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    British Gold Myths and Legends

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    British Gold Myths & Legends Coins

    Introducing the captivating Myths & Legends Series, the latest addition to the distinguished collections by the Royal Mint. This extraordinary series delves into the enchanting world of British folklore and mythology, presenting a series of three-coin issues that beautifully showcase iconic figures from these timeless tales.

    Concepts Behind the Series

    Immerse yourself in the realms of magic and mystery as each three-coin series focuses on a unique design theme, capturing the essence of legendary characters that have captivated imaginations for centuries. Whether it’s the valiant knights of Arthurian legend, the mystical creatures of Celtic mythology, or other revered figures from British folklore, each issue promises to transport you to a realm where myths come to life.

    To cater to collectors and enthusiasts of various preferences, the Myths & Legends Series offers an exquisite selection of both silver and gold coins. Each coin is meticulously crafted to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail, allowing you to appreciate the intricate artwork and symbolism that brings these mythical beings to existence.


    The first mini-series in the collection focused on Robin Hood’s mythology. Robin Hood is a legendary figure known as an outlaw hero who operated during the medieval period in England. According to the mythology, Robin Hood was a skilled archer and swordsman who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor, becoming a symbol of justice and defiance against oppression. He and his band of Merry Men, including figures like Little John and Friar Tuck, lived in Sherwood Forest and targeted corrupt officials and wealthy aristocrats who abused their power. This collection featured images of:

    • Robin Hood
    • Little John
    • Maid Marian

    In the next mini-series, King Arthur and the court of Camelot came into focus. One prominent aspect of King Arthur’s mythology is the Knights of the Round Table. According to legend, King Arthur established a renowned order of knights who gathered around a round table, symbolizing equality and unity among them. The Knights of the Round Table were renowned for their chivalry, honor, and pursuit of noble quests. Notable knights included Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Percival, and Sir Galahad. This fellowship of knights played a crucial role in Arthurian tales, supporting King Arthur in his quest for justice, the defense of Camelot, and the search for the Holy Grail. Available designs include:

    • King Arthur
    • Merlin
    • Morgan Le Fay

    With the Myths and Legends Series debuting in 2022, the continuity of the obverse designs was shaken by the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022. The first four designs in the series featured a different monarch portrait than the final two. Obverse designs in this series feature the following options:

    • 2022-2023 (through King Arthur): Jody Clark’s fifth-generation effigy of Queen Elizabeth II graces the coins and shows the Queen in right-profile relief wearing the George IV State Diadem.
    • 2023-current (as of Merlin): Martin Jenning’s first-generation portrait of King Charles III debuts in the series. This left-profile relief shows the new king wearing a suit without a crown on his head.

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