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    Fairmont Collection

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    Discover Fairmont Collection US Gold

    The history of America’s gold coinage is full of unique stories, limited mintages, and lost treasures. From the coins that sunk with the S.S. Central America to those that sat untouched in bank vaults for decades, even centuries, before re-emerging, collectors will find no shortage of exciting stories in the history of Pre-33 Gold Coins from the United States Mint. Learn more about the Fairmont Collection, right here at JM Bullion.

    The Fairmont Collection

    So, what is the Fairmont Collection? The Fairmont Collection is part of a hoard of Pre-33 $5 US Half Eagle, $10 US Eagle, and $20 Double Eagle Gold Coins that recently re-emerged in the numismatic marketplace in the late-2010s. The term Fairmont Collection refers to a group of these coins. These coins wound up outside the United States as a result of international commerce between the US and other countries.

    The story takes an interesting turn in that thousands of these specimens were recently repatriated to the US. The most available denominations were the $10 Eagle Gold Coin and $5 Half Eagle Gold Coin. Starting in the late-2010s, these coins were repatriated to the United States.

    Fairmont Collection Packaging

    At JM Bullion, you’ll find an array of Fairmont Collection US Gold Coins to choose from. You’ll also notice that these gold coins have been graded and encapsulated by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

    The PCGS is among the most reputable coin-grading providers in the world. The PCGS was formed by a small group of the nation’s leading coin experts in 1985. Since then, they’ve been grading coins on the Sheldon Scale of 1 to 70, with 70 being the best. PCGS coins are encapsulated in a protective plastic slab to ensure that each coin remains in its graded condition.

    Popular Fairmont Collection Coins

    The Fairmont Collection consists of gold coins from as early as the 1840s to as late as the 1920s. As mentioned above, the Fairmont Collection consists of three main types of coins, $5 US Half Eagles, $10 US Eagles, and $20 Double Eagles. However, these coins have seen many design changes in their history. Depending on what year of issue your Fairmont Collection gold coin was released, the design will be different.

    • $5 US Half Eagle: Classic Head Liberty by William Kneass (1834-1838), Liberty Head of Christan Gobrecht (1839-1907), Indian head from Bela Lyon Pratt (1908-1929).
    • $10 US Eagle: Liberty Head of Christian Gobrehct (1838-1907), Indian Head by Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1907-1933).
    • $20 Double Eagle: Liberty Head from James B. Longacre (1850-1907), Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Liberty effigy (1907-1933).

    Common Fairmont Collection Grades

    Every coin from the Fairmont Collection has been meticulously graded by the PCGS. The PCGS uses the Sheldon Scale to grade these coins, with 70 being a flawless specimen. Due to the age of these coins though, grades in the Fairmont Collection range from the mid-60s to the 40s.

    • Mint State – MS: Coins graded between 60-70. Signifies a coin that has never been in circulation.
    • About Uncirculated – AU: Coins graded between 50-59. Coins that appear uncirculated but upon further examination have slight friction.
    • Extremely Fine – XF: Coins graded between 40-49. Coins that still have a little luster, with the high points worn.

    Buying Fairmont Collection US Gold at JM Bullion

    Contact the JM Bullion customer service team today with any questions you may have about the Fairmont Collection. Our team can be reached via email, through our online chat feature, or by giving us a call at 1-800-276-6508. For any payment-related questions, please visit our Payment Methods page to find quick and easy answers to common payment option questions.