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    Silver Statues

    Silver Statues Available from JM Bullion

    There's no end in sight to the creativity of private mints and refineries around the globe. In the quest to answer the unprecedented demand among both investors and collectors of precious metals, mints are expanding their product portfolios to offer some items that are outside the realm of traditional silver and gold production.

    Heads or Tales Coin Company is leading the way with an exciting new program of pure silver statues, available as part of a series of six planned designs. Known as the Coins of the World Statues series, you can expect to see some of your favorite silver bullion and proof coin designs, as well as popular silver round designs, come to life in brilliant 3D statues from well-known sculptors.

    Introduction to the Coins of the World Statue Series

    Developed by Heads or Tales Coin Company, the Coins of the World Statues will celebrate six different coin programs from private and sovereign mints alike. The first release in the series highlights the single most popular coin available in the market today. The American Silver Eagle debuts as the first of these statues, weighing in at an impressive 20 Troy oz of .925 pure silver. For the second release, the Heads of Tales designers turn to one of the most in-demand silver rounds of the day: the Silverbug Ariana round.

    Each release in the planned series is expected to have a different designer, and the statues will feature a purity level of .925 silver. Weights will vary by design, and the mintage for each statue is set to be limited to just 1,000 statues in total.

    20 oz American Silver Eagle Statue

    As mentioned above, the first release in the series is the 20 oz. American Silver Eagle Statue. Created in honor of the American Silver Eagle, the official silver bullion coin of the United States, these statues each feature the following design aspects:

    • Contains 20 Troy oz of solid .925 silver
    • Limited mintage of just 1,000 statues.
    • Each one stands 98mm tall.
    • Design reflects the majesty of the American Bald Eagle.
    • Created by sculptor Joanna Zawada.
    • Arrives in a protective box, complete with Certificate of Authenticity and laser-etched number.

    The American Silver Eagle coin debuted in 1986 as the official silver bullion product of the US government. It is available only in a 1 oz weight and today features both bullion, proof, and burnished versions for purchase by numismatists. With the onset of the Great Recession and the resurgence of precious metal prices, the popularity of the American Silver Eagle skyrocketed.

    The coins are now widely regarded as the most coveted in the world, topping 47.3 million units sold in 2015 alone, breaking a previous record set at 44.1 million in 2014. In fact, the American Silver Eagle has broken annual sales records seven times since the onset of the Great Recession.

    Each of these 20 oz American Silver Eagle statues features the image of the American bald eagle. Today the eagle is a common choice of symbolism for those wishing to represent the freedom and power of the United States, but the creature was almost overlooked in favor of the turkey as the national emblem of the nation.

    The Founding Fathers, with the exception of Benjamin Franklin who backed the use of the turkey, choose the bald eagle as the nation's official emblem in 1792 because of its majesty, power, and longevity. These were all traits these men saw in the fledgling nation they fought to free from British control.

    5 oz Silverbug Ariana Silver Statue

    Introduced to the numismatic world in 2014, the Ariana Silverbug Silver Round proved immensely popular from the get go. These rounds were commissioned by the online Reddit community of Silverbugs, a group of silver enthusiasts. The members of the community have been responsible for the imagination and creation that go into the design of the silver rounds in this series.

    In total, there are now three Silverbug Fairy Rounds available for purchase, but Ariana was the first. This original design was commissioned by the Silverbugs to commemorate the addition of the 5,000th member to their online Reddit community. Today there are more than 10,000 members in the community, and Heads or Tales Coin Company celebrates with the Silverbug Ariana Statue as the second release in the Coins of the World Statue Series. Details of the Ariana statue include:

    • Production limited to a total of 1,000 statues.
    • Total weight of 5 Troy oz of .925 pure silver.
    • Ships in a protective box with Certificate of Authenticity.
    • Design honors Ariana, the original Silverbug Fairy.
    • Created by Caleb Nefzen.

    About Heads or Tales Coin Company

    Heads or Tales Coin Company brings the age-old art of sculpting to life in a way that other modern mints and refineries cannot accomplish. These second generation mint masters are producing a total of six incredible statues in the Coins of the World collection. More information on future silver statue designs will be available as those products are released for sale.

    Purchasing Silver Statues from JM Bullion

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