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    Discover Fairmont Collection US Gold

    The history of America’s gold coinage is full of unique stories, limited mintages, and lost treasures. From the coins that sunk with the S.S. Central America to those that sat untouched in bank vaults for decades, even centuries, before re-emerging, collectors will find no shortage of exciting stories in the history of Pre-33 Gold Coins from the United States Mint.

    The Fairmont Collection

    So, what is the Fairmont Collection? The Fairmont Collection is part of a hoard of Pre-33 $5 US Half Eagle, $10 US Eagle, and $20 Double Eagle Gold Coins that recently re-emerged in the numismatic marketplace in the late-2010s. The term Fairmont Collection refers to a group of these coins. These coins wound up outside the United States as a result of international commerce between the US and other countries.

    The story takes an interesting turn in that thousands of these specimens were recently repatriated to the US. The most available denominations were the $10 Eagle Gold Coin and $5 Half Eagle Gold Coin. Starting in the late-2010s, these coins were repatriated to the United States.