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    Through That Door Series

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    Enter the Through That Door Series, If You Dare…

    There is a certain beauty to silver rounds that you won’t find in buying silver bullion coins. Whether you purchase investment-grade annual coins or distinctive, limited-edition collections of proof coins, silver bullion coins are great. However, silver rounds fill a niche that coins do not by providing investors and low-collectors with lower premiums without sacrificing uniqueness. The North American Mint and Chautauqua Silver Works have teamed up in the past on silver round collections and now offer an intriguing new series that will surely lead you to ask some questions of yourself in the process.

    Through That Door Series Concept

    Life has a way of presenting us with a variety of challenges and decisions. In order to meet these challenges, we have to make tough decisions. This is often put into picture form by thinking of the choices we have to make as a series of doors to walk through. You can never be 100% certain what lies ahead behind each of those doors, so you’ll always be guessing to some degree what will happen. This uncertainty leads some to never open those doors, while others will plow through with reckless abandon. The Through the Door Series presents distinctive designs that put into images the queries we face and challenge you to think a little more about each of the unique obverse designs.

    Reverse Design

    All of the Through That Door Series silver rounds feature the same reverse design element. On this side, you’ll find the logo of the Chautauqua Silver Works. The design house behind the images on these silver rounds, Chautauqua’s logo is that of a marksman’s rifle scope with view-finding concentric circles. In the very center is the word “Bullseye” along with “Ag 47.” The next ring in the scope has inscriptions of “One Ounce .999 Fine Silver.” Go all the way out to the edge and the name of the silver works is inscribed above, with their motto “One More Ounce – One Less Fetter” inscribed below.

    Design #1 – Journey

    In the first release in the Through That Door Series, North American Mint and Chautauqua Silver Works introduce us to the start of the journey. At the heart of any good decision lies knowledge. If you’re going to make the right choice, you have to possess the knowledge to know what risks are worth it, what the possible rewards are, and what risks simply aren’t worth your time. As you venture through the designs in the Through That Door Series, you won’t know what is coming next.

    However, look to the obverse design of the 1 oz Journey Silver Round and you’ll find all the power you need to make those choices. The design field includes the common obverse element of nine doors in an arching pattern above the field. Below, a magnifying glass focuses in on the first chapter of a book. In this case, that book reads “Through That Door – Chapter One.” This is the start of your journey, to succeed you’ll need to awareness, knowledge, insight, wisdom, intrigue, an inquisitive nature, and a thirst to do the necessary research. All of these keywords are inscribed on this side. Along the top rocker, “Journey” is inscribed with keys on either side and “No.1” is inscribed along the bottom rocker.

    Design #2 – Essential

    If you’re going to make the right choice, another essential factor is the ability to block out the noise. The second design is the 1 oz Essential Silver Round and it challenges you to do something that is increasingly difficult in the modern world: shut off your mind. Tune out the devices and the distractions, turn off your mind, and let your thoughts wander.

    The obverse design field of this round includes the same “doors” design element, this time with door number two open. There is an outline of a male figure in the foreground with an on-off switch on the back of his head. He wears a vertically striped shirt with “BEATLES” written backward on the collar. Musical notes fill the design field and the words “Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream” emanate across the design field. These words famously appeared in the lyrics of the Beatles’ song “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Similar to the debut release, the name of the design and its place in the series are inscribed on this side as “Essential” and “No.2.”

    Design #3 – Sync

    Every decision you make in life will have an impact on your mind, body, and soul. When you have all three of these factors in sync, you are likely to make better decisions because you make them from a place of calm and balance. The third design in the Through That Door Series focuses on the importance of a balanced mind, body, and spirit.

    On the obverse of the 1 oz Sync Silver Rounds, you’ll find a circular design in the center of the field. This design includes the words mind, body, and soul. Inside of that circle, you’ll find design images that correspond to each of the words. There is a body in a calm pose with palms together, a mind with the infinity symbol inside of it, and a flame representing the burning passions of the human soul. On either side of this design, you’ll note there is a question mark and an exclamation point.

    Design #4 – Flight

    In the fourth design of the series, Flight focuses on the different decisions that could have impacted the manner in which human-beings discovered flight. Although the Wright Brothers lifted off at Kitty Hawk in 1903 in the first successful airplane flight, the course of human history could have looked different if different decisions were made or other doors opened.

    The obverse design has door number four open along the top arch of the design field. The design field presents an alternative vision of flight. Here, a variety of homes are depicted with tubes coming out of the top of each structure that launches people into flight.

    Design #5 – Forgo

    While life is often viewed as a series of choices that have to be made, sometimes not making a choice is a decision in and of itself. The Through That Door Series has, to this point, offered ideas behind the importance of making certain decisions, the fifth design ponders what might have happened if no decision is made. The obverse design on these silver rounds is the simplest in the series. Door number five in the arch is closed, indicating no choice was made here. Additionally, there is a door in the center of the design field that is also closed and has a number “5” on the door.

    Design #6 – Connect

    In the sixth design of the Through That Door Series, you are encouraged to take a moment to sit back and connect with the world around you. The design element shows several clocks, each at a different hour to mark the passage of time. There are countless flying saucers in the design field, with a human sitting in a relaxed, cross-legged pose at the very edge of a rock cliff.

    Design #7 – Create

    The unique seventh design in this series not only looks at the impact of human creativity, but how that creativity has played out in the creation of silver round products. There is a hand in the design field holding up a silver round with the reverse design common to all Chautauqua Silver Works-designed rounds. There is a coining press to the left with a wide range of previous obverse designs created by Chautauqua.

    Design #8 – Reflect

    The penultimate design in the Through That Door Series suggests that viewers take a moment to look back on the passage of time and reflect. The series nears its end with a clock design lacking hands in the center of the design field. Around it are various dates from the 20th and 21st centuries. 1950 is the oldest date mark, while 2019 is the most recent.

    Design #9 – Cease

    When you think of the word cease, you think of stop. Nothing is more symbolic of an end or of stopping than death. The final design in the collection shows two feet viewed from the bottom with a toe tag on the big toe of the left foot. Also symbolic of the end is the snuffed-out candle in the lower-right field that has only its billowing smoke at this point.

    Future Designs and Packaging Info

    More obverse designs will be coming in the months ahead, so stay tuned for updates on the beautiful issues in this collection. Each round in the series is presented in a protective capsule and there will be a limited mintage of just 2,500 rounds per design release. Additionally, the individual silver rounds in this collection have a unique serial number laser-etched onto the outer edge of the round. For each design, those numbers range from 1 to 2,500.

    About North American Mint and Chautauqua Silver Works

    The North American Mint is a private, family-owned minting operation in the US. It was started by William J. LaMere Sr. in 1986 to produce the highest quality of minted coins, medallions, and bullion. The LaMere family continues to operate the mint today and blends its subtle artistry with technical minting skill in all its products. The Through That Door Series offers designs from Chautauqua Silver Works, a small coin design shop.

    Buy Through That Door Series Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

    You can collect the designs in the Through That Door Series online from JM Bullion. If you have questions about the releases, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service team is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.