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    Gram-Kilo Silver Bars

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    2024 30 Gram PAMP Suisse Silver 4th of July PEZ Wafers & Dispenser (Box + CoA)
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    2022 40 Gram Pamp Suisse Silver Bazooka Gum Wafer
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    20 Gram Geiger Square Silver Bar (New)
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    Silver Bullion Bars in Gram and Kilo Weights

    Precious metal products are available today in a variety of styles and weights. Silver bullion coins are immensely popular as an investment and collectible choice. However, silver bullion bars are a more traditional means of securing wealth. Compared to silver coins, silver bars are available in a greater variety of styles, designs, and weights. Gram and kilo-weight silver bars are particularly popular.

    Why So Popular?

    Gram and kilo-weighted silver bars for sale are popular with investors for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the smaller size of many of the bars weighed in Grams make it easier for all investors to buy silver. On the other end of that same spectrum, kilogram bars are a more affordable means of investing with bulk purchases. The price-per-ounce of 1 Kilogram bars is often lower than purchase 32 individual 1 Troy oz bars. As such, you can purchase the same weight of silver in a 1 Kilogram bar for less than purchasing several smaller bars of the same weight.

    Additionally, smaller Gram silver bars are easier to store and split out for selling in the future. With large weights of silver parsed out into several smaller bars, it’s easy to sell small amounts as you need to.

    Types of Gram-Kilo Silver Bars

    Like many other weight ranges, those silver bars available in Gram-Kilo weights come in various styles. Cast silver bars are common, but many of them are minted ingots. All silver bars start out as cast silver bars, but minted ingots go through additional refining in stamping presses to create precision-cut bars with designs stamped into them by computer-controlled presses. The only real difference, in the end, is the intricacy of the possible designs. Both cast silver bars and minted ingots have .999 pure silver content.

    Popular Gram-Kilo Silver Bar Designs

    Silver bars available in these weights come with a lot of possible design elements. While some mints and refineries offer their designs for a limited time, there are designs you can count on seeing time and again when you shop for silver. Examples of commonly available silver bars include:

    • PAMP Fortuna: The Fortuna Series is arguably the most popular silver bar in the world. The image of Fortuna, the Roman goddess of fortune and luck, is featured on the obverse side of the bar with a blindfold covering her eyes and a Horn of Plenty spilling a wealth of coins into her hands.
    • PAMP Rosa: The Rose Series from PAMP is another popular option. Simple and elegant, the obverse design includes that of a singular rose stem with four blossoms on the stem and a number of leaves.
    • Valcambi Silver: Valcambi Suisse is one of many refineries offering silver bars with the company logo only and a serial number. This type of silver bar is particularly popular with investors interested in simply securing their wealth with precious metals.
    • Valcambi CombiBars: An innovative silver bar option from Valcambi, the CombiBar is available in two different 100 Gram options. One of these 100 Gram bars can be split into 10 separate 10 Gram silver bars, while the other is capable of breaking down into 100 individual 1 Gram silver bars. In either case, you can break down the bar into smaller Gram weights without a loss of the .999 purity of the silver or overall weight of the product.
    • Geiger Silver: Geiger Edelmetalle is a famed German refinery with more than 800 years of experience refining silver in the Saxony region of modern-day Germany. Located in Leipzig, Germany, the refinery’s most popular design is that of the Schloss Guldengossa Castle on its silver bars. The new Geiger Square silver bar, for example, combines this image with several security features to help protect your investment.

    A Unique Choice – PEZ Wafer Silver

    Many of the Gram-Kilo silver bars mentioned above are beautiful and distinctive in their own right, but they all largely take the same shape and come in the same size ranges. That is part of what makes them stalwarts of the precious metals industry. Buyers know they can trust in those designs because it is a symbol of the quality of each mint. There are, however, incredibly unique options that exist that offer a change of pace without sacrificing quality. The PEZ Wafer Silver lineup is a perfect example.

    PEZ candy is instantly recognizable for its small, rectangular shape with rounded edges and surfaces. The small candies were developed in Austria in 1927 and originally intended for use as an alternative to smoking. The name PEZ comes from the German word pfefferminz, with PEZ being a shortened version to make the candy easier to market with a catchy phrase.

    PAMP Suisse took the concept of PEZ wafers to a new level with the introduction of PEZ Wafer silver. The wafers are made of .9999 pure silver and sold in 30 Gram increments with a total of .9645 Troy oz of silver, with the PEZ set consisting of six individual 5 Gram Silver Wafers. Each one of the individual silver PEZ wafers has the PAMP logo on the reverse face with identifying inscriptions. The obverse side comes with iconic PEZ logo. Best of all, PEZ wafer silver comes with an actual PEZ dispenser in which you can house the silver wafers.

    PAMP has offered the PEZ Wafers in a number of silver options, including:

    • Snowman Dispenser: With this design release, PAMP offered a snowman PEZ dispenser and a small snowman design alongside the PAMP logo on the reverse.
    • Duck Dispenser: A springtime release, this PEZ Wafer silver issue came with a Rubber Duck-inspired PEZ Dispenser and a rubber duck design on the reverse near the PAMP logo.
    • PEZ Refills: If you wanted to purchase more than the original tube and dispenser of six PEZ wafers, you can purchase simple PEZ refill silver wafers as well. These arrive without a dispenser, but do come in a tube.

    Buying Gram-Kilo Silver Bars from JM Bullion

    For those who have questions about buying silver bars online, we encourage you to reach out to JM Bullion at 800-276-6508. You can reach out to us online as well using our live chat service and email address.