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    1 oz Gold Bracelet (Varied Condition)
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    Gold Jewelry for Sale at JM Bullion

    Most of the products that investors purchase when buying gold come in the form of gold bullion coins, gold bars, or even gold rounds. However, it is easy to forget that 24-karat gold also comes in wearable forms. Some need to look no further than their fingers or ears to find jewelry made with 24-karat gold. If you want to add some fashion to your gold portfolio, JM Bullion has just what you need in the form of new gold bracelets and other gold jewelry products.

    1 oz Gold Bracelets

    Gold bracelets are a very unique example of 1 oz gold bullion you can buy and hold. Wear it or don’t wear it, these gold bracelets offer all the value of any other gold bullion product. Each one weighs 1 Troy oz and contains .9999 pure gold content. The gold bracelets currently available from JM Bullion are hand-crafted and securely packaged by Dillon Gage Metals Division. Our selection of gold bracelets features two options in 1 oz gold: hammered or smooth finish. The hammered bracelet has the appearance of rough, ancient jewelry, while the smooth bracelet has a clean, refined appearance. Each one of the bracelets is hand-crafted and if you look carefully on the inside wrist of the product, you will notice a marking of the purity.

    Securely Packaged

    In the case of the gold jewelry from Dillon Gage Metals Division, the bracelets are packaged securely in a protective card from Dillon Gage. The card includes the company name and purity of the bracelet on one side, with CertiCard Security technology featured on the other side. You will notice an individual certificate number on this side of the card as well as a unique QR code that allows you to authenticate your piece with Dillon Gage. This side of the card also has the weight, purity, and metal content of the product noted.

    Why Gold Jewelry?

    There are numerous means out there for investing in gold. While there are plenty of gold bullion coin and bar programs with 24-karat 1 oz options, many of these have higher premiums than most gold jewelry pieces are likely to offer. If nothing else, gold jewelry is simply a unique option that you can take with you easily and discreetly when and if you want to do so. Given that these gold jewelry pieces are certified by Dillon Gage, you get the same sense of security in purchasing each item that you would shopping with any private or sovereign mint gold bullion series.

    Invest in Gold Jewelry with JM Bullion

    Please feel free to reach out to JM Bullion if you have questions about our gold jewelry selection. You can call us on the phone at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly.