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    Rwanda Silver Coins

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    Rwanda Silver Bullion Coins

    When investors and collectors are looking for silver coins for sale, their attention is often aimed at major international bullion programs such as those of the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and the Perth Mint, to name a few. Increasingly though, other nations have impressive bullion offerings that help satiate the demand for silver among investors and collectors the world over.

    In the following paragraphs you can learn more about the exciting Silver Rwandan coins available to purchase from JM Bullion, which include a long-running wildlife-themed series and a brand-new lunar collection.

    All-New Rwandan Lunar Coins

    In the all-new Lunar Ounce program from the Republic of Rwanda you’ll find an exciting new option whether you’re a collector investor. The series launches in 2017 with the issue of the Lunar Rooster coin, which includes a 1 oz BU silver coin, 1 oz silver proof coin, and a 1 oz Rwanda Gold Lunar Rooster Coin.

    The program is the newest lunar-themed collection to the hit the market, and like other major programs it offers bullion coins for the investor as well as proof offerings for the collectors out there. The program will run the full 12-year cycle of the Lunar Calendar, concluding in 2028 with the Year of the Monkey release.

    On the obverse of the 2017 1 oz Rwandan Silver Lunar Rooster Coin you’ll find the stunning Year of the Rooster design. This coins design has a beautiful cracked-glass themed that has a splintered background and a tiled appearance to the image of the rooster itself. Engravings include the name of the series, the Chinese symbol for rooster, and the coin’s year of issue, weight, metal content, and purity.

    The reverse of all 2017 1 oz Rwandan Silver Lunar Rooster Coins has the coat of arms for the Republic of Rwanda. Included are the engravings of the Central Bank of Rwanda and the coin’s face value in Rwandan Francs, with engravings in the local tongue.

    Rwandan Wildlife Series

    Like other animal-inspired bullion and proof coin programs, the Rwandan Wildlife Series of silver coins celebrate the beauty of the animal kingdom. This particular series focuses on the native species of the African continent. The name of the series is slightly misleading as not all of these animals are native to Rwandan. Instead, each of the creatures featured in the Rwandan Wildlife Series is native to the African continent as a whole, with some of them residing within the borders of Rwandan.

    The program was launched in 2008 by BH Mayer at the Kunstprageanstalt GmbH mint in Munich, Germany. The coins have similar features from one year to the next in the release schedule, while the obverse side of the coin design is the same from one year to the next.

    Designs in the Rwandan Wildlife Series

    In keeping with the ever-changing designs of the Rwandan Wildlife Series coins, a new animal is featured on the reverse each year. The series launched in 2008 with a Rwandan Gorilla Coin. The common image found on the reverse of all Rwandan Wildlife Series coins is the rugged outline of the African continent featured on the reverse, along with the engravings of the year of issue, the weight, metal content, and purity of the product, and the phrase “African Ounce.”

    For the 2008 Rwandan Gorilla Coin, a male Silverback gorilla, female, and young gorilla are featured in the lower left sitting amongst the tall grass of a natural setting. All subsequent coins followed this similar design, and included releases such as those listed below:

    • 2009 Rwandan Elephant Silver Coin: This issue featured a herd of elephants trekking across the savanna. Included in the image are a bull male elephant, a cow, and a calf.
    • 2010 Rwandan Lion Silver Coin: The African lion is perhaps the second most popular creature native to the continent behind the elephant. On this coin, a pride of lions is featured with a male lion standing tall as the females lay down to rest with cubs by their side.
    • 2011 Rwandan Zebra coin: On the obverse of this coin, an adult Zebra and a young Zebra are featured walking amongst the tall grass in search of food to graze upon.
    • 2012 Rwandan Rhino Silver Coin: The rhino might be the most endangered species from the continent, making it an appropriate selection for the Rwandan Wildlife Series. On the reverse of this coin, a female adult rhino is featured alongside her young calf.
    • 2013 Rwandan African Cheetah Coin: Cats are notoriously attentive, and the cheetah coin features a design that depicts two cheetahs sitting in an alert position as they watch for danger on the horizon.
    • 2014 Rwandan Impala Silver Coin: The impala is a member of the antelope family and is found throughout the African continent. On the 2014 coin, a male and female impala are featured with their distinctive horns. Impala is the local Zulu term used for the antelope or gazelle, one of the fastest land mammals on the African continent.
    • 2015 Rwandan Buffalo Silver Coin: On the obverse side of each coin is the image of a female African buffalo, with its calf standing nearby. Also included on this side is an outline of the African continent, with a rugged finish.
    • 2016 Rwandan Meerkat Silver Coin: Meerkats are small creatures that inhabit the desert regions of southern Africa, across the nations of Botswana, Namibia, Angola, and South Africa. The meerkat is part of the mongoose family, and lives in clans or families of 20 animals on average, with some including as many as 50 in one family.
    • 2017 Rwandan Hippo Silver Coin: Hippos are the third-largest land mammals in the world and the heaviest in their species, with males weighing upwards of 3,300 lbs when fully grown. In the lower-left field of this coin’s obverse side you'll notice a mother hippo and its calf.

    All Rwandan Wildlife Series Silver Coins feature one ounce of .999 pure silver. The face value of the coins is listed in Rwandan Francs at a set value of 50 RWF. The obverse side of each coin bears the coat of arms for Rwandan, and features inscriptions in the native tongue of a local tribe that has resided in Rwandan for centuries.

    Availability of Rwandan Wildlife Series Silver Coins

    Rwandan Wildlife Series coins are available each year in extremely limited mintages. The BH Mayer mint facility kept original mintage low to protect the value of the products. As the popularity of the coin has gone up in recent years, demand has often outpaced the supply of these coins, making them even more valuable to both investors and collectors.

    Each year the Rwandan Wildlife Series coins are struck in bullion and proof versions. The bullion coins are often easier to find as the proof coins are typically limited to a total mintage of around 1,000 coins for global distribution. Bullion coins are available in graded conditions from the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and Professional Coin Grading Service, such as Brilliant Uncirculated and Mint State 70 condition.

    History of the Mint

    BH Mayer Mint, known also as just Mayer Mint GmbH Germany, was founded in 1871, making it one of the younger mints operating in the European powerhouse. Unlike the sovereign mints of Germany, Mayer Mint is a family-owned operation that has been controlled by five generations of the same family since its inception. The mint prides itself on producing coins and other products with the highest quality and finest designs.

    How to Purchase Silver Rwandan Coins from JM Bullion

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