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    Silver Statues

    Silver Statues Available from JM Bullion

    One of the emerging options for silver buyers is silver statues. JM Bullion carries a variety of silver statues from Silver Statues. The silver statues fall into a variety of categories, but share a number of similarities across the various programs. With weights ranging from 4 Troy oz up to a massive 20 Troy oz, there’s plenty to explore in the silver statues available from JM Bullion.

    Commonalities in Silver Statues

    All silver statues are produced using sterling silver quality, or .925 purity. The statues have limited castings for each design of just 1,000 products. The silver statues are housed within protective boxes for shipping and come with an antique polish. The use of antique polish on silver products serves many purposes. In all products, antique polishes help highlight the intricate elements of the designs. In the case of silver statues, an antique polish provides an heirloom quality to the overall product. These are commonalities found across many of the silver statue programs, but below you can learn more about the individual programs.

    Silver Soldiers Collection

    One of the most ambitious programs that Silver Statues has ever set out to deliver has been the Silver Soldiers Collection. These stunning silver statues come in a range of weights from 4 and 5 oz silver all the way up to 38 oz and 40 oz silver. The statues are typically released individually and as part of small units, broken up much like units within a battalion on the battlefield. Each one of the statues depicts a different popular toy-soldier figurine as commonly found in plastic Green Army Men sets. Generations of children have played with Army Men, now you can build a unique collection of silver based on these figures as well.

    To the military and/or history buff, these statues are instantly recognizable as World War II American GIs. Each figure has an individual role to play that works in support of a larger team. Below is a rundown of the designs you can expect to find in this collection:

    • Captain Troy: the leader of the group, Captain Troy has his binoculars at the ready and is scoping out the battlefield before making life-and-death decisions for his troops.
    • Glover S. Johns: the rifleman in his unit, it is Glover S. Johns’ duty to provide accurate fire on the enemy as his group advances.
    • Stovepipe Sterling: World War II saw a rapid advancement of mechanization on the battlefield, but Stovepipe Sterling was there to ensure that squad-level soldiers in the US Military had the firepower to combat. He has his bazooka leveled and ready to fire on enemy armor.
    • Medic Martinez: injury and death are a part of war, but with Medic Martinez on the scene, every man has a chance to live to fight another day as he fearlessly runs into battle to save his squadmates.
    • Trigger Ted: when it’s time to suppress the enemy, you can count on Ted and his heavy machine gun to lay down enough bullets to keep the enemy from popping up out of their fox holes.
    • Billy Bullets: Trigger Ted can’t keep the enemy heads down if he doesn’t have enough bullets, which is why Billy Bullets is there with his ammo boxes and extra barrels to help Trigger Ted keep the lead flying downrange.
    • Greaseman Gary: while Ted and Billy work as a team, Greaseman Gary keeps them safe from any enemy soldiers that get too close using his trusted submachine gun.
    • Eyes on Earle: with a radio at hand, it is Earl’s job to spot the enemy units and call in support fire from artillery units. His messages are relayed to the howitzer so accurate fire can come in.
    • Howitzer Cannon: one of the largest pieces in the collection, the 38 oz howitzer cannon is responsible for putting down effective long-range fire.
    • Arty Red Leg: the howitzer is toothless without Arty Red Leg delivering the howitzer rounds to the cannon.
    • Willy MB Jeep: after World War II, no vehicle was better known in America than the Jeep. Rough and rugged, the Jeep helped keep American forces mobile in the European theater.

    Coins of the World

    The first major silver statue program from Silver Statues, the coins of the world statue brought the design elements from some of the world’s most popular silver bullion coins to life with vivid 3D depictions of those animals and symbols on statues. Included in the collection are examples such as the following:

    • 20 oz American Silver Eagle: The massive American Silver Eagle statue reflects the popularity of the American Silver Eagle program. With 47 million coins sold in 2015, the Silver Eagle is the unquestioned best-selling coin globally. The 20 oz American Eagle Statue features an American bald eagle at rest with the national heraldic shield in front of it and one talon clutching the shield to balance it.
    • 20 oz Australian Kookaburra: The Australian Silver Kookaburra is the longest-running silver coin from the Perth Mint. The series is famous for the use of new reverse designs each year depicting the kookaburra, the largest member of the kingfisher species. The statue depicts a kookaburra perched on the top of a wooden fence post that is wrapped in barbed wire.
    • 12 oz Mexican Silver Libertad: Though smaller than its counterparts, the 12 oz Mexican Silver Libertad statue is also the most accurate reflection of its namesake silver bullion coin series. This statue captures the exact figure of Winged Victory as she appears on both the Silver Libertad bullion coins and atop the Mexican Independence Victory Column in Mexico City.
    • 30 oz Britannia: The largest of the silver statues in this series to date, the 30 oz British Silver Britannia depicts the captivating female personification of Britain in amazing 3D relief. Her powerful figure stands firm against the wind as her robe blows in the gusts. Her right hand confidently clutches a trident, granting her control over the seas. She wears a Corinthian helmet on her head and rests her left hand upon a shield with the Union Jack emblazoned upon it.


    The Americana collection from Silver Statues celebrates all things American and features both the busts of American presidents alongside the Bear-and-Bull representations of market fluctuations on Wall Street. Examples of the designs include:

    • 12 oz Ozzy the Bear: when the American stock market and global market at large enters a slowdown, with selling outpacing buying, the market enters what is known as a bear cycle. The massive 12 oz Ozzy the Bear represents the switch in market tendencies toward a bear cycle, and Ozzy’s size reflects the ability of a bear market to counter and slow a runaway bull cycle.
    • 8 oz Troy the Bull: Named for Troy in Troy ounces, Troy the Bull is representative of an optimistic outlook and performance in the markets. When buying gets hot, the bull has a tendency to run and markets can see long-term growth that seems unstoppable. The 8 oz Troy the Bull statue reflects that wild and stampeding nature.
    • 20 oz Bull & Bear: Ozzy the Bear and Troy the Bull are also available as a collectible set with both figures depicted coming head to head. You can set them up such that Ozzy uses his massive frame and powerful upper body to lay paws on the horns of Troy to try and stop the rampant stampeded of a bull market.
    • Presidential Busts: Silver Statues also introduced a Presidential Bust Series within its Americana collection that features two depictions of President George Washington, the first democratically elected President of the United States of America. An 11 oz statue captures a full-size figure of Washington, while a separate 20 oz statue captures a bust of his torso and head. There is a similar 20 oz Abraham Lincoln bust that depicts the torso and head of the 16th President of the United States, the man who saved the Union.

    Landmark Statues

    The Landmark Series of silver statues from Silver Statues was launched to create smaller statues of famous landmarks from within the United States and around the world. One example of designs available in this particular collection was the vision of United States Marines raising the American flag on Iwo Jima during the battle of the same name against Imperial Japanese forces during World War II. Currently available, you’ll also find a Lady Liberty statue:

    • Lady Liberty: The 5 oz Lady Liberty statue is a likeness of the famed Statue of Liberty. Erected in New York Harbor during the 1880s, the Statue of Liberty is a beacon of freedom and independence around the world. Her sign famously states that America wishes to welcome the castoffs from around the globe seeking a chance at a better life.
    • Iwo Jima: The Battle of Iwo Jima was a defining moment of the American effort in the Pacific Theater during World War II. One of the final, pitched battles of the war in this theater, the American military set its sights on Iwo Jima as a launching point for long-range bombers to reach the Japanese home islands. The design of the Iwo Jima silver statue in the Landmark Series captures the seminal moment of the battle from a morale standpoint. The scene that plays out here captures the moment US Marines ascended the peak of Mount Suribachi to raise the American flag as a symbol of impending victory in the battle. Though the fighting would continue, this highly-photographed moment symbolized a turn in the tide of the battle.

    Fairies & Fantasy

    The fairy and fantasy realms have gained increasing attention on silver round projects in recent years. Much of this is due to the popularity of the Silverbug rounds produced on behalf of the Reddit community known as the Silverbugs. Ariana the Silver Fairy is their favored fair and was the lead design in that collection. Silver statues cross genres to feature various figures, including:

    • 5 oz Ariana Silver Statue: This statue depicts the preferred vision of Ariana, the famed silver fairy. She is depicted kneeling down with her wings straight out behind her figure while her right hand holds a scale that no doubt balances out differing weights of the coveted silver metal.
    • Coco the Dragon Statue: There are two different Coco the Dragon silver statues to choose from. There is a modest 8 oz statue that depicts Coco perched on the very edge of a rocky outcrop. Every detail of her scales is visible in the design and her wings are raised high above her back preparing to lift her off into flight. For those looking for something bigger, the same Coco the Dragon design is available in an impressive 1 Kilo (32.5 Troy oz) design.
    • 8 oz Hydra Statue: This 8 oz statue depicts the mythical hydra, a snake-like beast that had several heads. Often depicted with three heads, the problem presented by the hydra was the fact that cutting one head off only resulted in a new one growing back in its place.

    Lost World Silver Statues

    This series is billed as being “65 million years in the making” because it features 3D visions in sterling silver of the dinosaurs that roamed the planet long before the rise of human beings. One of the most extensive collections of silver statues from Silver Statues, you’ll find the following popular dinosaurs depicted in this series:

    • Brachiosaurus
    • Woolly Mammoth
    • Stegosaurus
    • T-Rex
    • Triceratops
    • Ankylosaurus

    Silversmith Silver Statues

    Finally, there is the Silversmith series of silver statues. Each of the creations in this collection focuses on a biblical theme. Examples of silver statues in this collection include the following designs:

    • 20 oz Samson and the Lion: One of the most famous biblical tales involves the Judges of Israel, in particular, Samson. Samson was one of the last Judges and had an unrivaled strength. In this design, you see the moment when Samson fought a lion bear-handed and defeated the powerful beast by getting on its back and breaking its skull at the jawbone.
    • 7 oz Passion Statue: There is no symbol more powerful in Christianity than that of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for the sins of mankind. This silver statue features Christ as he is nailed to the cross and left to die upon the hill at Mount Calvary.

    Buying Silver Statues from JM Bullion

    There is great variety awaiting you in silver statues. You need only find the one that calls to you! If you need assistance, JM Bullion customer service is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.