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A highly sought-after brand, SilverTowne is a renowned mint for collectible coins and precious metal bullion. Its headquarters are in Winchester, Indiana, and the mint has been a crucial part of the Winchester community since 1949.

SilverTowne is renowned for the intricate artwork of its bars and rounds, some of which are hand-painted. The mint also produces custom coins and bullion products for organizations of all types, including schools and even the US Military. Its reproductions of famous US coins are a popular commodity among both investors and collectors.

A Unique Business Opportunity

Known for its exclusive products, SilverTowne is special among business-run mints due to its status as an independent manufacturer. SilverTowne Mint is known for its distinctive service for businesses hoping to engage in one-of-a-kind promotion, commissioning custom medals and coins with business logos and brands. It also offers its own in-house assay services. Collectors, investors, and businesses can send their precious metals to the Indiana facility to determine the percentage of gold or silver and can even sell the metals to the mint afterwards.

The SilverTowne Story

SilverTowne Mint has provided precious metals for investment portfolios since it opened in 1949. Having offered custom mint options to the public since 1983, its products are equally perfect for private collections, investment portfolios, and as gifts. SilverTowne participated in an important part of American history with the establishment of the “Challenge Coin” tradition during the First World War. At the time, citizens needed to keep a coin for identification purposes. Since then, law enforcement and emergency services have continued the tradition.

SilverTowne represents a real American start-up story. As a husband and wife team, Leon and Ruhama Hendrickson opened the doors of their very first coin shop in 1949. Their company grew quickly in the intervening years, but SilverTowne has always maintained the integrity and hardworking spirit of Leon and Ruhama, inspired by the American prospectors of old.

A Variety of Styles and Designs

SilverTowne Mint produces some of the purest silver bullion around with a number of different varieties and designs that are featured on our website. Its hand-poured silver bars also are a sought-after item among collectors, and the mint’s signature prospector bar is well-known among bullion aficionados.

Specialized bullion rounds also are available in a variety of different designs, including the Saint-Gauden silver round, the Indian silver round, and the Buffalo silver round. All three of these beautiful one-ounce coins make excellent additions to any collection. They also hold an extra appeal due to their iconic nature in the coin-collecting world.

The SilverTowne Promise

This Winchester mint has developed a name for itself among the numismatics and investing communities. Businesses appreciate SilverTowne products because they are high quality, and the company is reliable. The company’s logo, which displays a classic portrayal of an American prospector, is recognized throughout the precious metals community. This special touch adds history and value to SilverTowne coins and bullion. The company is also a member of multiple respected numismatic affiliations including the American Numismatic Association.

Pricing and Availability

JM Bullion features SilverTowne silver bullion that is shipped completely free of charge. All of our SilverTowne silver bars and rounds are shipped in new condition with a purity of .999; they are often sealed in plastic to ensure protection while traveling as well. JM Bullion is known for carrying SilverTowne’s most well-recognized products and offering them at the best price possible.

You won’t be disappointed when you buy SilverTowne silver bars from JM Bullion, because you will be receiving a product that is in the same condition as it was when it left the mint. SilverTowne is known to be one of the most respected and experienced mints in the industry dealing with precious metals. As a leader in high-quality silver products, JM Bullion strives to offer SilverTowne items in the best condition possible.