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    $2 Rover Landing Legal Tender Note
    As Low As: $10.49
    $2 Happy Mothers Day Legal Tender Note
    As Low As: $12.49
    $2 Pride Rainbow Flag Legal Tender Note
    As Low As: $13.99
    $2 Donald Trump Rigged Trial Tender Note (New)
    Out of Stock
    Coming Soon
    1864 $10 Confederate States of America Note (Very Fine+)
    Out of Stock
    Coming Soon

    Novelty Currency from JM Bullion

    The US $2 Federal Reserve Note is a popular format for the production of novelty currency. These notes are legal tender specimens that are uncirculated and the enhancements are completed by private mints.

    Novelty Currency Details

    US $2 bills with novelty designs are modified versions of the traditional $2 bill that incorporate unique artwork, images, or messages. These bills are typically created by private companies or individuals as collectibles or novelty items, rather than being produced by the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing as official currency.

    Novelty designs on $2 bills can range from pop culture references, historical events, famous figures, sports teams, holiday themes, or artistic interpretations. The modifications may involve altering the front or back of the bill, adding colors, replacing elements, or incorporating additional graphics.

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