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    Smallest Premium / Cost over Spot

    In general the larger the bullion product’s size is the lower the price per ounce will be. That said I suggest you steer clear of 1000 oz silver bars and 400 oz gold bars for their weights are never homogenous, they are more susceptible to counterfeit than smaller items, and they are cumbersome to move and store.

    The smallest premiums over spot prices will typically be found first and foremost with the largest privately minted bullion bars (100 oz silver and 1 kilo gold bars).

    The next lowest priced products tend to be the privately minted bullion rounds followed closely by government minted bullion bars.

    Government issued bullion coins will carry the highest prices over spot generally due to the larger fees governments charge bullion dealers for their products. The public also trusts a government stamp over a private mint stamp hence the sovereign mints get away with charging a higher premium for their products.

    Please remember that much like buying cheap Chinese sweatshop goods at Wal-Mart, the lowest price doesn’t mean you are getting the best product value overall.

    The next article in our Beginners’ Guide to Buying Physical Bullion will discuss how to ensure privacy when buying and selling physical bullion.

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