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Types of Physical Metals Articles

Gold & Silver as a Percentage of Global Assets

For many millennia gold has served mankind as a monetary asset, a financial asset, and as a valuable commodity. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the world moved away from using gold as the international monetary system’s choice for balance of payment settlements. What followed was a decade of currency crisis, periods of high […]

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How Much Fine Silver Bullion is in the World?

You may be surprised to find out that there is perhaps less .999 fine silver bullion in existence today than .999 fine gold bullion. Although gold occurs less often in the ground, we humans do not use the same percentage of gold (9% of annual supplies) in industrial applications as often as we use silver […]

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How is Gold Mined?

Today it typically takes anywhere from 10 to 20 years before a gold mine is ready to produce ore extracts that can be refined into gold doré bars and eventually .999 fine gold bullion. 5 Gold Mining Steps Gold Mine Exploration: To search for undiscovered gold deposits requires large amounts of time, capital, and expertise […]

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Which Countries Mine Gold?

Gold mining occurs all over the world with operations currently on every continent aside from Antarctica. The majority of the world’s above ground gold supply came from the post-industrial and especially post-world war era. As the gold mining industry has evolved over this timeframe so too has it also diversified geographically. In recent decades a […]

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Which Countries Mine Silver?

For 13 years in a row from 2003 to 2015, silver mine production has increased every single year across the world. From 2006 to 2015, global silver mine production has increased 37.8% from 643,300,000 oz to a 886,700,000 oz output of silver per year respectively.   Popular silver bullion coin programs in countries like Canada […]

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Silver Solar Demand

For over 5,000 years the world’s lowest priced precious metal, silver, has been coveted by human beings for adornment and as money itself. Arguably today silver holds even more worth in scientific applications than merely as a long term monetary metal or store of value. Nobel Laureate economist, Milton Friedman, once quipped, “The major monetary […]

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Below are definitions of some of the most commonly used terms in the precious metal investing world. Make sure to also view our precious metals price charts. Assay – A test to determine the quality and purity of a gold or silver product. When a gold or silver product ships with an “assay”, this is […]

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Proof vs. Uncirculated Coins


The following article will dive deeper into the specifics of both proof and uncirculated coins. Proof coins and Uncirculated coins are both popular among buyers of gold and silver, but for a few different reasons. Proofs are almost always going to demand a premium when compared to raw Uncirculated coins, but they also carry a better […]

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Gold vs. Silver


Now that we’ve fully covered the general topic of precious metals as investments, it’s time to get a little more specific. When we refer to “precious metals”, we are primarily talking about the two metals we sell here at gold and silver. Gold and silver vary from each other in quite a few ways, […]

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Common Conversions


Understanding the units of measure attached to bullion products gives you an elevated knowledge of exactly what you have in your investment portfolio. It also helps you make wise decisions about purchases. Keep this information in mind when you are browsing JM Bullion and looking to expand your precious metals collection. Troy Ounces and Avoirdupois […]

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Platinum vs. Palladium


Platinum and palladium have been around for quite some time, but just recently have started breaking into the mainstream precious metals industry. If you’re looking to buy these rare metals, then you’ll want to learn more about them before investing. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned veteran, take a look at these quick […]

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What is Fine Silver?


Investing in fine silver is popular as a way to diversify portfolios and act as a hedge against inflation. While fine silver investments take many different shapes, they share certain properties that make them investment grade. They are all constituted of fine silver, which ensures their quality. What is Considered Fine Silver? The system for […]

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What is Fine Gold?


As any metallurgical assayer will tell you, measuring the purity of gold is both an art form and a science. Knowing about fine gold is particularly important for numismatists, investors, and collectors, because this precious metal is a pivotal material when it comes to bullion and coinage. What is Considered Fine Gold? Fine gold is […]

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What is an Assay/Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?


An assay is an analysis designed to measure and test the composition in ore, alloys, and precious metals. With respect to precious metals, specifically silver and gold, it is a way to make sure that all the coins or bars produced in a mint meet the correct purity standards and content. For example, if a […]

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How Do I Know If Silver & Gold Is Real?


Verifying the authenticity of your precious metal purchases is, undoubtedly, the single most important aspect of investing in precious metals. Customers who fail to confirm this vital piece of information will not only waste a substantial amount of their time and money, but they will also jeopardize the value of their investment or collection. Fortunately, confirming the authenticity of […]

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What Are Graded Coins?


Prior to the advent of the current coin grading system, all coins fell into one of two grades: new or used. Because this rudimentary grading system revealed little useful information about the coin’s actual condition, numismatists developed a more nuanced shorthand to describe a coin’s appearance and value. Now, the term “graded coin” refers to […]

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Bullion Art Bars Explained


Bullion is a popular form of investment, particularly in recent years. Due to market volatility in the last decade, many investors are turning to precious metals to protect their financial portfolios from inflation and other potential financial catastrophes. But in addition to investment reasons, there are other good motivations for purchasing bullion, particularly bullion bars. […]

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Government vs. Private Bullion


Collectors and investors who want to buy bullion may encounter government and private bullion bars for sale. Government bullion and private bullion each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Buyers often choose bullion options based on which features matter most to them. Learning more about the differences and similarities between government bullion and private bullion […]

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Silver Dollars: The History Of Morgan & Peace Dollars


In numismatic circles, the US silver dollar is nothing less than an institution. From 1794 to 1935, the United States issued dollar coins in silver. Experts and enthusiasts alike typically agree that the coinage created during this period is some of the finest work ever done in the field; subsequently, US Silver Dollars are highly […]

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The History Of 40% Silver Coins


Some of the most renowned coins ever issued by the U.S. mint were produced between 1965 and 1970, and they contain 40% silver. These coins, bearing the profile of President John F. Kennedy, are extremely collectible and sought-after both by collectors and investors. Silver’s Changing Historical Role In U.S. Currency Following a silver supply shortage […]

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The History Of 90% Silver Coins


If you’re looking at acquiring US Minted Coins for your collection or portfolio, then it would be wise to familiarize yourself with 90% silver coins (otherwise known as “junk silver”). These coins were produced for generations by the United States Mint, which has caused their market value to consistently increase. The coins are not in […]

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What is the Value of Sterling Silver?


Sterling silver, in one form or another, has a place in just about every home in the United States. This precious metal alloy accents our dinner tables and adds shine to our everyday jewelry. Our guide details the finer points of identifying quality sterling silver and what you can expect when buying and selling the […]

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Poured vs. Pressed Bars


Investors and collectors looking to purchase precious metals may encounter both poured bars as well as pressed bars. It’s important to understand the benefits and limitations of each option before you decide which is right for you. On this page, we will take a look at these two forms of bullion and outline their main […]

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What Is A Troy Ounce?


When you start buying and selling gold, silver, and other precious metals, you might be surprised to find that a different unit of measure is used to weigh precious metals. Typically, these metals are weighed using the troy weight system as opposed to the more familiar way that we measure other goods such as sugar […]

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