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    Best Selling Bullion

    Listed above are some some of the top selling gold and silver bullion coins, rounds and bars purchased online at JM Bullion. We compiled this list of products as a reference point for investors. There are many reasons why investors flock to one brand or product over another. Many prefer the intricate and aesthetically appealing designs of certain products while some investors admire the low cost of others.

    All of the items we buy are only purchased from trusted mints and distributors to assure 100% authenticity. Every package we send out is also fully insured while in transit and mailed in discreet packaging for added security. All items are also sent out completely free of cost to our customers with no other hidden fees.

    Brand Recognition

    Many of these products, such as the Sunshine Mint Silver Rounds, US Mint Eagle coins or the RCM Maple Leafs have become so popular because of the reputation of the mints who produce them. Longstanding mints like the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint or Sunshine are often sought out by investors because of the name which stands behind the product. Other products, like the 10 oz NTR Silver Bar for example, are preferred due to their low cost over the current silver spot price.

    American Eagle Coin Popularity

    One of the most popular coins not only on JM Bullion, but throughout the entire world has been the American Gold & Silver Eagle. These coins are produced on a yearly basis by the United States Mint in staggering numbers and have been since 1986. Since they were introduced to the market over 25 years ago, their designs have remained unchanged. In 2011, the US Mint set a record for the amount of these bullion coins produced at just over 40,000,000 coins!

    Canadian Maple Leaf Coin Popularity

    Another one of the most purchased coins throughout the globe is the Canadian Maple Leaf coins which are produced in both gold and silver, as well as platinum. The gold maple leaf coins have been in production since 1979 while their silver counterparts followed in 1988. Since that time they have remained as one of the top choices for investors seeking pure bullion in the form of coins. In 2013 the RCM produced and sold over 28,000,000 silver maple leaf coins!

    To learn more about all of our best selling products' availability and pricing click the “details” button or simply call us at 1-800-276-6508. You can conveniently place orders online in a 100% secure environment or place them over the phone as well. You can also get in touch by using our live chat feature or filling out our online contact form.