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    JM Bullion Branded Silver Rounds and Bars

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    JM Bullion Branded Silver Rounds and Bars

    The growth of JM Bullion’s profile in the precious metals sector has resulted in the release of our own, exclusive bullion options for our loyal customer base to invest in. These silver rounds and bars are produced by private American mints with designs selected and approved by JM Bullion. These are products we regularly keep in stock and strive to make available to investors. Below, you can learn more about the designs available on various JM Bullion silver pieces.

    JM Bullion Silver Rounds

    The first branded JM Bullion silver piece was the JM Bullion Eagle Silver Round. These silver rounds feature our well-known company logo on the obverse side. The inscription of the large “JM” letters features the word “Bullion” below the letter m. These elements are set against a clear, matte background field. The design rim on the obverse features an inscription of “999+ Fine Silver” along the top rocker and the weight in Troy ounces along the bottom rocker. These inscriptions are separated at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions by a star, with a background of radial lines in the rim.

    On the reverse side of JM Bullion Eagle Silver Rounds is the depiction of a powerful bald eagle. The stirring rendition of the bald eagle shown here captures the steely gaze of the eagle as it stares off into the distance. The JM Bullion logo features just below the beak of the eagle with a crescent-moon shape above its head boasting 11 stars. The design rim on this side of the round has all of the same features found on the obverse field.

    Details of Silver Rounds

    JM Bullion Silver Rounds are available to you with reverse proof-like visuals. Each one has mirrored design elements overlaying frosted, matte background fields. The rounds are available in 1 oz silver and 2 oz silver. The 1 oz silver rounds and 2 oz silver rounds both ship individually inside of protective plastic flips. The 1 oz silver rounds are available in JM Bullion-branded acrylic tubes of 20 rounds with a sealed lid. The 2 oz silver round comes with an acrylic tube of 10 rounds as the option for multiples.

    JM Bullion Silver Bars

    In addition to silver rounds, investors have the option to purchase JM Bullion-branded silver bars. The design on the obverse of the silver bars borrows from the approach used in the JM Bullion silver round. With inscriptions arranged vertically on this face of the bar, the JM Bullion Silver Bar has a small “round” design at the top with “JM Bullion” inscribed at its center and a design rim with radial lines and stars set within the rim. There are inscriptions on this face of the bar that include “999 Fine,” “Silver,” and “1 Ounce.” The reverse design field of the silver bars is different than the rounds. In this case, JM Bullion Silver Bars feature the company name “JM Bullion” in a repeating design element with the inscriptions set at a 45-degree angle. Each inscription of “JM Bullion” is separated by a star.

    Details of Silver Bars

    JM Bullion silver bars have the same reverse proof-like visuals of the silver round. The JM Bullion silver bar is available with the same designs in 1 oz silver and 10 oz silver, with individual bars in sealed plastic sheets. If you purchase multiples of the 10 oz silver bar, you will receive those in sealed sheets of 10 bars.

    About Sunshine Minting

    For the production of our JM Bullion-branded silver, we teamed up with Sunshine Minting. A privately-held company is based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The private mint processes silver and gold, as well as other precious metals. In addition to working with various entities on custom minting projects, Sunshine also has a reputation for providing the silver blanks used by the United States Mint in the iconic American Silver Eagle Series.

    Buy JM Bullion Silver

    If you have any questions about JM Bullion-branded silver, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team. You can call us on the phone at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email with your inquiries. For quick answers to your basic questions about payment methods, please visit our Payment Methods FAQ.