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    Silver Shot

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    Boost Your Silver Holdings with Silver Shot

    Buying silver offers investors and collectors a range of options to own the lustrous metal. Silver bullion coins are a great way to invest in silver as a hedge against changing economic factors, and proof silver coins are great for collectors. However, these products, and silver bullion minted ingots, all come with high premiums over the spot price of silver. For a simpler, more affordable option in purchasing physical silver, you might want to consider silver shot. JM Bullion is now pleased to offer our shoppers silver shot in a variety of weight options.

    What is Silver Shot?

    Silver shot is silver in one of its rawest possible forms. After silver is mined, it is often refined into silver grain or silver shot that is then sold to refiners. For example, many cast silver bars are actually made by melting down silver shot and pouring it into prefabricated molds. As the molten silver shot cools, it takes the form of the cast silver bar mold and can be validated by a certified assayer for its weight and purity.

    Silver shot as it exists in the original form is silver that was refined by a lab, in most cases, and melted down. That molten silver is then typically thrown into cold water. The process forces the silver to break apart into small globs or grains that are often no more than a few millimeters across. The average single grain of silver shot is roughly 1/4 inch (6 mm) in diameter. Because it resembles BB gun pellets, this silver product is often known simply as silver shot.

    Silver shot is commonly used in the jewelry industry for products that require a certain purity of silver. Additionally, as mentioned, it can be used by refiners to produce cast or other poured silver products.

    Available Silver Shot Products

    JM Bullion is happy to now carry silver shot in several different weights. You can purchase silver shot from JM Bullion in weights of 10 Troy oz, 100 Troy oz, or 500 Troy oz. Each weight is available with .999 pure silver content and will ship in varying packaging. The 10 oz Silver Shot is available with a clear tube containing the small silver beads. 100 oz Silver Shot is housed either inside of bags or clear tubes. Finally, 500 oz Silver Shot is available with a bag.

    Purchasing Silver Shot with JM Bullion

    Given the nature of silver shot, it is impossible for each individual grain or BB of silver to be certified. However, taken together the weight of silver offered has .999 purity and makes for an affordable option for hobbyists making their own jewelry or silver enthusiasts looking to add an inexpensive form of silver to their physical holdings. If you have questions, please contact JM Bullion. Our customer service team is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.