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    World Gold Coins

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    World Gold Coins from JM Bullion

    Beyond American Gold Eagles and Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, there are dozens of other gold coins produced by Government mints across the world. This category of products includes all gold coins not listed in the Eagles/Maple Leaf categories, including other US coins, European coins, Asian coins, and more.

    Does Country Matter?

    While browsing our world listings, you may wonder if the originating country of a gold coin affects its value. In our opinion, the most important piece of any gold coin's worth is its gold purity and weight. Given that most gold coins are of 24k (.999 or .9999) fine purity and 1 troy oz weight, we typically tend to recommend investors go with the cheapest coin available.

    That being said, some investors prefer buying coins from their home country, or coins that may trade at a premium due to relative scarcity. If you choose to do this, you typically are no worse off in the long run, as coins that are more expensive now will typically sell for a higher price later, as well.

    Unique Designs

    A facet of world Gold coins that attracts investors and collectors to them more than gold coins from the US or Canada is the fact that their designs are like nothing most people have ever seen before. Some of these coins come from the furthest, remote parts of the world and even though they are relatively small pieces of metal, the depictions and inscriptions present on the coins give you the chance to take home part of that country's culture and history. A perfect example of this is the Austrian Philharmonic gold coin whose main images are representative of the country's oldest, most famous orchestra.

    With superior gold content and some of the most unique designs around, world gold coins are a great choice for any serious collector or investor.


    Because the coins produced in different countries around the world are inherently different from one another, their dimensions likely will be too. Though most coins are roughly the same size there are plenty exceptions to this. Diameters and thickness will be included in every individual coin's description and specifications which makes it imperative that you read about the coin before you make a purchase.