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    Silver Notes/Silverbacks

    Silver Notes/Silverbacks from JM Bullion

    There was a time in American history when silver certificates circulated in the national economy. These original forms of silver notes were paper currency backed by US silver dollars held in bank vaults across the country. Silver certificates could be redeemed at any bank for their face value in US silver dollars. Today, silver certificates are a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t similar options available from modern producers. Silver Notes and Silverbacks are two new, common forms of silver bullion available to buyers.

    Silver Notes

    Whether you’re looking at Silver Notes or Silverbacks, you’ll find that the format of both products is relatively similar. The designs of Silver Notes are more diverse as this product line represents a broad range of possible collections and design themes, while Silverbacks is the name of a specific collection of silver notes with a common design concept. As for Silver Notes, the designs reflect concepts such as collectible, themed designs, or even replica designs of circulating currency.


    Silverbacks is the term for a specific collection of Silver Notes. The introduction of Silverbacks came as a direct alternative to the rising popularity of modern Goldback Gold Notes. The advantage of Silverbacks lies in both the beauty of the designs, but also, the affordability of silver. While the need for hyper-fractionalized silver is not evident at the moment, the beauty of the design for Silverbacks nonetheless stands out as a main attraction for these pieces.

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