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    Bar Tubes

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    1 oz CoinSafe Silver Bar Tube
    As Low As: $1.49

    Bar Tubes Available at JM Bullion

    When shopping for 1 oz silver bars online, you’ll find that most mints offer basic plastic packaging to protect the bars. It is common for 1 oz silver bars to be housed in plastic individually or in plastic sheets of 20 bars. For those who are looking to more securely stack-and-store their bars, JM Bullion offers some viable options.

    Bar Tubes

    Much like coin tubes are designed to house multiple products together in a sturdy container, bar tubes are created to house multiple 1 oz silver bars. When you purchase individual bars, the bars can be removed from the original packaging and place them carefully inside the bar tube. If you’ve purchased multiples that arrived in a sealed plastic sheet, the bars can be carefully unsealed and removed to stack together in the bar. The typical 1 oz silver bar tube holds 20 individual bars. Please note that not all 1 oz silver bars have the same shape and thickness. It is a good idea to measure the specific bars you plan to house in a bar tube before you purchase a tube.

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