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1 oz Silver Rounds

As far as investing in silver is concerned, it is no secret that silver bars are the most popular vehicle for making an investment, regardless of how big or small. Something often unknown by the prospective investor is the fact that silver rounds are often just as good, if not better, for making an investment in silver. Just like bars, silver rounds are produced in a number of different sizes by an even bigger number of producers. While they may look exactly like a silver coin, don’t get confused, because silver rounds do not carry any value as legal tender, which is part of the reason why they are perfect as an investment vehicle.

The designs of silver rounds vary from company to company with some being incredibly generic and others being as or more intricate than many of the silver coins people purchase.

Alternate Form of Investing

When thinking about investing in silver, a fair amount of prospective investors are convinced that their options are to buy silver bars, buy silver coins, or wait until the previous two are in stock. While this is a good approach for many, a great alternative would be to purchase silver rounds as a means for investing in the metal. One ounce silver rounds are just as good of an investment as a 1 oz silver bar, though very few people are aware of this.

In the Likeness of Coins

Even though you know silver rounds are not coins and carry no legal value, many of them are made in the likeness of coins. Because 1 oz silver rounds are roughly the same size and shape as silver coins, and often feature a coin’s design, investors are still wary of them. One way to be confident that a round is a round and not a coin is to examine the bullion for the presence of a face value. Since rounds carry no legal value as currency, no face value will be present, regardless of how similar a round’s design is to a current or former coin.

Silver Round Producers

When discussing silver rounds, someone with a knowledge of silver bars will likely catch on quite quickly because there are a lot of similarities between the two. Silver rounds, like bars, are produced by private mints who are owned and operated outside the realm of any one government. Though many of these producers make  their rounds in the likeness of current or former coins, no silver round is valued as legal tender.

Some of the producers or silver rounds include Engelhard, Sunshine Mint, GSM, OPM, and NTR. As you can see, many of the names you may be familiar with through their production of silver bars are also revered for their production of silver rounds.