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    Private Collections

    Private Collections

    Many of the private collections of silver found in the market today are the result of collaboration between authorized retailers and private mints. Here are a few notable concepts when it comes to private collections.

    Private Mint Production

    Private mints in the United States produce silver rounds, also known as silver medallions or silver bullion rounds. These rounds are not considered legal tender but are valued for their silver content and craftsmanship.

    Silver Content and Purity

    Silver rounds typically contain one troy ounce of .999 fine silver, ensuring a high level of purity. Some private mints may produce rounds in fractional weights such as 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, or even smaller denominations.

    Unique Designs

    Private mints often have creative freedom to design unique and artistic rounds. They may feature a wide range of designs, including historical events, famous figures, nature themes, or commemorative subjects. These designs add aesthetic appeal and collector interest to the silver rounds.

    Variety of Finishes

    Silver rounds from private mints can be found in various finishes, including bullion (standard) finish, proof-like finish (with a mirrored background and frosted design), or antique finish (to give a vintage or aged appearance).

    Non-Circulating Bullion

    Silver rounds are primarily produced for the investment and collector market and are not intended for circulation as currency. They are often bought and sold based on their silver content, making them a popular choice among precious metal investors.

    Packaging and Certifications

    Silver rounds from private mints may come in protective plastic flips, tubes, or sheets, depending on the mint and the quantity purchased. They generally do not include certificates of authenticity, as their value is primarily derived from their silver content.

    Recognized Value

    Although not considered legal tender, silver rounds from reputable private mints are recognized and traded in the precious metals market based on their weight and purity. Their value closely follows the prevailing spot price of silver. When considering silver rounds from private mints, it is important to choose well-established and reputable mints to ensure the quality and authenticity of the product.

    Buying Private Collections at JM Bullion

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