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    Zombucks World

    Following the popular reception of the original Zombucks Series, a new collection was launched in 2023. The currency of the next apocalypse offers new designs based on today’s modern bullion coins that have become immensely popular with collections. Once again, the series will feature silver and copper options with a shared reverse design.

    Zombucks World Feature Designs

    Zombucks World Map

    As for the obverse designs in the Zombucks World Series, each one takes you on a new global adventure to see firsthand the impacts of the zombie apocalypse on creatures from around the world. To date, the following are available:

    • Pandamonium – the first design in the series shows the fallout of an apocalypse and its impact on the Panda. Inspired by the annual designs of Panda bullion coins, this image shows a decaying panda clinging to the trunk of a tree.
    • Kookaburied – the second issue of the collection showcases the spread of the apocalypse to the skies above. This design showcases the impact of the zombie apocalypse on the beloved kookaburra. The bird is shown in left-profile relief with feathers deteriorating from its wings and revealing the small, light bone structure of birds. The empty eye sockets are perhaps the most haunting visual in the design.
    • Kangaruin – for the third release, the kangaroo is featured in the design. The spread and power of the kangaroo’s legs aren’t enough to help it outrun the Zombie apocalypse. Featured in left-profile relief, the body of the kangaroo is deteriorating as it bounds along. Its fur is patchy and its flesh is beginning to fall from its bones.
    • Mortuga – in the fourth release of the Zombucks World Series, the ocean proves no boundary for the spread of the disease. Here, the hawksbill turtle appears as Mortuga, a decaying version of its former self. The turtle’s shell and skin began to disintegrate around it as it swims through the otherwise mild waters of the Pacific Ocean.

    Mintage: Each release will be minted to demand for approximately four months. At the end of that time, the final mintage for that design will be announced.  No more rounds will be produced of each design after its 4-month mintage run. As each design concludes, we will announce the final mintage figures below:

    • Pandamonium – 50,000 silver rounds and 30,000 copper rounds
    • Kookaburied – 25,008 silver rounds and 20,000 copper rounds
    • Kangaruin – 20,011 silver rounds and 20,013 copper rounds

    Zombucks World Silver Notes

    If Zombucks World silver and copper rounds aren’t enough for your apocalyptic hoard, then we’ve got great news for you! JM Bullion also offers the beloved designs of the Zombucks World Series as 1/1000th oz silver notes. Each silver note features a one-sided design, with a mirror image of the obverse design visible in less detail on the reverse.

    Zombucks World Silver Notes come with the same designs featured in the broader Zombucks World collection. Each Zombucks World Silver Note has a post-apocalyptic value of 1 Zombuck and features added design details not present on the rounds. While the primary image of the zombified creatures is the same, you’ll notice the following additions:

    • Pandamonium: the image of the zombified panda in a tree is captured from a wider persepctive, with more of the decaying forest captured in the background.
    • Kookaburied: the background field includes the image of a city, devoid of human life, as the buildings begin to crumble and nature takes back what mankind has built.
    • Kangaruin: the silver note design showcases the decaying kangaroo leaping along weed-filled walkways in front of Sydney’s iconic opera house as meteors rain down in the sky above.

    Zombucks – the Original Series

    In the first series of Zombucks Rounds, historic US coin designs were reimagined to serve as the official currency of the zombie apocalypse. Everything from Saint-Gaudens Liberty, Walking Liberty, and the Mercury Dime to the Buffalo Nickel, Morgan Dollar, and Seated Liberty was reimagined for this incredible collection. The designs offered in this collection include:

    Zombucks Walker

    The Zombucks Walker pays homage to the Walking Liberty Half-Dollar and the American Silver Eagle which depicts a beautiful image of Walking Liberty striding forward with the sun on the horizon. The Zombucks Walker is a zombified Walking Liberty reaching ahead for a human. She is wrapped in torn and disheveled clothing with an axe in hand, surrounded by stars and stripes and walking in front of a mushroom cloud.

    Morgue Anne

    Morgue Anne

    Each Morgue Anne honors the Morgan Dollar that circulated from 1878-1904, and again in 1921. The original Morgan featured an exquisite portrait of Lady Liberty designed by U.S. Mint engraver, George T. Morgan. If only he could see her now. Her skin has rotted, the flowers in her once beautiful hair have wilted. Liberty faces left and one can still read her crown, but bones and muscles from her neck and face are visible.



    The obverse features a cadaverous Black Diamond, the model of James Earle Fraser’s Indian Head Nickel (1913-1938). The once massive bison now roams the earth with bones tearing through his mangled and decaying skin. His fur deteriorates with each passing day.

    The Barber

    The original Barber quarter was circulated from 1892 to 1912. The beautiful lady on Charles E. Barber’s iconic quarter has turned, joining the hordes of the undead. On the obverse of each 1 oz round, Liberty cries bloody tears, her eye impaled with scissors, an attack that wounded but failed to kill the undead goddess. Her skin rots under the sun’s swelter, and the tattered ribbons of her triumphal cap shred in the breeze.

    Murk Diem

    Murk Diem

    Once the Mercury Dime, this adaptation features Liberty as a casualty of the apocalypse. The obverse of each Murk Diem features the zombified “goddess”, a mangled figure bereft of life. A portion of Liberty’s brain emerges from a torn cap, while her spine can be seen through her neck and muscle. The feathers in her cap used to symbolize freedom of thought, but the former Mercury Dime now displays bedraggled tufts showing no semblance of her former life.

    Feast Dollar

    feast dollar

    A tribute to the Peace Silver Dollar — produced by the United States Mint to celebrate the restoration of peace after World War I — the obverse of each Feast Dollar features the profile of a decomposing Lady Liberty. Worms wriggle through her disheveled hair, devouring the flesh beneath. Teeth and bones can be seen through decaying skin.

    Starving Liberty

    starving liberty

    The reverse features a zombie-splattered biohazard symbol, warning the world of a dreadful new era. The obverse features a disheveled Lady Liberty. Clutching a shield as she strides down a stone staircase, her bony figure is covered by a partial suit of armor and a tattered cloak that blows in the wind.

    Slayed Dollar

    slayed dollar

    The Slayed Dollar is inspired by the US Mint’s Trade Dollar, which represents freedom and commerce. Time and the apocalypse, however, have not been kind… The obverse of the Silver Slayed Dollar features Lady Liberty sitting on a throne of skeletons. To represent the toll in human life the apocalypse has taken, Lady Liberty now clutches a scythe in her right hand; her skin, muscles and hair are fetid and decomposing.

    Dying Eagle

    Dying Eagle

    Zombucks Dying Eagle is an infected version of the Flying Eagle Cent that was designed by U.S. Mint engraver, James Longacre. The once majestic bird now soars on the obverse of each 1 oz Silver Dying Eagle, having fallen victim to the relentless apocalypse. Its decomposing body is weak, bone and atrophied muscle are exposed where beautiful plumage once existed – many feathers fall from the eagle’s carcass on the design.

    The Saint

    The zombie apocalypse spread to historical figures and animals for nearly three years while survivors hid, waiting for redemption. At long last, their Heroine arrived… The 10th Zombucks design is inspired by the Double Eagle Gold Coin created by famed sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens. The Saint features on the obverse of each 1 oz silver round with a sword in her right hand and the severed zombie head of the last zombie in her left. She walks over heads and bones of her zombie victims in a stunning gown and corset that carries a biohazard symbol. Smoke billows from the Capitol in the background while sun rays shine behind The Saint.

    Common Reverse and Options

    All of the rounds in the Zombucks Series featured the same reverse design. On this side of the rounds, you will find a depiction of the biohazard symbol as well as the identifying hallmarks of each round. The series offered these 10 designs in 1 oz silver BU, 1 oz silver proof, and 1 oz copper options.

    Zombucks Rounds at JM Bullion

    For those seeking a tradable currency during the apocalypse, or simply a beautiful copper or silver collection, the Zombucks Rounds deliver. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. JM Bullion customer service is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address. Please refer to our Payment Methods page for quick answers to payment-related questions.