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    Large Currency Protective Sleeve
    As Low As: $0.74
    Small Clear Display Easel
    As Low As: $1.49
    2.5x2.5 inch Coin Flip 10 Pack
    As Low As: $2.29
    JM Logo Velvet Bag
    As Low As: $2.99
    Goldback Protective Sleeve
    As Low As: $3.50
    Goldback Box with Insert
    As Low As: $6.00
    eZest Coin Cleaner 5 oz Jar
    As Low As: $14.99
    White Cotton Gloves (Medium Pair)
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    Other Accesories at JM Bullion

    While many precious metals products are issued by the mint of origin with accessories to store and protect the item, some forms of original mint packaging can fall below the standard of certain investors and collectors. Additionally, there are other items that can be used to handle and/or display your precious metals that are not provided by mints.


    One of the most common forms of visual detraction or impairment on coins, bars, and rounds comes from human fingerprints. Whether it’s an actual fingerprint left behind or damage from the oils in human skin, there is a simple solution to use when handling your metals so that you don’t cause any damage. Cotton gloves enable you to handle your bars and coins, whether showcasing them to others or moving them around in storage, without causing damage from contact with your skin.


    While many coins come with capsules from the mint of origin, few encapsulated coins come with a good option included for showcasing the products. A simple plastic easel designed to work with common capsule sizes makes it easy to proudly display your precious metals, while keeping them safe.

    Flip Packs

    If you typically buy gold and silver in bulk, coin flip packs are a great way to invest in individual packaging for your items. Many gold and silver coins are sold by mints with multiples housed in tubes. If you’d like to break out your coins from the tube and store them separately from one another, you can buy coin flip packs to individually house each coin.

    Currency Sleeves

    If you’ve invested in notes, whether those are silver notes, Goldbacks, or other historic US legal tender, and you don’t prefer the packaging offered by the mint, we carry large currency sleeves that provide a simple option for storing your notes. Currency sleeves are made from durable plastic that protects the notes from physical harm as a result of contact or bending, while also helping to keep them notes protected from direct exposure to humidity and moisture.

    Bags and Boxes

    There are specialized products designed to house certain collections of precious metals in unique boxes or bags. One such example is the Goldback Box. Goldbacks are sold in individual currency sleeves, but if you’d like to be able to house several notes together, the Goldback Box is one example of a custom-made product that enhances the packaging offered by the producer. JM Bullion Velvet Bags are a great option for those who want to store random lots of coins or rounds, and showcase their patronage of JM Bullion.

    Coin Cleaners

    eZest is a popular line of coin-cleaning products that can help revive the look of your older coins. Though it can’t resolve any issues with the strike of a coin’s design or remove flaws from minting, eZest can help clear smudges and tarnish from your silver and copper products.

    Buy Additional Accessories from JM Bullion

    If you have any questions about accessories at JM Bullion, please feel free to ask. Our customer service team is available at 800-276-6508, online using our web chat, and via our email address. Don’t forget to visit our Payment Methods page for more information on acceptable forms of payment.