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    World Silver Coins

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    World Silver Coins

    This category includes all silver coins that don't fit in our other specific sub-categories. Find unique silver coins from across the world at the lowest prices possible. Something that most people do not know is that there is a plethora of countries who make beautiful silver coins with high silver content perfect for both collecting and investing. This category can contain coins from literally every corner of the earth and is constantly featuring new additions.

    Dimensions and Purity Levels

    As you would expect from coins originating in different corners of the world, not every world silver coin is the same size or purity level. While most silver coins are made of 99.9% silver, this is not always the case as every country has different standards for their silver coins. Do not be surprised if you find world silver coins with purity levels as low as 90% or even as high as 99.99%. The values of these coins will correlate directly with the purity level, but also with the relative scarcity of the coin. To make it easier to understand, the fewer coins of a certain edition that are minted, the more valuable the individual coins will be.

    Just as purity levels for coins from different countries may differ, so too will the diameter and thickness. More often than not, world silver coins, regardless of country, will be roughly the same size, but there is nothing requiring this to be the case. If you have any questions or concerns about the size, purity level, or anything else about a particular coin, simply consult our customer service team or the specifications page that accompanies each and every one of our world silver coin product pages.


    Every mint from around the world has a different way of producing silver coins and that is clearly seen in the wide variety of different designs featured on our collection of world silver coins. New, unique coins are being added all the time, meaning that your collection of silver coins from around the world is never complete.