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    Highest Liquid 2 Way Buy & Sell Markets + Brand Recognition

    When you choose your bullion brands or hallmarks, take into account the amount of active market makers for that specific product.

    For instance, there are ten of thousands of coin dealers who buy and sell gold and silver Eagle coins or Sunshine mint bullion bars for example in the U.S.A.

    Conversely there may not be a lot of active buyers and sellers of unknown niche privately minted bars or rounds. For instance, if Bob’s coin shop designs and produces their own private silver zombie apocalypse round you may end up pigeon held to sell this specific silver round back to Bob or to another dealer at lower melt-only discount bid price offers.

    Trustworthy private bullion hallmarks with large two-way markets include some of the following private mint brands in no particular order:

    Johnson Matthey, Credit Suisse, Valcambi, Ohio Precious Metals (OPM), SilverTowne, Heraeus, NTR, Engelhard, Rand Refinery, Degussa, Pan American, Scotiabank, Sunshine Mint, Geiger Mint, A-Mark, PAMP Suisse

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