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    Congo Silver Coins

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    Buying Congo African Silver Coins

    Currently, the number of variety of silver coins for sale from the African continent is increasing. Along with the Silver Somalian Elephant series, there is the increasingly popular Rwandan Wildlife Series, with new creatures used on the obverse design every year since its introduction in 2008. Now, the presence of Silver Congo Coins is gaining the attention of investors and numismatists alike. Read on to find out more about bullion coins from the continent, and Silver Congo coins in particular.

    African Silver Lion Coin

    The African Silver Lion is currently available as a Congo-issued coin, but did not originate as such. The 2015 African Silver Lion was actually struck for the nation of Burundi, and featured a male-female lion design with the wording “African Lion” on the obverse, as well as the official coat of arms for Burundi on the reverse.

    Lions are regarded as the “”King of the Jungle,”” despite the fact that the vast majority of lions do not live in or near the jungles. The second largest member of the cat family, behind the tiger, the term African lion is broadly applied to all of the various subspecies of lions found throughout the African continent. The 2016 release marks the first year the program's weight offerings have expanded. In addition to the original 2016 1 oz Congo Silver African Lion coin, there are 5 oz, 10 oz and 1 Kilo silver coins available as well.

    In 2016, production of these coins shifted to the nation of Congo. The 2016 African Silver Lion is now issued by the Republic of Congo and is considered to be the second release in that popular series, even though the nation of issue has changed. In many respects, it is set up as a coin series similar to the Silver Somalian Elephant. Although the nation of issue has already changed, as it did with the Somalian Elephant early on, the theme of one creature in different designs is already established.

    On the obverse of the 2016 African Silver Lion Series you’ll find the image of a mating pair of lions, featuring the male from the pride and a female. The male’s figure is large and imposing, due in no small part to his robust mane. The female, responsible for much of the pride’s hunting, has a steely glaze as she follows her mate.

    Engravings are similar to the 2015 issue coin, with one major exception. On the previous year’s version, a giant text block obscured the design field where “African Lion” was engraved. On the 2016 African Silver Lion, the engraving of the series name has been set along the outer edge of the design field so as not to interfere with the overall beauty of the design.

    These coins are available from JM Bullion only while supplies last. There was a maximum mintage of just 50,000 coins in total for 2016. When you purchase a 2016 1 oz. African Silver Lion today, your shipment arrives in either an individual flip, mint tubes of 20 coins, or boxes containing a total of 500 coins.

    Congo Silver Silverback Gorilla Coin

    JM Bullion also carries the 1 oz Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin. Featuring a proof-like finish, this coin exists as a separate series from the nation of Congo. The inaugural release in its series, the Silverback Gorilla coin celebrates one of the continents previously mysterious creatures.

    Prior to their discovery by outsiders in the 20th century, the gorilla was a creature that was viewed as mystical and considered by some to be a mythical beast that did not actually exist. Technically representing the mountain gorilla, these coins feature the silverback gorilla, a title given to the eldest male in a group who determines where the family lives, eats, and sleeps on a daily basis.

    On the obverse of the coin is the image of a massive gorilla letting out a fearsome roar into the jungle. Engravings around the outer edge of the design identify the series, the year of issue, weight, purity, and metal content of the coin.

    The reverse features a similar design to that used on the African Lion Series. The coat of arms for Congo is featured in the center, with “Republique du Congo” engraved above, but below you’ll find only the face value of the coin engraved.

    Each of the 1 oz Congo Silverback Gorilla coins in stock with JM Bullion today is a proof-like specimen. This indicates a bullion coin with the visual appearance of a proof coin. For example, you may notice matte finishes or mirrored background fields on your coin. As with the African Lion Series, these coins had a mintage capped at 50,000 coins in total.

    Background on the Scottsdale Mint

    The Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin’s origin is well known to the public. It is the product of an agreement between the Scottsdale Mint and the government of the Republic of Congo. Scottsdale Mint is a private company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The mint prides itself on running a green operation, and has been recognized for its award-winning recycling process that refines the highest purity metals to a final purity of .999 or greater.

    Scottsdale Mint is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, and many of its hallmarked products are available for use in Precious Metal IRA accounts. Most importantly in the modern era, Scottsdale Mint is committed to environmentally responsible sourcing of its bullion. In particular, a portion of its silver bullion is sourced as recycled material from the photographic and manufacturing industries.

    Although the Scottsdale Mint is not permitted to strike legal tender US coins, it does have working relationships with foreign reserve banks to strike legal tender gold and silver coins for those countries. At this point, the two primary programs available in this domain represent the Republic of Congo and Fiji.

    Purchasing Congo Silver Coins from JM Bullion

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