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    British Silver Coins

    British Silver Coins for Investment

    Silver is one of the leading precious metals at the moment, and the demand for silver coins from sovereign mint programs and a select few private mints has at times threatened to put all coin programs on halt due to silver shortages. JM Bullion is proud to carry some of the world’s most well-known, and up-and-coming, silver bullion coin programs, including the various Royal Mint silver options from the United Kingdom.

    British Silver Britannia Coin Series

    The modern-day official bullion coin of Britain, these coins feature an image of the Roman deity Britannia, who served as a protector for the British Isles. Introduced in 1997, these coins were originally available with .958 fine silver but are now produced in .999 pure silver. The 2017 release of these silver coins marks the milestone 20th anniversary for the silver version of Britain’s official bullion coin, and the modern highlights of these coins include:

    • Arrives in a protective plastic capsule, mint tube of 25 coins, or Monster Box of 500 coins.
    • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver in BU condition.
    • Bears a face value of 2 (GBP) backed by the British government.

    British Silver Britannia coins have had the same design concepts on the obverse and reverse faces of the coin since their introduction in 1997. The only changes ever to come to the program occurred recently with the introduction of an updated portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the coin’s obverse side. Further details include:

    • On the obverse of British Silver Britannia Coins dated 1998-2022, you’ll find a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty’s effigy is updated on occasion to reflect her current age on the throne. A new designed debuted on 2016 issue Royal Mint coins from Jody Clark, marking the fifth generation depiction of the Queen. As of 2023, His Majesty King Charles III features on the obverse of all Britannia coins.
    • In 2023, the Royal Mint introduced the first Britannia Silver Coins without a portrait of Elizabeth II. Following her passing in September 2022, a new bust of King Charles III in left-profile relief was introduced on the coins.
    • The reverse of the British Silver Britannia includes the image of the goddess Britannia, famed guardian of Britain. She is depicted standing along the island’s southern coast, looking out across the English Channel with her trident (to control the seas) as she holds a shield in her other hand to guard the nation that bears the Union Jack insignia.

    In addition to the regular-issue Silver Britannia coins, there is Royal Mint silver bullion available with unique designs from this same collection. For example, the Silver Britannia is available in a gilded and colorized version, as well.

    British Silver Queen’s Beast Coin Series

    On June 2, 1953, Her Majesty The Queen was crowned sovereign head of England. During the ceremony, ten heraldic beasts stood guard outside the coronation in Westminster Abbey. The Queen’s Beasts, as they are known, are a collection of statues commissioned by the British Ministry of Works and sculpted by James Woodford RA. Each one stands six feet tall and was cast in plaster. Each of the ten statues depict the genealogy of The Queen, with each of the heraldic beasts symbolizing the various strands of The Queen’s royal ancestry.

    Launched in 2016 the British Queen’s Beast Coin series is an exciting option for those looking to buy silver because it offers a Royal Mint first. The 2 oz bullion coins in this collection, featuring .9999 pure silver content and a face value of £5 (GBP), mark the first-ever release of a 2 oz bullion coin from the Royal Mint. The series is set to feature a total of 10 designs, and each release will include the 2 oz silver coin, as well as a 1 oz and ¼ oz gold option.

    The British Silver Queen’s Beast Coins from the Royal Mint are among the first to feature the latest effigy of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, on the obverse face. The designs come from Royal Mint engraver Jody Clark, who at just 33 years old, became the youngest Royal Mint engraver to design an effigy of the Queen for British coinage. This design includes:

    • The obverse side of the coin bears the latest depiction of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II in right-profile relief. The Queen’s portrait is accompanied by engravings of her name and the face value in Pound Sterling. This represents the fifth iteration of Her Majesty’s portrait to appear on UK coinage since 1952.
    • 2016 Lion Coin
    • 2017 Griffin Coin
    • 2017 Dragon Coin
    • 2018 Unicorn Coin
    • 2018 Black Bull Coin
    • 2019 Falcon Coin
    • 2019 Yale Coin
    • 2020 White Lion Coin
    • 2020 White Horse Coin
    • 2021 White Greyhound Coin

    British Silver Tudor Beasts

    Experience the grandeur of the Tudor Beasts Silver Series, an exceptional collection that showcases a variety of proof options and striking silver coins. Immerse yourself in the regal world of the Tudors with our 2 oz silver BU and 10 oz silver BU coins.

    Indulge in the elegance of our proof coins, each meticulously packaged in individual Royal Mint presentation boxes. Adorned with a themed shipper and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, these treasures are a testament to their exquisite craftsmanship. For the 1 Kilo silver coin, a luxurious wooden presentation box awaits, while the other proof silver weights are presented in sleek black displays, adding a touch of sophistication to your collection.

    For our BU coins, the 10 oz silver coin offers versatility with the option of plastic capsules for enhanced protection or boxes containing 15 coins. The 2 oz silver coin, on the other hand, arrives in protective flips, acrylic tubes housing 10 coins, or boxes holding an impressive 200 coins, providing you with various options to suit your preferences. Designs available in this series as of 2023 include:

    • Seymour Panther
    • Lion of England
    • Yale of Beaufort
    • Bull of Clarence
    • Seymour Unicorn
    • Tudor Dragon

    British Silver Myths & Legends

    Embark on an extraordinary journey through the captivating tales of the Myths & Legends Series, where every three-coin series unravels a unique design narrative that transports you to a realm where imagination and reality intertwine. Delve into the realms of Arthurian legend, Celtic mythology, and other revered figures from British folklore, as each issue captures the very essence of these legendary characters that have enthralled generations.

    Nurture your passion for the extraordinary as the Myths & Legends Series offers a stunning array of both silver and gold coins, designed to cater to the diverse preferences of collectors and enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the exceptional craftsmanship of these meticulously crafted coins, where every intricate detail and artistic flourish is meticulously brought to life. Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing visual experience that each coin offers, ensuring that these mythical beings truly come alive in your hands.

    British Silver Shengxiao Series

    Launched in 2014, the Shengxiao Series from the Royal Mint is an increasingly popular series celebrating the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Each year, the coins in the program feature the new animal in the Zodiac represent a particular year on the lunar calendar.

    Coins released to date in the Shengxiao Series include the Year of the Horse, Year of the Goat, and Year of the Monkey Silver coins. All Royal Mint silver coins consist of .999 pure silver, with face values listed in Great British Pounds (£ GBP), and share common obverse imagery of Queen Elizabeth II’s right-profile image. Gold coins from the Royal Mint in this collection feature .9999 fine gold content.

    Coins released prior to the 2016 year of issue in this collection feature Ian Rank-Broadley’s 1998 image of the Queen, while post-2016 coins have the new Jody Clark design released in 2015. All reverse designs in the Shengxiao Series from the Royal Mint were designed by British-Chinese artist Wuon-Gean Ho, and each one is completely unique from other lunar coin series produced at other mints around the globe.

    British Music Legends Series

    In 2020, the Royal Mint of England embarked on an exciting new gold and silver collection honoring music legends from Britain. Known as the British Music Legends Series, the collection offers a wide range of gold bullion and proof specimens, as well as silver proof, bullion, and silver-clad specimens. JM Bullion carries the 1/2 oz, 1 oz, and 2 oz silver proof designs as the primary option in each release. Designs available starting in 2020 include (in order):

    • Queen
    • Elton John
    • David Bowie
    • The Who
    • The Rolling Stones

    James Bond Series

    Another milestone arrived in 2020 as the James Bond feature film franchise prepares to mark the release of the 25th official feature film in the collection. Produced by Eon Productions, the release of No Time To Die is celebrated by mints around the globe with collections honoring the past and present of the series. The Royal Mint’s collection includes the following designs:

    • Bond, James Bond: The opening design of the series features one of the first supercars used in the James Bond film franchise and comes with an inscription of the famous introductory line Bond characters often use in the films “Bond, James Bond.” The car in the design is in left-profile relief as it drives through the number “0” in “007.”
    • Pay Attention 007: In the second release of the series, the Royal Mint features yet another of the cars made famous in the Bond franchise. This one is the Lotus Espirit that became known as the Wet Nellie because it was convertible into a submarine. Depicted on the reverse, the Lotus has its fins extended as it maneuvers silently beneath the waves. Inscriptions include “Pay Attention 007” and include “007” as separate, imposed letters dominating the visual field.

    British Royal Arms Series

    Introduced in 2019, the British Royal Arms Series is a very deliberate and direct representation of the Crown. The Royal Arms are carried by the monarch of England offer a direct representation of the monarch and the monarchy. The very first official Royal Arms of England was adopted by the second Plantagenet king, King Richard I, in 1198. The Three Lions was the lone Royal Arms until other nations came under the influence or direct control of the kingdom. Over time, elements representing France, Ireland, and Scotland were incorporated into ever-evolving versions of the shield. The modern design, as featured on the reverse of the British Royal Arms Series, includes the following elements:

    • At the center of the design is the quartered shield of the Royal Arms with the individual coat of arms of each constituent nation of the modern United Kingdom. These include the Three Lions of England in the first and fourth quadrants, the Lion of Scotland in the second, and the Harp of Ireland (Northern Ireland) in the third. The Unicorn of Scotland supports the shield on the right, while the Lion of England supports it on the left. The shield is topped by the same crown featured on the head of the Lion of England, the State Imperial Crown.

    The British Royal Arms Series comes in silver and gold options, with 1 oz and 1/4 oz gold coins available, as well as 1 oz and 10 oz silver coins. The 2019 release featured only 1 oz options in each metal, with the 1/4 oz gold and 10 oz silver coins added in 2020.

    Landmark Series

    In 2017, the Royal Mint embarked on a program to catalog some of the architectural splendor of the city of London, and the broader English realm. Known as the British Landmark Series, these 1 oz silver coins were released between 2017 and 2019, with one coin each in 2017 and 2019, and a dual release in 2018. The four designs included in this collection represent some of the most globally renowned images and places within England. The designs include the following:

    • Big Ben
    • Tower Bridge
    • Trafalgar Square
    • Buckingham Palace

    British Valiant Series

    Another 2019 debut from the Royal Mint of England is the Valiant Series. One of the historic tales of Medieval England is that of St. George and his battle with a dragon. The story of St. George is not unique to England as it has been told throughout continental Europe from the Medieval Era onward. The story, as a result, does have several variations, but most center on a common story. St. George hears of a kingdom under duress at the hands of an evil, winged dragon. The dragon has demanded a sacrifice in the form of virgin women from the village on a daily basis. In return, he will not destroy the town.

    Eventually, the village is down to only the daughter of the king and queen. It is at this moment of crisis that St. George arrives. He promises to ride out and meet the dragon to prevent the death of the princess. He is said to have defeated the dragon by slaying it with his sword. The British Valiant Series captures this with a reverse design of:

    • George is mounted on horseback with a spear in his right hand and a shield bearing the Cross of St. Andrew upon it. As his horse rides down the dragon, St. George pierces its neck with the spear and defeats the beast.

    The British Silver Valiant Coins are offered as Brilliant Uncirculated specimens with 1 oz silver the first weight offered in the collection, followed by the eventual addition of a 10 oz silver version.

    Purchasing British Silver Coins from JM Bullion

    If you have any questions about the British silver coins mentioned above, please feel free to ask. JM Bullion customer service is available to assist you at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and through our email address. For easy answers to common payment-related questions, please visit our Payment Methods FAQ. We encourage you to contact us if you need further clarification on any payment-related matters.