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    Buying 5 oz Silver Bars from JM Bullion

    When buying silver bars online, investors have a lot of options to choose from in terms of weight, style, and design. The vast majority of silver bars available are aimed at investors and feature simple designs. Although there are a few options that deliver more uniqueness, most of what you’ll encounter comes with mint or refinery brand marks and identifying information on the brand. Among the many options you’ll find are 5 oz silver bars which straddle the line between the common 1 oz weight and the equally popular 10 oz silver bar option.

    Balance Between Value and Size

    The most common size for silver bars is 1 Troy oz. This relatively small size offers a valuable crossroad between pricing and physical size. These bars are affordable to purchase with lower prices than larger bars and easier to store than larger bars because of their smaller size. With that said, 10 Troy oz bars are the next most popular choice among silver buyers. 10 oz silver bars are not too large to easily store and transport, and also not so large as to price out too many silver buyers.

    In between these two popular weights, you’ll find 5 oz silver bars. There is a modest amount of variety in this particular segment of silver bars. From a pricing standpoint, 5 oz bars offer the opportunity to purchase more physical silver without spending too much money. At the same time, the smaller weight and size compared to 10 oz bars means these products are still easy to move and store.

    Variety Exists

    There is a great deal of variety to be found in the 5 oz silver bars for sale online. While nothing can match the diversity of 1 oz silver bars, the options in front of you when it comes to 5 oz silver bars isn’t so low as to be unattractive. Most of the 5 oz silver bars currently available in the market are cast products with unique designs, as opposed to the minted ingots with refined designs or branded products common in the 1 oz weight segment.

    Popular Examples of 5 oz Silver Bars

    Among the 5 oz silver bars you are most likely to encounter when buying silver bars online are those from private mints that feature a simple mint logo. These include the likes of private mints in the United States such as Monarch Precious Metals, SilverTowne, and Sunshine Minting. Each one of these mints has its own rich, diverse history in refining silver bars. Below, we’ll highlight some examples of the common silver bars you will find in this weight, focusing not on limited-issue bars, but rather, those you will find regularly in production at some of the aforementioned mints:

    • SilverTowne Buffalo: The 5 oz Silver Buffalo Bar is one of SilverTowne’s most popular designs, not just in terms of silver bullion bars, but across its lineup of silver bars, silver rounds, and copper rounds. The bar’s primary design elements are circular fields on each side that replicate the images from the historic US Buffalo Nickel. This includes the stoic indigenous figure on the obverse and the mighty American bison on the reverse.
    • SilverTowne Eagle: One of SilverTowne’s historic designs, the SilverTowne Eagle Bar has been revived in recent years on beautiful minted ingots with the orientation switched from horiztonal on the obverse to vertical. The design element showcases the American bald eagle as it descends onto its perch on a tree branch. The reverse has a small SilverTowne Prospector design, the mint logo, with a cross-hatched background field throughout.
    • SilverTowne Prospector: Arguably the most popular from the mint, the Prospector is SilverTowne’s official logo and appears on a wide range of bullion products. The Prospector cuts a forlorn figure on the obverse as he leads his faithful mule on to the next hopeful site of gold or silver. The reverse has a cross-hatched pattern with the SilverTowne name and another Prospector logo.
    • Sunshine Silver Bar: Sunshine Minting is one of America’s foremost private mints. Its primary forms of silver bullion for investors are silver bars with MintMark SI technology. These silver bars have the Sunshine Minting eagle on the obverse flying with its wings flexed and talons outstretched in front of a sun with a brilliant burst of light. The reverse replicates the sun image throughout the design field several times, with the MintMark SI seal in the center. With a Sunshine Minting decoder, you can hold it in front of this MintMark to authenticate your silver bar.

    A Unique 5 oz Silver Bar Example – MintID

    For a truly unique, and incredibly secure, option when buying silver bars, consider the new product lineup from MintID. The company works with only certified mints to produce the highest-quality silver bullion specimens. It has recently released its own line of 1 oz silver rounds, 5 oz silver bars, and 10 oz silver bars. To be sure, the designs on these bars are beautiful, but it’s the added layer of security from MintID that takes these bars to another level. First, let’s look at the design:

    • The obverse side of the MintID bars features the MintID logo, a smartphone for the well-known “NFC” symbol emanating from one corner. The weight, purity, and metal content feature just above a depiction of a powerful American bison.
    • On the reverse face of the MintID bars, you will find the blue, NFC microchip that can be scanned to authenticate the bar. Behind it, the MintID logo repeats across the face of the bar.

    Once again, it is not so much the design of these bars that is coveted, but rather, the innovative security features included on the bars. MintID uses 128-bit encrypted NFC microchips applied directly to the silver bar. This NFC microchip provides a direct link to a cloud-based authentication profile for each of the individual bars. The encrypted microchips render a “tampered” or “invalid” result if it has been tampered with in any way. All you need is the free MintID mobile app on your smartphone to instantly authenticate the details of your purchase. And don’t worry, the MintID mobile app can be used without providing any sensitive personal or financial information in the app.

    Get Your 5 oz Silver Bars from JM Bullion

    Whether you’re looking for a simple, investment-grade option or something with a little more flair, you’ll find the 5 oz silver bar you’re looking for at JM Bullion. If you have any questions as you shop, just call us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly.