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    1 oz Antique Kraken Silver Round (New)
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    Silver Bullion from the North American Mint

    By now, there is more than one way to get your hands on the silver and gold precious metal products you are looking for to bolster your personal collection or enhance the diversity of your precious metals portfolio. While sovereign mints and their bullion coin programs are often the preferred products for investors, and to a large degree even collectors, there are countless private mints around the globe offering quality precious metals for less.

    North American Mint is among the largest private mints in the United States, and it strikes a wide variety of silver rounds that enable numismatists of any wealth level to invest in silver without being shut out because coins sell out too quickly, which is often the case with sovereign mint proof coins, or due to the higher premiums over the spot price of silver in the case of sovereign bullion products. Explore the offerings of the North American Mint through JM Bullion in the following paragraphs.

    Through That Door Series

    Debuting in 2019, the Through That Door Series of silver rounds from the North American Mint challenges the mind with designs that force the buyer to think twice as they contemplate the imagery on each release. The collection is scheduled to feature 10 different designs in all. The focus of each design in this series is on the number of decisions we have to make in life. If you think of each decision as you would opening a door, you realize that you cannot possibly know the outcome (what’s on the other side) until you take action (open the door).

    Each of the 1 oz silver rounds in this collection is individually packaged inside of a protective plastic capsule and features .999 pure silver content. Individual designs are limited to just 2,500 rounds, include unique serial numbers engraved on the edge of the round, and share a reverse design of the Chautauqua Silver Works logo. The obverse imagery includes the following releases to date:

    • Journey – the first release introduces buyers to a common design element on the obverse. Along the top is a series of 10 doors, each one numbered to match the design release with that respective door open. In this case, door number one is open and the design field includes a magnifying glass over a book that introduces us to “chapter one” in the series. There is a human face to the right with an all-seeing eye design that boasts a question mark in the center.
    • Essential – the second design offers the same design element along the top of the field, this time with door number two open. This intricate design includes an on-off switch on the back of a human head with musical notes floating through the field as the lyrics famously uttered in a Beatles song wave across the design field.

    Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Silver Rounds

    The North American Mint is one of several global precious metals producers celebrating the accomplishments of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission 50 years later. For the 50th anniversary of NASA’s landing on the moon, the North American Mint released a series of eight silver rounds charting a course through the Apollo 11 mission from takeoff on Merritt Island, Florida, to splashdown in the South Pacific Ocean eight days later. All of the silver rounds in this series have a reverse design element based on the Apollo 11 mission patch. The North American Mint capped mintage in this series at 5,000 rounds per design, offers each in an Air-Tite capsule, and engraved individual serial numbers on the edges of the rounds. The designs to be released in this series include:

    • Liftoff
    • Eagle Landing
    • One Small Step
    • The Crew
    • Moment of Silence
    • For All Mankind
    • Earthbound
    • Splashdown

    Pathfinder Series

    North American Mint silver round collections are not just limited to 1 oz weights. The newly launched Pathfinder Series of silver rounds offers 2 oz .999 pure silver options to collectors and fans of the role-playing game of the same name, Pathfinder. The game itself is an offshoot of Dungeons & Dragons created by Paizo Publishing and launched in 2009. Pathfinder was originally designed as an expansion of the D&D world, but was eventually released as a standalone option after Paizo lost its content rights to the former platform.

    These 2 oz silver rounds are available in two different versions for each design release. You’ll find a Brilliant Uncirculated option in each release with a mintage of 10,000 rounds, as well as an antique option with a mintage of just 1,000 rounds. Both versions are shipped in protective capsules, with the antique silver rounds boasting individually numbered Certificates of Authenticity with purchase.

    Available designs to date in this collection include:

    • Red Dragon-Valeros: The first release in the collection, the reverse field includes an image of the mercenary Valeros. The smirk on his face is a window to his soul, no surprise given the fact he’s known to enjoy a good drink and beautiful women. On the obverse is the powerful Red Dragon, the second most powerful species of dragon in the Pathfinder

    In the case of the Pathfinder Series, the North American Mint is responsible for the coining and packaging of the products. Macian Enterprises is working with the North American Mint as the designer of each release.

    Time Travels Series

    Another newly-released silver round collection from North American Mint, the Time Travels Series debuted in 2019. This collection also offers 2 oz silver rounds to buyers and boasts three different versions per design release. The silver rounds in this series share a common reverse design element that features an all-seeing eye on a four-pointed star with inscriptions of “Time Travels in All Directions” along the top and bottom rockers of the design field.

    Each design release in this collection features 2 oz Brilliant Uncirculated silver rounds, 2 oz antique silver rounds, and 2 oz proof-like silver rounds. The BU version has the highest mintage at 10,000 rounds, while the antique and proof-like versions are limited to 1,000 rounds per design. The 2 oz rounds are all packaged in individual protective capsules, with the antique and proof-like releases arriving with a Certificate of Authenticity.

    Designs available in this collection, to date, include:

    • Wayfarer Maiden – The debut release in this series of steampunk-themed designs focuses on the Wayfarer Maiden. She wields two flintlock pistols in her hands, with arms bent at the elbow and firearms aimed toward the sky. There are steampunk-themed elements in the background. Most notably, there is a flying ship over her left shoulder.

    Similar to the Pathfinder Series, the Time Travels Series boasts designs conceived by Macian Enterprises and brought to life through the coining process by the North American Mint.

    TIME Series

    The unique TIME Series of silver rounds from the North American Mint focuses on the passage of time in human history. This three-round series features limited runs for each new design release, with a total maximum mintage of 10,000 rounds per design. The rounds are sequentially numbered and feature 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.

    Each of the TIME Series Silver Rounds was produced in collaboration with Chautauqua Silver Works. The private facility was founded in Western New York by Ron Kinney. Chautauqua Silver Works is responsible for the design of each round, with North American Mint providing the production capacity for the series. Designs available include the first two from the series, with the following details:

    • Shifting Gears Proof: The first in the series, on the obverse face is the image of a number of interlocking gears. As each individual wheel spins in a series of gears, it impacts and turns another gear. This plays out on the obverse, along with the patent date of “1 Dec 1945” for shifting gears, which is engraved above the gears. Along the top and bottom of the outer rim is the engraving “Shifting Gears on the Perception of Time.”
    • A Grain of Sand Proof: the obverse side of the 1 oz Silver TIME Series A Grain of Sand Round you’ll find the hourglass design. The most shocking part of the imagery is the open grave the sand empties out of the hourglass into. If you look closely you’ll see the name “Avery Bawdy,” or everybody, on the headstone of the grave site.

    Both releases to date feature the same exact reverse design. Included on the reverse of the round includes the Chautauqua Silver Works name along the top, with the unique engraving of “One More Ounce – One Less Fetter” on the bottom. In the middle of the round’s bullseye design on this face is the weight, purity, and metal content of the round, along with the word “Bullseye” and the periodic number and symbol for Silver (AG 47).

    Kraken Silver Round

    Mythological beings and beasts are immensely popular in silver round design right now, and via a partnership with Anonymous Mint, the North American Mint has served as the production facility in a two-round release of Kraken Silver Rounds. This mythical beast is said to roam the deepest reaches of the ocean and possess the capacity to swallow entire ships whole. The Vikings of Norse history were the first to record encounters with the mythical beast, but the pirates roaming the Caribbean centuries later also feared the creature.

    The Kraken Silver Round was developed by Coin Creator Julie Lindquist for Anonymous Mint, which in turn partnered with North American Mint to produce the rounds. The first round was a 1 Troy oz .999 pure silver round with a mirrored, proof-like finish. This release had a maximum mintage of 3,000 rounds and was available with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and edge lettering that included the individual serial number.

    Each Antique Kraken Silver Round had the same design on the obverse and reverse, edge lettering and individual serial numbers, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Additionally, these rounds included 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver, but had an antique finish that added visual brilliance and subtle enhancement to the details of the round. Maximum mintage for this release was 2,000 rounds. Design features for this round release included:

    • Obverse: This side of the round features the image of the Kraken as it emerges from the depths of the ocean to engulf a Viking longboat. The helpless sailors try in vain to fight off the creature, and some are even visible plummeting overboard to a certain doom.
    • Reverse: each round has the logo of the Anonymous Mint. It depicts an owl in the traditional American bald eagle pose, with wings spread wide and the arrows of war clutched in its talons.

    About the North American Mint

    The North American Mint is located in Rochester, New York, and was founded in 1986 by William J. LaMere Sr. Prior to the founding of the North American Mint, LaMere Sr. had worked with the largest medallic arts business in the country, and brought his own expertise and care to the refining of silver products with the opening of the mint.

    Today, the North American Mint continues to produce silver precious metals with the finest quality blends of artistry and technical skill. William J. LaMere Jr. now runs the North American Mint with his brothers Brad and Michael, leading the crafting of privately minted coins, rounds, medallions, bullion and foil stamp products.

    Purchasing North American Mint Products from JM Bullion

    When you’ve found the North American Mint silver rounds that attract you the most to its design, JM Bullion makes it easy to complete your purchase from our online catalog. We accept a wide variety of payment methods to streamline the purchasing process and fulfill orders quickly.

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    As soon as your products are fulfilled, they are boxed in discreet packaging and handed off to either the United States Postal Service or UPS for shipping. JM Bullion is happy to offer you free standard shipping and insurance with your purchase of North American Mint silver rounds totaling more than $199. If your packages are lost or stolen, we’ll work to secure replacements, find your missing products, or arrange for a refund of your purchase price.

    For additional information on available North American Mint Silver Rounds from JM Bullion, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service department. You can reach us on the phone at 800-276-6508, connect with us online through our live chat, or email us directly.