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Live Spot Prices:

Spot Prices:
Gold Ask 1,304.56 -1.75 Open: 1,306 High: 1,311 Low: 1,303
Silver Ask 16.59 -0.03 Open: 16.62 High: 16.79 Low: 16.57

PAMP Suisse Gold Bars

PAMP is regarded as one of the higher end producers of gold bars. Known for their premier designs, PAMP bars are of the highest quality available. The packaging for these bars showcases the gold itself, while including assay and purity information on the reverse. PAMP bars are both cost effective and attractive, making them a popular choice among gold investors.

One of the most popular elements in all PAMP products is found in their uniform packaging. The bold, blue border of each case surrounds the shine of the gold metal itself. Almost every PAMP Suisse gold bar product includes a serial number both on the bar and on the reverse of the case. These tamper evident cases are one of the many high quality facets of PAMP that make it so popular in the secondary gold bullion market.

PAMP Suisse is known, first and foremost, for its exceptionally high quality. Beyond this, however, are also low premiums. You will not need to spend a significant amount over the gold spot price in order to obtain PAMP products. Rest assured that any and all packaged PAMP gold bars will be accepted by dealers and industry wide, with a rock solid reputation to back up the purity and authenticity of the gold inside each case.