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    Copper Bars

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    Copper Bullion Bars

    In today’s uncertain economic situation, many people choose to put their money in something tangible — more specifically, in metals. Purchasing copper bars is a great choice, whether building a collection, giving a gift, or diversifying your investments. If you’ve never purchased copper bars before, don’t worry. This handy guide can help answer your questions about copper bars and how they fit into your lifestyle.

    What They Are

    Copper bars, or copper bullion, are different from the copper wiring and other building materials that you may find at a local hardware store or in your home. Copper bullion is .999 fine, meaning that the copper bars that you buy from JM Bullion are 99.9% copper, as opposed to copper wiring, which is commercial grade and may include other alloys and materials. Copper bullion is also different from building materials in terms of lasting value. If you wire your house with copper, it serves only the purpose of wiring. However, if you buy copper bullion, you could form a collection, give it as gifts, or even resell it later.

    JM Bullion only offers the highest quality copper bullion, almost free of impurities and other alloys. It is sure to stand the test of time and be immediately ready for resale, should you choose to part with your collection.

    Copper Bar Sizes

    JM Bullion now offers 1 oz art bars of various designs for purchase as well as some larger sized bullion bars like the 10lb and 1lb bars. These bars can be bought individually or in bulk. The more you order, the lower the price for each bar generally is. One-ounce bars are easily shipped and stored due to their small size.

    Popular Designs

    Many copper bar designs feature prints of old U.S. paper currency or important historical figures, making them perfect collectables or gifts. The Walking Liberty Copper Bar is a notable design because it features Lady Liberty, a symbol of national and state pride for New York and the United States. This design shows the Statue of Liberty on one side and the iconic national bird — the bald eagle — on the other. This design is perfect for a collector, a history buff, or even a niece or nephew graduating with a degree in history.

    The privately minted $10 banknote copper bullion bar features the American Bison, reminiscent of the design of the 1901 Lewis and Clark North American expedition note. The back of the copper piece depicts a patriot rendering of Columbia, with a “United States of America” banner. Although not legal tender, this copper bar is popular with collectors and investors across the country.

    Another popular design is the $500 Banknote Copper Bar. Popular with gift givers, investors, and collectors, this design features the original pattern of the 1934 McKinley Federal Reserve banknote. This copper bar honors William McKinley, the 25th U.S. president. While it does feature the design of the $500 banknote, it is not considered legal tender.

    Packaging and Shipping

    Copper bars from JM Bullion are packaged in many ways, depending on size, quantity, and brand; however, products sold through our website always are packaged with care. Conveniently shipped in stacks or cases, your copper is always shipped discreetly in plain packaging, to not draw attention to your valuable purchase.

    JM Bullion prides itself on adding new products quickly for your convenience, and we encourage any prospective copper buyer to check the website frequently for new products and sales.