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    British Silver Myths and Legends Series

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    2023 1 oz British Silver Merlin Coin (BU)
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    British Silver Myths & Legends Series

    Introducing the mesmerizing Myths & Legends Series, an exceptional addition to the renowned collections offered by the Royal Mint. This captivating series takes you on a journey into the heart of British folklore and mythology, featuring a unique selection of three-coin issues that vividly portray iconic figures from these timeless tales.

    Inspiration for the Series

    Discover a world of enchantment as each three-coin series immerses you in a distinct design narrative, capturing the essence of legendary characters that have stirred imaginations for generations. Whether it’s the gallant knights of Arthurian legend, the mystical beings of Celtic mythology, or other revered figures from British folklore, each issue unveils a realm where fables and reality intertwine.

    Indulge your passion as the Myths & Legends Series presents an exquisite range of both silver and gold coins, catering to collectors and enthusiasts with diverse preferences. Meticulously crafted with utmost precision, each coin showcases exceptional artistry and intricate details, ensuring a mesmerizing visual experience that brings these mythical beings to life.


    The first designs in the mini-series featured the mythical figure known as Robin Hood. One of the key aspects of Robin Hood’s mythology is his association with Sherwood Forest and the city of Nottingham. Sherwood Forest, located in Nottinghamshire, England, was said to be Robin Hood’s primary base of operations. The dense woodland provided excellent cover for Robin and his band, allowing them to evade capture while planning their daring heists. Nottingham, a nearby city, is often portrayed as the central hub of power and corruption that Robin Hood and his Merry Men opposed. It was here that Robin Hood encountered his main adversaries, such as the Sheriff of Nottingham, who represented the oppressive ruling class that Robin Hood fought against. Designs offered in this series include:

    • Robin Hood
    • Little John
    • Maid Marian

    For the next mini-series, we are whisked away to the court of Camelot and the reign of King Arthur. An integral part of King Arthur’s mythology is his legendary sword, Excalibur, and its connection to the Lady of the Lake. According to the stories, Excalibur was the magical sword bestowed upon Arthur by the Lady of the Lake, a mystical and powerful figure associated with Arthurian legend. The sword was said to possess extraordinary qualities, granting King Arthur exceptional strength and skill in battle. Additionally, Excalibur was believed to have the ability to bestow Arthur with the divine right to rule as the rightful king of Britain. The sword and its relationship with the Lady of the Lake became important symbols of Arthur’s legitimacy, power, and destiny. The designs include:

    • King Arthur
    • Merlin
    • Morgan Le Fay

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