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    Native American Mint Silver Coins

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    2015 1 oz Sioux Buffalo Silver Coin (BU)
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    2016 1 oz Proof Florida Seminole Alligator Silver Coin
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    2017 1 oz Proof Indiana Miami Mink Silver Coin
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    2017 1 oz Proof Hawaii Hawaiian Monk Seal Silver Coin
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    2018 1 oz Proof Kansas Pawnee Pronghorn Silver Coin
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    2018 1 oz Proof Rhode Island Wampanoag Shark Silver Coin
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    2018 1 oz Proof Iowa Fox Rabbit Silver Coin
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    2018 1 oz Proof Connecticut Mohegan Whale Silver Coin
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    Native American Mint Silver Bullion Coins

    There are countless American coins from the nation’s past that featured brilliant designs and artistic renderings of Native American tribal icons or cultural symbols. James Earle Fraser’s Buffalo Nickel, among the most popular from American history, is just one example of fine design and craftsmanship in a US coin with Native American-themed designs.

    When it comes to excellence and true-to-form design in the modern era, the Native American Mint is producing an increasing array of bullion and proof coins at its private facility that perfectly captures the culture and life of Native American tribes from across the continent. Beginning in 2015, the Native American Mint took a major step forward in the production of its culturally themed products, releasing its first-ever bullion coin and launching a series of Native Dollars for each state.

    In the following paragraphs you can learn more about the Native American Mint, its all-new bullion coin, and the unique Native Dollars Series of proof coins. Each of the products covered below is available from JM Bullion while supplies last.

    2015 Sioux Buffalo Bullion Coin

    Prior to 2015, the Native American Mint had never struck an investment-grade bullion coin for the precious metals marketplace. In keeping with its design themes, the 2015 Sioux Buffalo Bullion Coin debuted that year as the mint’s first-ever bullion coin. It featured a metal content of 1 troy oz of .999 pure silver, and was issued a face value of 1 Dollar.

    While the coin carries a face value of 1 Dollar, these coins do not have any legal tender status in the United States. The Native American Mint issued the coins with the face value as a sovereign nation, and did so with the authority of the Oglala Sioux tribe of Pine Ridge. Although Native American tribes exist as dependent sovereign nations under the foundation of the US Constitution, federal law dictates that only the United States Mint has the power and authority to produce official US coinage with legal tender face values.

    Nevertheless, this first bullion offering from the Native American Mint is still an important product in the marketplace. First and foremost, it is the only American bullion coin available to investors that is struck by an institution other than the United States Mint. The proceeds from the sale of these coins go directly to benefit Native American tribes.

    On the obverse face of the 2015 1 oz Sioux Buffalo Bullion coin you’ll find the image of one of these magnificent beasts. The buffalo, also known as a bison, is North America’s largest land mammal and was critical to the survival of plains tribes such as the Sioux peoples. Nomadic animals by nature, tribes would follow the nomadic movements of the buffalo across the plains to keep themselves within reach of the valuable meat, furs, hides, and bones provided by the kill of a single buffalo.

    The reverse face of the coin features the front-facing portrait of a Sioux tribal chief in full, traditional headdress. In this particular design, the headdress and clothing of the Sioux chief are reflective of those items worn by members of the tribe and elders around the 1860s. Although the Sioux peoples are one of the most well-known tribes, with historical ranges stretching across the Northern Plains of the US and southern Canada, the Sioux Nation is not one of the nation’s largest by membership today.

    JM Bullion is proud to carry these 2015 1 oz Sioux Buffalo Bullion coins, and they are available to you as single purchase items or bulk items. Individual coins will ship to you in a protective plastic capsule, while multiples of 20 ship in plastic tubes and multiples of 500 are available in boxes.

    Native Dollar Series Proof Coins

    In 2015 the Native American Mint launched a series of proof dollar coins known as the Native Dollar Series. Each planned coin in the series represents a different state, associated Native American tribe, and an animal species that is either native to the area, important to the tribe represented in the design, or both.

    The Native Dollar Series proof coins all feature a satin, proof finish on the surface. While a standard proof coin typically has a matte finish, these coins feature a satin finish that gives the coin a mirror-like appearance instead. The coins in the series have One Dollar face values issued by the Native American Mint, and each one shares common engraving themes.

    For example, the engravings on the obverse face of all coins accompany the representative tribal design identify the tribe in question, and indicate the coin’s purity, metal content, year of issue, face value, and weight. The reverse side of each coin has common engraving themes as well, this time identifying the animal and state represented on each coin, as well as an engraving of the word “America” at the bottom.

    The first coin released in the series was the 2015 Eskimo Alaska Polar Bear Silver Proof coin. On the obverse face of the coin are images of three members from an Eskimo tribal family, with each person wearing traditional Eskimo clothing that would keep the harsh winter temperatures and extreme weather at bay.

    Flip to the reverse side of the coin and you’ll find the image of the Arctic Circle’s heartiest resident; the polar bear. In the design, an adult polar bear walks along the polar ice caps with its cub nearby.

    In total, the Native American Mint has released seven coins throughout 2015 and early 2016. The series has taken investors and collectors across the North American continent, representing some of the largest and most well-known tribes in American history. Subsequent releases following the 2015 1 oz Eskimo Alaska Polar Bear Silver Coin included (in order):

    • 2015 1 oz Navajo New Mexico Cougar Silver Coin: The Navajo Nation is widely regarded as the second largest recognized tribe in North America, with membership surpassing 300,000 in total. The vast majority of these individuals live in either Arizona or New Mexico, but also stretch into Nevada and Utah. The coin’s obverse features the image of a Navajo tribal member, while the reverse includes the image of one of North America’s deadliest predators: the cougar.
    • 2015 1 oz Crow Montana Timber Wolf Silver Coin: The Crow were largely considered a peaceful tribe, and were forced from their original homeland through warfare and persecution. Representing the state of Montana, one of the final regions the Crow migrated to, this coin features two Crow warriors on horseback on the obverse. The reverse bears the image of a timber wolf laying prone as it bellows its howl into the distance.
    • 2015 1 oz Blackfoot Idaho Porcupine Silver Coin: To date, the Blackfoot Idaho Porcupine coin is the only one in the series to feature a depiction on the obverse representing an actual member of the representative tribe. Bear Bull is captured in right-profile relief on the obverse of the coin. He was a well-known warrior for the Blackfoot. On the reverse is the image of a porcupine.
    • 2015 1 oz Iroquois Pennsylvania Skunk Silver Coin: The final coin in 2015 and fifth overall in the series, the Iroquois Pennsylvania Skunk Silver Coin represents the most influential tribal nation from the American Northeast. The Iroquois, known eventually as the Six Nations tribe because of its absorption of other smaller tribes and cultures, were influential in inter-tribal affairs and interactions with European powers during the 17th and 18th centuries. An Iroquois warrior is featured on the obverse, while the reverse bears the image of a skunk.
    • 2016 1 oz Sioux South Dakota Buffalo Silver Coin: Sioux tribes had one of the largest territorial claims in the United States. Member nations of the Sioux were found throughout Minnesota, northern Iowa, North and South Dakota, Montana, and as far west as Wyoming. They also resided in southern portions of three Canadian provinces. The obverse features the image of a Sioux tribal leader, while the iconic buffalo graces the coin’s reverse face.
    • 2016 1 oz Apache Arizona Rattlesnake Silver Coin: The latest release in the series, second of 2016 and seventh overall, featured two fearsome foes. On the obverse is the depiction of an Apache tribal member. The Apache are found throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma, as well as three Mexican states. The United States Army, battling the Apache in the late 19th century, found them to be fearsome warriors and gifted battlefield tacticians. On the reverse, the image of a deadly rattlesnake is enough to strike fear in the heart of any individual.

    About the Native American Mint

    The Native American Mint is a privately-owned enterprise in Torrance, California that specializes in the production of coins, medals, and gaming industry tokens. Many of its designs, especially those covered in this category page, honor Native American ancestry and culture with accurate depictions of tribal entities and groups.

    Purchasing Native American Mint Silver Coins

    If you’d like to purchase your own Native American Mint silver coins from JM Bullion, all you need is a credit/debit card, checking account, or PayPal account. JM Bullion gladly accepts Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards, with a one business day processing time standard. Paper checks are accepted, but please be aware they can take four to six business days to process.

    For those who would like faster processing, bank wire transfers and PayPal transfers offer high maximum purchase amounts and instant processing. With these two methods, your products are released immediately to our fulfillment queue for shipping to your address. All JM Bullion shipments are sent in discreet packaging, carried by the US Postal Service or UPS, and covered by our standard insurance.

    Should your package become lost, stolen, or suffer damage during transit, we’ll work to repair the issue. We work with carriers to recover lost items, and attempt to replace lost, stolen, or damaged shipments with replacement products. However, many of our product lines often sellout quickly. In this event, you’ll receive a refund of your purchase price.

    Please feel free to contact JM Bullion with any questions you have about Native American Mint coins. You can reach one of our team members on the phone at 800-276-6508, online using our live web chat, or via our email address.