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    Landmark Silver Statues

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    Landmark Silver Statues Available from JM Bullion

    Silver statues are growing in popularity, variety, and prominence within the precious metals industry. There are numerous collections available from different mints and refineries that capture images of historical figures, fantastical worlds, and even real-world landmarks. Among the options available those looking to buy silver today are Landmark Silver Statues.

    As Merriam-Webster notes, a landmark is “an object that marks the boundary of land.” However, there are various other definitions such as a “conspicuous object on land that marks locality,” “an anatomical structure used as a point of orientation in location other structures,” or “a structure (such as a building) of unusual historical and usually aesthetic interest.” It is this latter definition that accurately categorizes a collection of beautiful silver statues known as Landmark Silver Statues. Check out the variety of silver in this collection from JM Bullion.

    Pyramid Silver Statues from MK Barz

    One of the most ancient symbols in human civilization is the pyramid. Found throughout the world, but most notably in Egypt, the pyramid has been a marvel of ancient construction that has baffled mankind for thousands of years. It is believed that there are somewhere between 118 and 138 pyramids that have been verified to exist in Egypt, most build as tombs for pharaohs thousands of years ago during the Old and Middle Kingdom periods of Ancient Egypt.

    Each of these 5 oz MK Barz Antique Pyramid Silver Statues is a 3D model of a real pyramid. The statues feature ridged stairs going upward to the center point at the top, decreasing in size as it nears the very top. In the middle of each side a smooth strap of silver represents the walkable stairs one might have climbed on a real pyramid to reach the apex.

    About MK Barz

    MK Barz was established in Los Angeles, California in 2014. The company works to provide specialized, hand-poured silver bullion and American coinage to customers in the United States and Canada. The company was founded by a primary owner who has been grading and collection, as well as hoarding, American silver coins for more than 35 years. The co-owner of MK Barz grew up in a family that owned and operated a foundry over the course of 32 years, specifically focused on refining bronze statues and awards.

    Today, the company provides a wide variety of products. Among its most popular are hand-poured bars and bullion, but it also custom stamps and makes other silver bars, rounds, hearts, hexagons, and just about any other shape collectors might be looking for on that special gift-giving occasion.

    Statue of Liberty Silver Statue

    Only one woman has stood present to watch some of the most momentous occasions in American history. She has greeted millions arriving on these shores in search of a better future; watched the nation celebrate the end of World War II, and looked on in horror on the worst day in the nation’s history on 9/11.

    The Statue of Liberty is a uniquely American icon that has stood in the waters of New York Harbor since 1886. However, the origins of the Statue of Liberty are rooted in a friendship that started more than 100 years prior to her arrival in the United States. The Statue of Liberty was created by sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and delivered to the United States in various stages. The statue was meant as a gift to signify the long and enduring friendship between the United States of America and France, one that would be called upon during both World War I and World War II.

    Each of the 5 oz Antique Finish Lady Liberty Silver Statues beautifully replicates the appearance of the Statue of Liberty in a four-inch tall sculpture that features .925 fine silver content. The antique finish is proprietary to Heads or Tales Coin Company, and provides subtle depth of design and warmth.

    Iwo Jima Silver Statues

    Although Iwo Jima is significant as a moment in time during world history, the island itself stands as a lasting landmark to the brutality and hard-fought gains of US forces during World War II. What makes this a landmark is the symbolism of the American flag flying over the summit of Mount Suribachi during the long and bloody battle for the island of Iwo Jima.

    The Battle of Iwo Jima raged from 19 February 1945 until 26 March 1945, and claimed the lives of more than 6,800 American Marines and soldiers, as well as upwards of 21,000 Japanese imperial forces. After a five-week battle for the small island, US military forces led by the United States Marine Corps eventually captured the island from the Japanese. The most iconic moment from the bloody battle, one which stands as the bloodiest of the War in the Pacific, was when a group of US Marines raised the American flag atop the island’s highest point.

    Each 1 Kilo Antique Finish Iwo Jima Silver Statue depicts the moment when six US Marines raised an American flag on top of Mount Suribachi, the highest point on the island in a symbolic gesture of American victory. It would be several more weeks until all fighting ceased on the island.

    About HotCo

    Heads or Tales Coin Company believes in bringing the oldest and most beautiful coin or round designs, as well as other inspiration figures from around the world to life in a new way. The 2nd generation mint masters believe in entrusting these designs to true artisans; sculptors who can bring the designs to life with brilliant, 3D statues.

    Purchase Your Landmark Silver Statues from JM Bullion

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