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5 oz Silver Bars

Five ounce Silver Bars are an option for those looking to order silver in a size that is right in between the smallest common denomination (1 oz) and a bit larger weight (10 oz). While 5 oz silver bars are not regarded as the most popular widespread size on the market, they certainly maintain a steady demand. Our most in demand 5 oz silver product is produced by SilverTowne.

Investors who are only interested in accumulating as much physical silver as possible for as cheaply as possible should focus on our brand-varies products, as those provide a discount over our brand-specific product listings, while still offering brand-new, pristine silver bars. Investors who have a certain brand preference or are collecting various brands of 5 oz bars should order brand-specific products to ensure they receive the exact brand and type of bar that they desire.

As far as resale value goes, all of our 5 oz silver bars will sell based on the spot price of silver and the buyer’s discount. None of our brands of bars are any purer or heavier than any other brand, so they all contain the same exact amount and purity of silver – the only difference is the name of the mint on the bar.

Five ounces silver bars are the perfect medium between 1 oz and 10 oz bars. They offer a dynamic of investment qualities while also serving as a perfectly affordable option for just about every silver buyer on the market. They are going to save money when compared to the 1 oz version because of their increased volume. The reason why 5 oz bars are in demand from silver buyers is because they offer a little bit of everything. The costs involved with ordering these bars are really not that high at all. For those looking to either diversify in the types of silver that they own, or to simply buy an ideally sized bar, 5 oz varieties are the way to go.

Investment Value

These bars work great from an investment perspective because they do not require you to buy very large amounts at a time. Ten ounces can add up rather quickly, especially if you are buying in volume, but 5 oz is going to have less tendency to break the bank. If you are making an investment in silver, or if you are new to silver bullion altogether, 5 oz bars will let you get a taste of both the lower and higher ends of silver bars.

Easy Management

Five ounce bars tend to be the size where most owners will have an easy time either holding onto or selling their bars. With 10 oz bars you may very well be worried that you are selling too much at a time, whereas 1 oz bars tend to be difficult to sell because they are just too small. Five ounces is right in the range where you can safely buy and sell and effectively accomplish your goals. Beyond this, 5 oz bars are also of the physical size where they are not so large that they are at all difficult to store. These bars define the middle ground in silver bullion.


It is worth noting that 5 oz bars are not always the most available bars on the market. This has both its upsides and its downsides. If you are looking for these bars, you may have a tough time locating them for sale. They are not the most common sized bar so many dealers do not carry them. On the other hand, they are that much more appealing when you are able to find them available for purchasing.

Five ounces bars are a great asset to a portfolio or collection of silver because they add dimension. They have the utility of large bars without the big price tag, and this is why mints have and continue to produce them year after year.