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    The Okapi Marks the 14th Issue in the Rwandan Wildlife Series

    Posted on April 07, 2021

    The Rwandan Wildlife Series is an outstanding collection of silver coins produced in Germany. An alternative to the African Wildlife Series issued for the Somali Republic, the Rwandan Wildlife Series is similar in its use of new designs on the reverse field of the coins with each new date mark. However, while the African Wildlife Series focuses only on the African bush elephant and new images of that creature each year, the Rwandan Wildlife Series features a different animal native to the African continent on the reverse side each year. The Okapi is the 14th animal to feature in the Rwandan Wildlife Series and is available in the 2021 date mark with Brilliant Uncirculated and proof options.

    Okapi Reverse

    All of the coins in the Rwandan Wildlife Series have a common design element on the reverse, with the lower-left field of the coins reserved for the use of a new design representing a different animal. In the release of the 2021 1 oz Rwandan Okapi Silver Coin, the central design field offers an image of the topographical map of the African continent. This symbol appears on all of the coins in the series. In the lower-left field, you will find a young okapi near a tree with its parent nearby dining on the leaves of the tree.

    Coat of Arms Obverse

    The obverse side of all 2021 Rwandan Okapi Silver Coins comes with the depiction of the national coat of arms for Rwanda. The coat of arms has a traditional pot in the center with branches of coffee and sorghum surrounding and a gear symbolizing industry behind the designs. These central pieces of the coat of arms are flanked by traditional indigenous shields. The design is entirely encircled by rope tied in a knot at the bottom. This side comes with standard inscriptions of the nation of issue and the face value.

    Options and Details in the Okapi Release

    With the release of each Rwandan Wildlife Series of silver coins, the BH Mayer Mint produces only 1 oz silver coins. The coins are available in Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof options. Each version of the coin comes with 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver and a face value of 50 Rwandan Francs. The National Bank of Rwanda is the issuing authority behind the coins and backs the face value of each item. The Brilliant Uncirculated coins are sealed individually in plastic, with multiples of 10 coins in a sealed sheet. The Proof coins have frosted design elements overlaying mirrored background fields. The collectible release is limited to just 1,000 coins in total with each design, with each specimen coming with a protective plastic capsule for shipping and a Certificate of Authenticity.

    About the Okapi

    The okapi is one of the African continent’s more unique animal species. A member of the same mammalian family as the giraffe, the okapi is referred to by many names on the African continent, to include the forest giraffe, Congolese giraffe, and the zebra giraffe. The okapi and giraffe are the only extant members of their mammal family. However, the okapi stands at a height of just 4.9 feet at the shoulders on average, while the giraffe towers above it at a much higher height. The nicknames of the okapi point to its mixed appearance. The animals tend to have stripes on their hindquarters that are reminiscent of the zebra, while its broader figure and mammalian classification connect it to the giraffe.

    Background on the BH Mayer Mint

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