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    Perth Mint Silver Koalas

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    Perth Mint Silver Koala Bullion Coins

    In 2007, the Perth Mint of Australia issued the first Silver Koala coin. Each coin is minted in 99.99% pure silver and is available in four sizes: 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 10 oz, and 1 kilo. Despite the fact that it's a relatively new coin, the Silver Koala's charming design and intrinsic value make it a treasured collectible in Australia, as well as a popular choice around the world. The Silver Koala's unique yearly designs make it an optimal choice for diversifying a coin collection or even a fantastic gift idea for a collector close to your heart.

    The Koala Design

    The Silver Koala coin represents only one chapter of a story that the Perth Mint is telling the world. Perth included the Silver Koala as part of their larger Wildlife series, with each release featuring an animal considered to be a national treasure. Australia's unique animal population is one of the main reasons so many people like to visit the country. More than 80% of its wildlife, including plants, fish, reptiles, and mammals, can only be found there.

    The series has included subjects such as the kangaroo, the spider-hunting scorpion, the kookaburra, and even the thylacoleo, an extinct lion-like marsupial.

    Following the Kookaburra and Lunar bullion coins, the Perth Mint didn't need to look far to find inspiration for their next series. The koala bear is native only to Australia, making it the ideal subject for the country's legal tender and an instantly recognizable piece of Australian memorabilia.

    The Perth Mint, once a branch of the British Royal Mint, chose to use Ian Rank-Broadley's design of Queen Elizabeth II for the coin's obverse. In 1997, British-born Rank-Broadley won the Royal Mint competition with his depiction of the Queen, and his design has appeared on circulated British coinage since. On the Silver Koala, the Queen's profile can be seen along with “”Australia,”” the date of the mintage, and the coin's face value (50 cents, $1, $10 or $30).

    The reverse of the Silver Koala changes annually, always featuring a different image of a koala, making the coin an especially interesting collector's piece. For example, the 2011 Silver Koala depicts a mother koala and her joey perching in a tree while the 2009 coin features a single koala clutching a tree branch on a shimmering background. For 2014, the coin shows a close-up of the koala's face, its fur rendered in great detail, surrounded by eucalyptus leaves. No matter how it appears, the koala remains an iconic representation of Australia that collectors and investors will recognize immediately.

    To make these coins more valuable, the mint places strict mintages on them so they don't oversaturate the market. To view mintages for Perth Silver Koala Coins, visit the Perth Mint Mintages page.

    Buying Perth Mint Koala Silver Coins

    While shopping for Silver Koala coins, buyers may notice that the price fluctuates more compared to other coins. This is due in large part to the fact that these coins are produced on a mint-to-order basis, meaning that they are only issued when they are ordered. As a result, collectors can't be sure of the exact mintage amount until the end of the year when production of a particular design ceases and a new one begins. The coin's size also affects the value as they can range from half an ounce all the way up to a kilo, and they are also available in a gilded or proof finish. JM Bullion receives these beautiful coins directly from the mint, so they are guaranteed to be in excellent condition.

    Each year, collectors have a chance to make a premium on the coins. In 2007, for example, 137,768 $1 Silver Koalas were minted compared to 910,480 in 2011. Naturally, such a disparity in demand makes certain releases more valuable than others. Because the Silver Koala can have a different identity every year, demand for the coin rises and falls depending on the popularity of the design. JM Bullion offers collectors an extensive variety of Koalas to choose from, ensuring that customers get exactly what they're seeking for their collection, whether it be value or aesthetics.

    The adorable koala has proved itself as a worthy subject for a series of Australian coinage. When we think of the Land Down Under, we cannot help but recall these iconic marsupials that call Australia their home. The Koala Silver coins are readily available for purchase, but buyers should be mindful of which years saw the most coins issued as that greatly affects their intrinsic value. As always, JM Bullion is proud to offer a stunning array of Perth Mint Silver Koala coins at competitive prices, always carefully packaged to retain the coins' flawless condition.