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    JM Logo Velvet Bag
    As Low As: $2.99
    Large Air-Tite Coin Capsule Folding Box
    As Low As: $4.99
    11mm 1/2 Gram Gold Coin Window Box
    As Low As: $10.99
    38mm 2 oz Silver Coin Window Box
    As Low As: $12.99

    Coin Boxes available at JM Bullion

    When it comes to buying coins, you want to know the investment you are making is physically secure. The vast majority of mints ship gold, silver, and platinum coins with some form of packaging. Typically, the options are plastic flips or capsules for individual items, with tubes sometimes available for multiples or boxes available for numismatic pieces. JM Bullion offers a range of coin boxes that allow you to not only safely store your coins, but also safely display them as part of a collection.

    Generic Boxes

    If you already own a coin that you want to upgrade the existing packaging on, JM Bullion has generic boxes from the likes of Air-Tite that offer protection and display for your boxes. As one example, Window Boxes offer a safe home inside for your coins and a clear lid that allows to you protect and display your coin at the same time. Folding boxes take your display opportunities up a notch by providing a sturdy base for your coin, as well as a prop-up base that puts the coin on display at a slight vertical angle.

    Custom Boxes and Bags

    Certain collections offer individuals the opportunity to buy a collectible box designed to go with the coins or rounds from a specific series. As an example, the Medieval Legends 14-piece Collectors Box is designed to hold one of each of the 7 designs in the series, with both a silver and copper round from each release capable of being housed in the box.

    Additionally, JM Bullion has its own velvet bag available for random collections of silver coins or rounds. The velvet bag has a drawstring enclosure and features the JM Bullion logo on the front.

    Mint-specific Boxes

    When it comes to major bullion collections, the issuing mints often have branded boxes made specifically for a given item or collection. For example, the United States Mint uses specific sizes of boxes for its American Eagle Coins, including a unique box size for the 1 oz American Platinum Eagle. Additionally, Australian Lunar Series III 12-Coin Collection Cases are available for purchase online

    Buy Coin Boxes from JM Bullion

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