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    Silver Soldiers Collection

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    Assemble the Troops in Your Silver Soldiers Collection from JM Bullion

    One of the most common toys in households across the United States during World War II and the post-war era were little green army men. Eventually made of plastic and offered in various poses, children of all ages acted out the strategies of war with their brave little army men. For those nostalgic for their youth and with a fondness for silver, Silver Statues has the perfect new collection of silver statues available to purchase. The new Silver Soldiers Collection of statues is the perfect addition to a collectible series and will easily remind anyone of green army men.

    About Silver Soldiers Collection

    The new Silver Soldiers Collection is the latest offering from Silver Statues. The silver statues in this series are available with different weights depending upon the particular soldier, but each one features .925 actual silver content. The statues are housed in individual boxes for shipping and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The soldier statues each have a laser-etched serial number on the base and the purity of the silver content in the statue. All Silver Soldier Collection statues are limited to 1,000 castings per design release.

    Silver Soldiers – 1st Battalion

    The silver statues issued by Silver Statues in the Silver Soldiers Collection are available in “battalions,” meaning the statues are released in groups of three representing different squads within a formed battalion of soldiers common in the organization of the United States Military. The first soldier statue release was Stovepipe Sterling, who was part of the leadership and anti-armor unit in the 1st Battalion. Details of the original issues in the series include:

    • Sterling – Sterling is the soldier in the battalion responsible for protecting his squad mates against heavy armor or neutralizing fortified bunkers and machine gun nests. The stovepipe was a common name of the day for the bazooka, a rocket-propelled artillery piece that was man-portable in battle and developed by the United States Army early in World War II. Stovepipe Sterling features a total of 5 Troy oz of pure silver.
    • Captain Troy – The man in charge of the battalion, Captain Troy is responsible for leading his forces in operational deployments and when the soldiers are on the home front it is his responsibility to ensure they are trained and ready for the next battle. Captain Troy looks over the field of battle for opportunities to turn the tide while looking for enemies to take out. Captain Troy weighs a total of 4 Troy oz of pure silver.
    • Arty Red Leg – Red Legs is a colloquial reference to the members of Field Artillery in the United States Army. It is Arty’s job to ensure that rounds are brought to the field artillery piece so that the members of the squad can provide covering fire downrange for advancing forces. Arty runs through battle to ensure the artillery has rounds to keep the enemy at bay.

    Following the release of these soldiers, Silver Statues came out with other three-group Battalions of Silver Soldiers. You can learn more about these issues by reading the paragraphs below.

    Silver Soldiers – Recon and Medic

    Every effective military unit needs recon forces that have clear eyes on the battlefield and can communicate with central command. In addition, these units need medics in the field to help tend to the wound and triage the injured to keep them alive until those soldiers can make it off the battlefield to field hospitals. In a follow-up release, the Silver Soldiers collection gained a Battalion with a medic, rifleman, and medic:

    • Eyes on Earl – It is Earl’s job to keep the men in the field in contact with one another, and with central command so leadership knows where its forces are. Earl is depicted in his statue with his field radio up to his ear as he communicates with command.
    • Glover S. Johns – Every unit needs a crack shot that can help keep everyone alive, whether the unit’s duty is support, recon, or heavy fire. Glover S. Johns is the unit rifleman and carries an M1 Garand rifle, a common weapon assigned to members of the US Military in World War II.
    • Medic Martinez – Rushing into the fire, Martinez is responsible for putting his own life on the line in an effort to reach his wounded comrades and render aid to keep them alive until they can get off the battlefield.

    Silver Soldiers – Heavy Gunners

    Whether it is on defense or offense, military units require heavy firepower to keep everyone alive. The unit of heavy gunners showcases the value of heavy firepower in any ground unit within the US Military. This set includes a machine gunner with his supply man and support gunner. This grouping includes:

    • Trigger Ted – Ted is the operator of his unit’s Browning Heavy Machine Gun. Lying prone in the field, he has both hands on the Browning Heavy Machine Gun as he sends lead downrange to keep the enemy heads down.
    • Billy Bullets – Ted can’t get his job done without ammunition. The belt-fed Browning can pump out up to 600 rounds in a minute and has an air-cooled barrel that can be swapped out if sustained fire is required. Billy Bullets carries around an ammo bucket with additional ammunition belts and spare barrels for the Browning.
    • Greaseman Gary – The M3 submachine gun was one of the first assault rifle-type weapons fielded by the US Military in large numbers. It was affectionately known as the grease gun because of its resemblance to a mechanic’s grease gun in an auto shop. It is Gary’s job to provide close fire support to keep Ted and Billy alive.

    Silver Soldiers – Equipment

    Soldiers rely on a variety of tools and equipment in battle to win the war, and the Silver Soldiers Collection from Silver Statues includes add-on statues that complement the battalions of soldiers mentioned above. These additional silver statues include the following designs:

    • 38 oz Howitzer – the primary field artillery piece of the United States Military during World War II, the Howitzer pairs with Arty Red Leg and provides powerful, accurate downrange fire to subdue enemy onslaughts and turn the tide.
    • 40 oz Willy MB Jeep – the Jeep made a huge splash in World War II as a light mobility vehicle for American forces. The Jeep helped enable the rapid mobility of American forces from the beachheads of Normandy to the doorstep of Berlin.
    • 200 oz M4A1 Sherman – the tank that won the war for the Allies, the Sherman Tank was a medium tank and not a match for the heavier German tanks one-on-one, but the power of the American tank was in its numbers. The US industrial base was able to churn out thousands of M4A1s to give the Allies superior numbers of more mobile tanks than the Germans, turning the tide of the war.

    Background on Silver Statues

    Silver Statues is a private company that has worked on countless impressive collections since 2008. The company creates unique silver pieces with heirloom quality and the highest level of attention to detail. No statue is cast with an availability figure above 1,000 in total, further ensuring the collectible nature and heirloom appeal of its silver statues. The company has a strong focus on using recycled precious metals from specialized precious metal refiners and end-of-life electronics, such as cellphones.

    Buy Your Silver Soldiers at JM Bullion

    Whether you want to guard your desk or just build an impressive collection unlike any other in the silver market, the Silver Soldiers Collection is the one you want. You can contact JM Bullion on the phone at 800-276-6508, connect with us live online, or simply send us an email with your inquiries.