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    The Next St Lucia Coin Arrives in the EC8 Series

    Posted on February 26, 2021

    The EC8 Series from the Scottsdale Mint launched in 2018 with a plan for a variety of beautiful designs, one each for the eight nations of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. Among those nations, St. Lucia is a founding member of the ECCB and one of the primary users of the Eastern Caribbean dollar, the…

    Royal Mint Adds Another Icon to the British Music Legends Series with David Bowie

    Posted on February 18, 2021

    To say that David Bowie was an icon of music is putting it mildly. The innovative rocker who was born David Robert Jones in Brixton, London, in January 1947 went on to become not only a legend in British music, but a global icon whose ever-changing style, appearance, and sound captivated audiences across several decades…

    Explore the Queen’s Virtues in a New Six-Coin Silver Series

    Posted on February 11, 2021

    Conceived during the latter stages of Queen Victoria’s reign as Queen of England, the Queen’s Virtues is an allegorical presentation of six virtues representing the monarch of England. Today, these virtues are carried into the 21st century by Queen Elizabeth II, England’s longest-reigning monarch. Victory, Truth, Charity, Justice, Courage, and Constancy are set to feature…

    The Egyptian Gods Return with a New Osiris Design

    Posted on February 05, 2021

    The Egyptian Gods Series of silver rounds proved immensely popular with its initial introduction, with collectors of all-things Egyptian enjoying the attention to detail in the collection of 2 oz silver rounds. With ultra-high-relief designs and beautiful antique visuals, the series has been missed by collectors in recent years after it paused following the fourth…

    Updates from JM Bullion & Temporary $299 Min Order

    Posted on February 02, 2021


    We wanted to provide our customers with important updates about our company, including a new temporary $299 minimum order, as well as the overall state of the industry. Starting on January 28th, and accelerating through February 1st, we experienced record silver sales, culminating in the two largest volume days in our company’s history. The demand…

    Build Your Marvel Silver Coin Collection with the 2021 Wolverine Issue

    Posted on January 29, 2021

    In 2017, an ambitious series of Marvel Silver Coins debuted from the Perth Mint. The Marvel Series was originally planned to feature six designs, each one featuring a Marvel character to be released around the time of an upcoming feature film in the franchise. Due to the popularity of the low-mintage coins, the Perth Mint…

    Collect the 2020 Biblical Series Design with JM Bullion

    Posted on January 22, 2021

    One of the longest-running collection of silver coins available right now is the Biblical Series from the Scottsdale Mint. Introduced in 2015, the far-reaching series offers six new designs with each date mark, with each one capturing original artworks from Gustave Dore. The beautiful coins in this series all have shared attributes that deliver collectible…

    Looking Closer at the 2021 Chinese Panda Coins

    Posted on January 15, 2021

    Arguably among the world’s best-selling bullion coin series, the Chinese Panda Series from the Chinese Mint is a popular choice with investors. Introduced in 1982 with gold bullion coins, the series is traditional in some senses, offering the same weight options as other major bullion collections, and groundbreaking in other areas. As the 2021 Chinese…

    Mark the 75th Anniversary of World War II’s Conclusion with a Privy American Eagle

    Posted on January 08, 2021

    From 1939 to the spring and summer of 1945, the nations of the world were entrapped in the horrors of World War II. By 1941, the United States of America had been pulled into the conflict after two years of neutrality following the attack by Imperial Japan at the US Navy Air Station at Pearl…

    Collect the Queen’s Beasts in a New Way with a 10-Statue Set

    Posted on December 17, 2020

    Since 2016, one of the best-selling collection of bullion from the Royal Mint of England has been the Queen’s Beast Series. These beautiful bullion coins have been available in silver, gold, and platinum across a range of weights with designs from Jody Clark. The same man who created the Royal Mint’s fifth-generation effigy of Queen…

    The 2021 Chinese Silver Pandas are Now Available from JM Bullion

    Posted on December 10, 2020

    The 2021 release of Chinese Silver Pandas comes at a time when silver demand is sky-high. That increased demand, along with an all-new design, means it is likely that the available 2021 Silver Pandas are going to move quickly this year. To top it all off, the Chinese Mint issued a maximum mintage of only…

    The World’s Wildlife Series Offers its Second Design with the Blue Whale

    Posted on December 03, 2020

    Introduced in 2019 with a depiction of a giraffe running across the savanna in Africa. For the second design in the new series, the collection moves to the sea with a depiction of the largest living mammal in the world. As with the previous release of the collection, the newest Congo silver coin comes with…

    Take Advantage Of Black Friday Deals On The Most Popular American Bullion!

    Posted on November 27, 2020

    Black Friday is going to look much different in many corners of the country come Thanksgiving weekend of 2020. With the pandemic still adjusting everyone’s daily habits, you will likely find reduced hours at brick-and-mortar stores and restrictions on the number of shoppers allowed inside at one time. For quick-and-easy deals on some of the…

    Examining the New American Eagle Reverse Designs for 2021

    Posted on November 20, 2020

    While bullion coin programs such as the Australian Kookaburra and Australian Koala consistently debut new reverse design elements each year, programs such as the American Silver Eagle and American Gold Eagle from the United States Mint have maintained the same design elements on the obverse and reverse since the program’s 1986 debut. For the first…

    Celebrate Christmas in Style with Silver Bullion from JM Bullion

    Posted on November 12, 2020

    While silver bullion is available annually in a wide range of types and designs that are familiar, such as American Silver Eagle coins or PAMP Suisse silver bars, there are also precious metals released each year with seasonal themes. Among the most beautiful options are those silver Christmas products released by private mints. With distinctive…

    A Tradition Continues: The 2021 Silver Kookaburra is Now Available

    Posted on November 05, 2020

    One of the longest-running silver bullion collections at the Perth Mint is the Australian Silver Kookaburra. This magnificent coin set the standard by which all subsequent silver bullion coins at the Perth Mint would be produced. The Silver Kookaburra was the first to feature a native species from the Australian continent and the first to…

    The Allegories Returns to Europe with the Italia & Germania Release

    Posted on November 02, 2020

    One of the most popular collections of silver rounds available right now is The Allegories, a collection of rare .9999 pure silver rounds from the Germania Mint. The private mint has a range of different collections, all of which started in 2019 as the mint began to expand around the world. Among those, arguably the…

    A New Option is Available in the Noah’s Series: Gold Coins Debut in 2020!

    Posted on October 22, 2020

    The Armenian Noah’s Ark Series from Geiger Edelmetalle has been available to investors since 2011. One of Europe’s more popular collections, the series features static designs on the obverse and reverse that are the same each year. However, until now the collection has only featured a silver bullion option for buyers. As of 2020, the…

    2020 Halloween Silver is Available Now from JM Bullion!

    Posted on October 15, 2020

    Halloween is one of the most festive periods on the calendar each year. While 2020 has been a difficult year to get through, collectors can still turn to themed silver bullion for a small way to mark the changing seasons and celebrate festivals such as Halloween. In recent years, Halloween-themed silver has become popular with…

    The Royal Mint Releases a 2nd James Bond-themed Coin: Pay Attention 007

    Posted on October 08, 2020

    The Royal Mint of England was among the first major mints in the world to release commemorative silver honoring the upcoming release of a 25th James Bond feature film. There are few, if any, fictional characters in the world as popular as James Bond. Created by British author Ian Fleming in 1953, James Bond has…

    Australia’s Deadliest Features a Threat from the Deep: The Great White Shark

    Posted on October 01, 2020

    If you regularly buy silver from the Australian continent, you are well aware that there are two mints producing high-quality bullion coins. The Perth Mint is a state-owned entity of Western Australia, but it is the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra that serves as the sovereign mint for the nation. The Royal Australian Mint has…

    The Final Queen’s Beast Design Arrives with the White Greyhound of Richmond

    Posted on September 24, 2020

    Since 2016, the Royal Mint of England has dazzled investors and collectors with the designs of the Queen’s Beasts on silver, gold, and platinum coins. Each of the 10 creatures depicted as wooden statues at the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 has appeared in this series, with a single release in 2016,…

    Germania Beasts Collection Launches with Stirring Fafnir Silver Rounds

    Posted on September 17, 2020

    The Germania Mint is a private mint with a growing reputation for the production of high-quality, beautifully-crafted silver rounds. The mint launched a number of new collections for investors and collectors in 2019, including its Germania Series and The Allegories Series. Now, 2020 brings an all-new series of .9999 pure Germania Silver Rounds from the…

    2nd Release in the Lunar Series III Collection Arrives with the Year of the Ox

    Posted on August 27, 2020

    The Perth Mint is often described as a global leader when it comes to the production of annual-release bullion coins. Its Australian Gold Kangaroo and Australian Silver Kookaburra series are some of the longest-running collections out there, but even those programs face serious competition from in-house each year in the form of Lunar Series bullion….

    Keep Track of Time with the Chronos Coins from Tokelau

    Posted on August 20, 2020

    The growth of silver coins from the South Pacific continues in 2020 with Tokelau at the center of several new coin releases. From its Terra, Vivat Humanitas, and Wildlife Series to the new Chronos Series, the number of Tokelau silver coins for sale is increasing. Among these collections, the Chronos Series is one of the…