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    Buying Copper Bullion Online

    Copper may be a relative newcomer in the world of investment bullion, but this ancient metal has been revered among some of the world’s first civilizations and, today, is increasingly popular among physical metal investors. According to scholars, copper was discovered around the year 9000 BC in the Middle East. Of course, without copper there would have been no Bronze Age as bronze is an alloy of copper.

    Not only do newcomers to the precious metals investment community find copper an excellent metal to invest in, investment veterans also purchase copper to diversify their portfolio of metal assets.

    Copper Prices

    In terms of contemporary value, copper has enjoyed some considerable upswings in price that have garnered the attention of the investment community. The base metal started off the 21st century trading at under $1/lb while over the next 10 years it would continue to rise and top off at around $4.50/lb. Demand for copper has likely been one of the main causes. Since the metal is used in most parts of our infrastructure, as well as the medical field and many areas of industry, as we further develop our technologies demand is expected to only rise.

    When talking about copper bullion, the price you pay for a piece is often directly associated with the current price of copper. Smaller sized art bars and rounds are often collected more for their artistic value while larger sized bullion bars tend to be more closely associated with the current copper price. You can often purchase copper bullion bars and rounds at around $1 per ounce while more collectible pieces like bullets go for slightly higher prices.

    Bullion Designs

    JM Bullion is pleased to offer customers some exciting products of copper bullion. While many customers purchase copper bullion for investment purposes, many others simply enjoy collecting lustrous copper products. The production quality and design artistry of our copper bullion items also makes them extraordinary items to keep on hand as gifts for holidays, birthdays, and even graduations. Many copper rounds & bars contain designs modeled after historic US Coins, important figures and old paper money, making them very popular to coin collectors.

    Types of Bullion

    We offer our customers a fine selection of copper bullion rounds, bars, and even bullets. We invite you to scroll our gallery of copper bullion products and to view each item to select your favorites. These items have been carefully wrought and feature some incredible design artistry. JM Bullion procures of all its copper bullion products from private mints or our respected distributors. Each item is backed with its mint’s product guarantee for weight and purity. Customers can depend upon their fine quality and described condition.

    Shipping & Packaging

    Copper is packaged differently depending upon the type, size, brand and quantity you order. Copper rounds are often available in plastic tubes containing 20 making for convenient storage. JM insures all shipments for added protection and ships mailings packaged discreetly with security in mind. Because we add new products frequently, we encourage customers to visit our website often to see what’s new in stock. The items in our copper gallery are proving increasingly popular among investors and collectors alike so we suggest you get yours while supplies last.

    Invest in Copper from JM Bullion

    Please feel free to reach out to JM Bullion if you have any questions about these copper bullion specimens. You can call our customer service team at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email. If you have any questions about payment methods, we invite you to visit our Payment Methods FAQ for quick answers to common questions regarding acceptable forms of payment, as well as purchasing minimums and maximums.