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    Silver Bullets

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    1 oz Silver Bullet (.45 Caliber, New)
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    2 oz Silver Bullet (.308 Caliber, New)
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    10 oz Silver Bullet (.50 Caliber BMG, New)
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    Silver Bullets Available from JM Bullion

    Silver bullets are a rather new form of physical silver bullion which is currently available to investors. These pieces are often produced by private mints and refineries and struck in .999 fine silver. They have caught the attention of gun enthusiasts, historians and silver investors alike with their unique designs and competitive prices. Though silver bullets are meant to replicate the appearance of actual ammunition, these products are not intended to actually be fired from a weapon but rather are looked at as a unique investment option for those looking to acquire physical silver bullion.

    Sizes and Designs

    Silver bullets have become very desirable due to the fact that they offer designs commemorating some historically significant pieces of ammunition. Silver bullets are most commonly found in the 1 troy ounce or .45 caliber size. If you are looking for other sizes they can also be purchased in 10 and 25 troy ounce sizes replicating .50 caliber and 20 MM cartridges. Though there are a few options available, some of the most popular cartridges include the the 1 oz .45 Caliber ACP and the 10 oz .50 caliber BMG silver bullet.

    Silver Bullet Pricing

    Many investors enjoy owning these pieces as they tend to carry premiums comparable to other forms of silver bullion. Buying silver bullets can not only be a solid investment in physical silver but can also make a great addition to any new or existing bullion or coin collection. For the most part these can be purchased for only a few dollars over spot price per ounce, which can be cheaper than some silver coins. If you are looking for the lowest price per ounce you can also purchase the larger sized bullets such as the 10 ounce variation, which tend to carry slightly lower premiums.