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    How Is The Package Wrapped And Is It Secure To Take Delivery?

    JM Bullion prides itself on ensuring the safety of your investment up until it reaches your doorstep, which is why we put so much care into the wrapping and packaging of your order. Please note that every aspect of packing is filmed under the surveillance of an HD camera for both security and quality assurance purposes. To prepare the merchandise for transport, we carefully wrap each item to prevent any scuffs or scratches due to friction. Then, they are placed inside their designated containers for packaging. In some cases, we place smaller containers within a larger one to provide stability and organization, such as the plastic coin rolls we use inside our Monster boxes.

    After the main package has been secured, we place it inside the actual shipping parcel along with some packing peanuts to prevent any movement and serve as buffer during the shipping process. These multiple layers of packaging help prevent any damage from happening to your valuable investments. Each parcel is also wrapped in extra durable water-adhesive sealing tape, which is specially formulated to adhere to our corrugated cardboard boxes. This ensures that the package remains intact during the course of shipping, thus keeping your investments safe. Once completely packaged, all parcels undergo a final inspection before being sent out for shipping.

    Shipping Process

    During the shipping process, all packages are fully covered by insurance against incidents of theft, loss or damage until their receipt is confirmed. So in the event that any of the aforementioned circumstances should arise, customers can take comfort knowing that their order will either be replaced or reimbursed. In addition to providing insurance on all orders, JM Bullion also participates in several high security programs through UPS and the USPS. These programs not only provide additional insurance, but they also allow both customers and JM Bullion to track their package during the course of its journey. Such documentation can prove useful if a customer needs to locate a delayed or missing package.

    Equally as important as protecting your package during the shipping process is protecting it while it waits at your doorstep. Too often, valuable packages are stolen because precious metal dealers fail to use discreet packaging. Overlooked details such as a return address indicating a precious metals distributor can easily attract the wrong kind of attention. Fortunately, JM Bullion realizes how tempting such an obvious parcel could be and we do our best to conceal the valuable contents of your shipment. Each order is mailed in a nondescript parcel to discourage any unwanted attention. We also make it a point to use inconspicuous labels so as not to indicate the package’s contents. As a final means of protection, we require that all packages valued at over $1000 are signed for by the recipient prior to surrendering them.

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