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    Americana Silver Statues

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    Buying Americana Silver Statues

    If you’re looking for variety when buying silver, it might be time to think outside the typical options of silver coins, silver bars, and silver rounds. Companies such as Silver Statues are taking silver production in a brand-new direction by creating stunning silver collections featuring unique designs in statue form instead of the traditional coin and bar options.

    Silver Statues is the preeminent designer and manufacturer of brilliant silver statues at the moment. From statues that bring the ancient world to life to those which celebrate mankind’s creative imagination, there’s no shortage of amazing options when it comes to shopping silver statues. For those with a strong sense of patriotism, perhaps the Americana Silver Statues from Silver Statues are up your alley. Learn all about the Americana Silver Statues available from JM Bullion right now!

    Americana Silver Statues

    Silver Statues doesn’t offer a strictly titled “Americana” collection of silver statues. Rather, this is a classification that can be used to identify a broad offering of silver statues from Silver Statues that appeal to investors and collectors to whom products with a distinctly American appeal would be interesting. These options range from statues in the Presidential Busts collection to those in the Landmark Series.

    What does Americana actually mean? According to Meriam-Webster, Americana is/are “materials concerning or characteristic of America, its civilization, or its culture.” Put more broadly, Americana Silver Statues can be thought of as designs and items that are typical of America.

    Presidential Bust Silver Statues

    Among the newest selection of silver from Silver Statues collection of statues are those items in the Presidential Bust Series. A bold offering from Silver Statues that is scheduled to feature busts of all 45 individuals to have held the post of President of the United States of America, this collection kicks off with a mini-series known as the “Loved and Loathed.” Included in the collection are busts of the 1st, 16th, and 45th and current presidents. Each bust has common features that are shared throughout the series, such as:

    • Arrives in a protective box with Certificate of Authenticity!
    • Limited casting of only 1,000 statues!
    • Contains 20 Troy oz of actual silver content.
    • Features the 3D image of a POTUS.
    • Available with antique finish.

    George Washington Bust Silver Statue

    There is no greater figure in American history than George Washington. The man who led the nation as its first military commander during the Revolutionary War would go on to serve as the first President of the United States and help form the country that many know and love today. George Washington was a military hero for the Americans during the Revolution, served as the nation’s first president, and even personally designed the layout of the nation’s capital city of Washington D.C., which of course bears his name. How is it this Founding Father finds himself in the Loved and Loathed collection?

    Congress routinely accused him of treason and acting as a king, rather than president, for sidestepping their powers in the newly formed government. When he raised up a militia to enforce a new tax on whiskey during the Whiskey Rebellion, he became the first and one of the only American Commander-in-Chiefs to ride at the head of the American military.

    The 20 oz Antique Finish George Washington Bust Silver Statue depicts the nation’s first POTUS and Commander-in-Chief with a stern, confident look on his face and dressed in his finest 18th century military uniform.

    Abraham Lincoln Bust Silver Statue

    If Washington was known as the man who fathered the Revolution and founded the country’s democracy, Lincoln is equally heralded as the man who did no less than save the Union itself and preserve the United States of America as the nation we know it to be today. For his efforts, he was eventually assassinated while in office at the start of his 2nd term as President of the United States. Though he preserved the Union, many of his tactics while in office were known then and are still considered today to be dubious at best.

    Lincoln was elected at a time when the nation was realizing the sins of slavery, and Northern states were fighting to stop the spread of the practice into newer states joining the Union from the west of the Mississippi River. With his election, the Southern states seceded from the Union and four years of bloody war ensued that claimed the lives of over 650,000 Americans and resulted in 1.6 million casualties.

    Each of the 20 oz Antique Finish Abraham Lincoln Bust Silver Statutes features the stately image of the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln may have suspended the right of habeas corpus, but he is known forever as the Great Emancipator for ending slavery by leading the Union to victory in the Civil War.

    American Landmark Silver Statues

    Every nation on this planet has vital historical figures that helped shape its economy, government, and culture. For every great individual, there are also great places that serve as landmarks to a nation’s success, monuments that remind the world of their prowess, accomplishments, and great deeds. For the United States, the Statue of Liberty stands as one of the nation’s most indelible landmarks. It is featured along with the Iwo Jima statue in a grouping of silver statues known as American Landmarks.

    Lady Liberty Silver Statue

    Positioned on the coast of the United States’ largest city, right on the Eastern Seaboard, the Statue of Liberty’s torch is held aloft offering a light, a beacon of hope to those around the globe who are suffering. For more than 130 years, Lady Liberty has stood guard over the gateway to America’s East Coast as a symbol of safety, prosperity, and freedom. Her towering torch is a light of hope for those coming to America from bleaker corners of the world.

    Her figure includes words from the historic poem New Colossus. Affixed to a plaque at the bottom of Liberty’s feet on the base of her statue, the infamous poem provides an undying promise of hope to the world with the words “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

    The 5 oz Antique Finish Lady Liberty Silver Statue captures Liberty in all her glory. Featured in the design is Liberty’s full figure, her body clad in a cloth robe and a massive crown sitting atop her head. In her left hand she holds a tablet that has engraved upon it in Roman Numerals the year 1776 in honor of the nation’s birth, and her right hand reaches skyward with a torch.

    Iwo Jima Silver Statue

    There are few battles in American history more significant in an entire campaign than that of Iwo Jima. Pitting the United States Marine Corps and naval fleet forces against the army and naval forces of the Empire of Japan, the Battle of Iwo Jima was one of the most significant during the US island-hopping campaign in the Pacific theater during World War II.

    Iwo Jima was a pivotal battle in the American island-hopping campaign during World War II. The US and its allies in the Pacific determined that the best path to defeat of the Empire of Japan was to retake one island after another from the Japanese to push them back to mainland Japan. With Iwo Jima taken, the United States Army Air Forces would have a launching pad for the newly-built B29 bombers, providing extended range and greater capability to launch massive bombing raids on mainland Japan to push the empire to its knees.

    Silver Statues used a real-life image of the brave US Marines that climbed the summit of Mount Suribachi to raise the American flag, a morale boost that symbolized the American defeat of Japanese forces on the island. The design of the 1 Kilo Antique Finish Iwo Jima Silver Statue comes from Joe Rosenthal’s Associated Press photograph of a group of six US Marines raising the American flag on the summit of the highest point on the island. Though the flag was raised, the battle to secure Iwo Jima and defeat pockets of Japanese resistance would continue.

    General Americana Silver Statues

    Other silver statues from Silver Statues cannot be accurately placed in any other category than simply symbols of Americana. These included a two-statue collection, available together or for separate purchase, that bring the “Bears and Bulls” of stock market lore to life, as well as a Hobo statue, a full figure statue of George Washington, and a depiction of the nation’s iconic silver bullion coin, the American Silver Eagle.

    Bears and Bulls Silver Statues

    If you’re even slightly familiar with the American stock markets, you’ve heard the terms “bear market” and “bull market.” The two terms have deeply rooted meanings in American culture, and the nature of markets in general, that go back two centuries. Silver Statues brings these terms to life in ways never before imagined in the Troy the Bull and Ozzy the Bear statues.

    A Bull Market is depicted as a positive one in which prices begin to rise and buying picks up at a pace greater than selling occurs. The Bear and Bull have long been depicted at battle with one another for control of the markets. Sometimes the two fight to a draw wherein the economy neither advances rapidly nor pulls back dramatically.

    Each 8 oz Antique Finish Troy the Bull Silver Statue features the image of Troy with his horns pressed forward and ready to lead the charge toward growth. He is named Troy in honor of “Troy ounces,” the popular unit of measure for metals that dates back to the Middle Ages. Used at first as Troyes in France, Troy ounce is very common in the weight of silver and gold.

    The imagery of the Bear and Bull markets dates back to the 1700s. Over the course of more than 250 years, the image of each animal has been captured in countless paintings and statues. A Bear Market captures the pessimistic nature of stocks in the moment and is highlighted by falling prices and a greater volume of selling.

    All 12 oz Antique Finish Ozzy the Bear Silver Statues feature a massive, furry bear standing on its hind legs. He has both front paws extended and ready to pummel his competition, pulling them in toward his massive jaws and crushing them in combat. It is Ozzy’s job to keep the bull markets in check, and he’s poised to do so! Ozzy is so named after “oz” in the phrase “Troy oz,” a nod to his impact on silver prices and markets as a whole.

    The Ozzy the Bear and Troy the Bull statues are also available in a 20 oz set that features both creatures. You can situate them using their natural stances to reflect the ongoing battle between Bear and Bull Markets, with Ozzy’s massive figure and powerful frame ready to try and hold back the unbridled forward charge of Troy as he forces the markets higher.

    American Silver Eagle Statue

    The American Silver Eagle is the single most popular silver bullion coin in the world today, and now the American bald eagle is presented to you in a truly new and unique manner. As the first in an exciting series of silver statues, the American bald eagle appears as the standard bearer of freedom and majesty. As the first statue released in the Coins of the World Statue series from Silver Statues, the American Silver Eagle takes center stage with a breath-taking rendition of America’s greatest symbols of the freedom and democracy coming to life on a 9.8 mm tall, solid silver statue.

    Each 20 oz Antique American Silver Eagle Silver Statue captures the majesty of the nation’s official emblem in a unique twist on the Silver Eagle bullion coin series. A bald eagle is depicted seated upon a rocky perch, its head held high and alert for threats on the horizon, while one leg is raised with its talon resting upon the heraldic shield of the United States, symbolizing its readiness to defend the nation at all costs.

    George Washington Full-Size Silver Statue

    The Founding Father of the nation appears in a second statue from Silver Statues, this time captured in full figure rather than just a bust of his chest and head. This silver statue borrows design elements from the Presidential Bust, with Washington’s facial expression, appearance, and clothing similar to that of the bust mentioned earlier. However, his full figure is captured in this statue.

    George Washington rose from a “middling rank” family of the Virginia gentry during the British Colonial Period of North America to become a political and military leader who would lead the charge to free the 13 colonies of North America from British servitude. In this 3D, 11 oz Antique Finish George Washington Silver Statue you’ll find him standing confidently in front of a pedestal. He is captured standing with that pedestal at his back and a long cloak hanging from his left shoulder down over his back, and he is holding his right hand outstretched in front of him.

    About Silver Statues

    Silver Statues brings the age-old art of sculpting to life in a way that other modern mints and refineries cannot accomplish. These second-generation mint masters are responsible for producing countless silver statue series, including Coins of the World, Lost World Collection, and these Fairies and Fantasy Silver Statues.

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