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    2 oz Silver Rounds

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    Selecting a 2 oz Silver Bullion Round from JM Bullion

    Compared to silver bullion coins, silver rounds offer investors and collectors a greater variety of options when buying silver. While silver bullion coins are most commonly offered in 1 oz weights, 2 oz silver rounds offer a unique weight and come with lower premiums, more designs, and greater availability. Find out more about 2 oz silver rounds from JM Bullion below!

    Why are 2 oz Silver Rounds Unique?

    When your shopping for silver, you’ll find that 2 oz weights are not common in other products. The Royal Mint of England is the only major sovereign mint to offer a prominent 2 oz silver bullion coin, and it is part of a limited 10-coin series that will end. Conversely, 2 oz silver rounds are available regularly from various private mints as individual releases or as a part of ongoing collections. Unlike silver bullion coins, silver rounds have lower premiums and no set mintage figures.

    Individual 2 oz Silver Rounds

    Just as silver coins are often struck and sold as individual products, such as the American Silver Eagle, 2 oz silver rounds are also issued by private mints and refineries as stand-alone products. The following 2 oz silver round programs are available as singular products not part of a larger series of collectible items:

    • Scottsdale Stacker Rounds: Scottsdale Mint is a private minting operation in the United States and is a leader in environmentally-responsible refining. The 2 oz Scottsdale Stacker Silver Round features a bold, high-relief striking of its lion’s head design on the obverse. The reverse has a deep incuse striking of the same design. These design elements, combined with raised edges around the rim enable simple stacking of these 2 oz silver rounds.
    • JM Bullion Rounds: We’re proud to offer our own round with the assistance of Sunshine Minting. The 2 oz JM Bullion Eagle Silver Round features our logo on both sides and the depiction of an American bald eagle accompanying the logo on one side. Each round has a reverse-proof like finish with frosted backgrounds and mirrored design elements.
    • Intaglio Mint Rounds: The Intaglio Mint is a true boutique mint operated by three individuals with a deep interest and passion for silver bullion products. The Texas Ranger Badge Round reflects the imagery of the first widely used official badges of the Texas Rangers law enforcement unit and is one example of many exciting products from Intaglio.
    • Golden State Mint Rounds: The Golden State Mint is prolific in the production of silver rounds, as well as gold rounds and copper rounds. One such example is the Standing Freedom Round. A unique twist on the vision of Liberty from the famed Peace Silver Dollar, this round is an example of GSM’s MiniMintage program, which sets strict timelines for the mintage of silver rounds. Once the timeline passes, mintage of the rounds is complete and the rounds enjoy coveted status courtesy of the limited mintage timeframe.
    • Germania Mint Rounds: The Germania Mint is an up-and-coming private mint that released a wide range of beautiful silver round collections starting in 2019. Today, those collections are among some of the most sought-after rounds in the world. These include the Germania Series, the Allegories Series, the Mythical Forest Series, and the Germania Beasts Series. One of the most notable features of Germania Mint silver rounds is the use of .9999 pure silver in the rounds, a relative rarity in the production of silver rounds.

    2 oz Silver Round Collections

    Similar to silver coins for sale, there are 2 oz silver rounds for sale that are part of limited collections. Private mints and refineries offer collectible silver round collections in this unique 2 oz silver weight to attract collectors to something a bit different than your average silver coin collection available today. 2 oz silver rounds are a popular format in collectible silver for sale. Examples of 2 oz silver rounds include the following:

    • Egyptian Gods Series: The Egyptian Gods Series features unique obverse and reverse designs for each release. The images reflect the Earthly depiction of an Egyptian god on one side and symbols of the god used by Ancient Egyptians on the other. Each release in the collection was a high-relief strike and offered unique, intricate design elements.
    • Silver Bug Series (Intaglio Mint): The Intaglio Mint offers a distinct twist on the concept of the Silverbugs, the online Reddit forum in which silver enthusiasts share their impressions of new silver products and authorized dealers alike. The six-round series from Intaglio Mint pays homage to the Silverbugs with inscriptions such as “All Hail the Silver Bug” and “In Silver We Trust.” However, the rounds feature the images of different real-life bugs on the primary design field. Like other 2 oz silver rounds, these rounds are issued with high-relief designs. The Intaglio Mint logo is on the other side of the rounds and each one has beautiful, sunken background fields with sunburst radial lines.
    • Currency Rounds (Intaglio Mint): Intaglio Mint also offers a variety of currency-themed designs on other 2 oz silver rounds. Among them, the Colonial Tribute Series features coinage issued in the United States before it gained independence from the United Kingdom. Examples include the Virginia Shilling, one of the only coin designs permitted by the United Kingdom in any of the 13 colonies in North America. Additionally, the Continental Dollar reflects the images used on the first truly American currency issued by the Continental Congress in an attempt to establish independent control over currency in the rebellious colonies.
    • The Allegories: One of the Germania Mint’s most popular collections, the Allegories Series of silver rounds features designs of various global female personifications from various nations alongside Germania, the female personification of Germanic peoples and the modern German nation. These rounds include designs, to date, of Germania-Britannia, Germania-Columbia, and Germania-Italia, combining the German personification with those of Britain, the United States, and Italy, respectively. In addition to 2 oz silver rounds in this series, you will find 1 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz rounds, each with limited mintage figures.
    • Germania Beasts: The newest series from the Germania Mint is the Germania Beasts collection. A unique departure from other collections from the mint, the Germania Beasts offers a BU silver round with collectible proofs that have distinctive visual finishes. These include a unique colorized round with a “chameleon” effect and a gold-and-rhodium plated 2 oz silver round. Fafnir is the first design of the Germania Beasts collection, a dragon rooted in Icelandic and Scandinavian mythology.
    • Molon Labe: Issued by the Intaglio Mint, the Molon Labe Series features unique obverse designs capturing different scenes of battle from the Battle of Thermopylae in Ancient Greece. Made famous in the feature film 300, the battle saw the highly-skilled, experienced warriors of Sparta face off with the massive Persian Army. With only 300 Spartan warriors and a support force of roughly 7,000 other Greeks, King Leonidas lead his warriors in a valiant effort to delay the 150,000-strong army of the Persian Empire. The designs have a total of five different views inspired by the epic battle.
    • Gargoyles of the World: Another Intaglio Mint series, the Gargoyles of the World Series features obverse images of gargoyles from structures around the world. Some are based on actual gargoyles that grace structures such as the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, while others are based on lighthearted, temporary gargoyles erected in the modern era. The designs on the obverse change frequently, with a common reverse design element featuring a stained-glass look with “Gargoyles of the World” inscribed that features a small gargoyle.

    Buying 2 oz Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

    If you want something truly unique in your silver collection or you’re looking for a different investment option, 2 oz silver rounds might be the perfect choice for your portfolio. The customer service team at JM Bullion is available to help you with any questions you might have as you look to buy silver. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.