ items and legal tender, as well.

    Mexican Silver Libertad Coins: As one of the top silver producers in the world, Mexico takes pride in its Silver Libertad coins, first minted in 1982. The coins feature winged Victoria on one side and the Mexican coat of arms on the other.

    Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins: These coins pay homage to Austria’s rich musical history with the engraving of an organ from the Vienna Philharmonic concert hall on the obverse side. The reverse displays inscriptions of the musical instruments that make up the orchestra.

    Chinese Silver Panda Coins: These coins, which feature an image of a panda grasping a piece of bamboo, are brand new and uncirculated.

    How to Purchase Certified Silver

    Certified silver coins are available for online order from JM Bullion carries an array of coin types and grades that can fit into just about any budget. Whereas the U.S. Mint only carries recent American silver coins, JM Bullion carries certified silver coins from multiple countries and multiple years. With trusted numismatists, such as the members of the NGC and PCSG standing behind their product, you can’t go wrong with the purchase of a silver certified coin from JM Bullion.