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    10 oz Silver Bars

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    10 oz Silver Bar (Varied Condition, Any Mint)
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    2023 10 oz British Silver Tudor Beasts Bull of Clarence Coin (BU)
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    10 oz JBR Silver Bar (New)
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    10 oz Asahi Silver Bar (New)
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    10 oz MintID Silver Bar (New)
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    10 oz GSM Silver Bar (New)
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    10 oz SilverTowne Silver Shavings
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    10 oz Scottsdale Chunky Silver Bar
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    10 oz Geiger Square Silver Bar (New)
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    2024 10 oz Una and the Lion Silver Bar (New)
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    Shopping 10 Silver Bars at JM Bullion

    Aside from 1 oz silver bars, there is no weight in this popular silver bullion format more popular than the 10 oz silver bar. Offering an ideal combination between affordability, bulk, and ease of storage, 10 oz silver bars provide investors with a great deal of diversity. Mints and refineries around the globe include a 10 oz silver bar option in any program they strike due to its popularity among silver buyers.

    10 oz Silver Compared to Smaller Weights

    When buying silver online, you’ll find that there are three particular weights that are popular with investors. As already discussed, 1 oz silver bars are by far the most common and popular. At the other end of the spectrum, 1 Kilogram bars are also quite popular. In between these two popular weights though, 10 oz silver bars offer great value to buyers.

    Compared to 1 Kilogram silver bars, 10 oz silver is much easier to store and transport because it is lighter in weight per each bar. When compared to 1 oz silver bars, you’ll find that 10 oz silver is more affordable when you consider the premium over the spot price of silver. For example, buying a single 10 oz silver bar is more affordable than buying 10 individual 1 Troy oz silver bars.

    Types of 10 oz Silver Bars Available

    Like other popular weights of silver bars, you’ll find that 10 oz silver bars are available either as cast silver bars or minted ingots. Many of the minted ingots available have simple branding for the design that focuses on the company logo and important details such as the weight, purity, metal content, and a serial number (in some cases). Cast silver bars typically have the same focus on design, but there are examples of both types where refineries have adopted more intricate designs to appeal to a wider range of silver buyers.

    JM Bullion 10 oz Silver Bar

    At JM Bullion, we are happy to offer our own branded silver bullion bars. The 10 oz JM Bullion Silver Bar is a unique piece in its own right. The obverse design element includes our well-known logo with the words “JM Bullion” inside of a circular element at the top of the design field. This is surrounded by intricate lines around the rim with stars included in the rim. On the reverse field of the bar, our company name “JM Bullion” repeats across the design field at an angle, with each inscription of the name separated by a star. The most impressive feature of our 10 oz silver bar is its reverse-proof like finish. The bars have frosted background fields with mirrored, polished design elements overlaying the field.

    Monarch Silver Skulls

    As the Halloween season rolls around each year, one of the most popular products in the precious metals industry is the Monarch Silver Skull. Produced by Monarch Precious Metals in 2 oz and 10 oz options, these beautiful 3D sugar skulls reflect one of the most popular images from Mexican celebrations of Dia de Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. The sugar skull was originally a piece of décor meant to adorn the graves of the dearly departed, but in more recent decades the symbol has also become a popular candy treat given to children during the three-day celebration. Monarch’s 3D skulls have flat reverse fields with detailed, ornate obverse fields depicting a human skull. One of the recent issues of the skulls offers heart design elements within the imagery of the skull. The toning on the skulls is another prominent feature, with each batch of skulls offering different colorization ranging from gold or black-and-grey to rainbow colors.

    MintID Silver Bars

    Among the more unique silver bars released in recent years is the all-new 10 oz MintID Silver Bar. The MintID bars have a simple design, with the MintID logo and an American bison on the obverse, the reverse has a simpler repeating image of the MintID logo. These aren’t the features that make the bars sought after. Each bar has a blue NFC microchip applied directly to the reverse field.

    This NFC microchip is 128-bit encrypted for enhanced security. The NFC microchip connects directly to a cloud-based profile unique to each individual bar. Using the MintID mobile app, you can scan the NFC microchip and be connected directly to the authenticating profile in the cloud. You don’t have to provide any sensitive personal or financial information to use the app. The NFC microchip is tamper-proof and will immediately render a “tampered” result if any attempts to remove it or otherwise change it are made.

    What are Secondary Market Silver Bars?

    You will notice that JM Bullion silver categories often include a number of secondary market, random-item listings. In these types of 10 oz silver bar listings, we offer you the chance to buy silver based on weight. The specific item you receive depends on availability at the point your payment is processed. For clarification, secondary market bars are those that were previously owned by another investor and sold back to dealers such as JM Bullion. These bars can range in condition from brand-new or slightly flawed to those bars with moderate or heavier signs of wear and tear, or even production flaws from the mint.

    Popular Examples of Other 10 oz Silver Bars

    There are far too many popular types of silver bars available in the 10 oz weight range to cover them all, but rest assured there are those which are routinely available and refined by companies on a regular basis due to their popularity. The following are a few examples of continuously produced 10 oz silver bars:

    • PAMP Suisse Fortuna: The Fortuna design from PAMP Suisse marked the first time a refinery had used a more delicate and detailed design. The Roman goddess of fortune and luck is featured on the obverse with a blindfold over her eyes and a Horn of Plenty on her head. This design appears not only on silver bars, but also gold, platinum, and palladium.
    • PAMP Suisse Rosa: Though not as popular as Fortuna, the Rosa design is elegant and simple. It’s available from PAMP Suisse in many of the same metals, but not quite as many weights.
    • SilverTowne Prospector: The Prospector design is the official logo for SilverTowne and appears on all of its branded silver products. The modern SilverTowne Prospector design is struck vertically on the bar with a small circular logo containing the Prospector and his donkey.
    • Geiger Square Silver Bars: A new silver bar concept, the Geiger Square Silver Bar features the popular image of its headquarters at Schloss Guldengossa, an 18th-century castle constructed outside of Leipzig, Germany.
    • Asahi Refining Silver Bars: Asahi Refining took over the operations in North America of Johnson-Matthey when it exited the precious metals industry. Asahi uses simple branded designs for its silver bars.

    There are, of course, other examples of 10 oz silver bars available. The Texas Mint, for example, issues minted ingots with the image of the interior rotunda from the Texas State Capitol Building. Another example is the popular skull bar format from Atlantis Mint, which is refined in a 3D shape of a skull and hand-poured for a unique appearance.

    Shop for 10 oz Silver with JM Bullion

    If you have any questions about the 10 oz silver bars available from JM Bullion or need help with the purchasing process, JM Bullion’s customer service tea is available to help you out. You can reach us on the phone at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email with your inquiries.