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    Through That Door Series

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    Enter the Through That Door Series, If You Dare…

    There is a certain beauty to silver rounds that you won’t find in buying silver bullion coins. Whether you purchase investment-grade annual coins or distinctive, limited-edition collections of proof coins, silver bullion coins are great. However, silver rounds fill a niche that coins do not by providing investors and low-collectors with lower premiums without sacrificing uniqueness. The North American Mint and Chautauqua Silver Works have teamed up in the past on silver round collections and now offer an intriguing new series that will surely lead you to ask some questions of yourself in the process.

    Through That Door Series Concept

    Life has a way of presenting us with a variety of challenges and decisions. In order to meet these challenges, we have to make tough decisions. This is often put into picture form by thinking of the choices we have to make as a series of doors to walk through. You can never be 100% certain what lies ahead behind each of those doors, so you’ll always be guessing to some degree what will happen. This uncertainty leads some to never open those doors, while others will plow through with reckless abandon. The Through the Door Series presents distinctive designs that put into images the queries we face and challenge you to think a little more about each of the unique obverse designs.

    Reverse Design

    All of the Through That Door Series silver rounds feature the same reverse design element. On this side, you’ll find the logo of the Chautauqua Silver Works. The design house behind the images on these silver rounds, Chautauqua’s logo is that of a marksman’s rifle scope with view-finding concentric circles. In the very center is the word “Bullseye” along with “Ag 47.” The next ring in the scope has inscriptions of “One Ounce .999 Fine Silver.” Go all the way out to the edge and the name of the silver works is inscribed above, with their motto “One More Ounce – One Less Fetter” inscribed below.

    Obverse Designs

    For each of the individual releases in the Through That Door Series, there will be a new obverse design. The first journey in the series focuses on chapter one and the inquisitive human mind. Along the top rocker of the design field in a half-moon arrangement is a series of nine doors, the first of which is opened. The inquisitive human mind didn’t waste much time making a decision on whether or not to open this door! There are books floating throughout the design field, with a magnifying glass highlighting the first few pages of one of these books as reading “Through That Door, Chapter One.” Inscriptions along the outer design field include “Journey” with two small keys flanking it, while “No. 1” is inscribed on the bottom of the design field.

    More obverse designs will be coming in the months ahead, so stay tuned for updates on the beautiful issues in this collection. Each round in the series is presented in a protective capsule and there will be a limited mintage of just 2,500 rounds per design release.

    About North American Mint and Chautauqua Silver Works

    The North American Mint is a private, family-owned minting operation in the US. It was started by William J. LaMere Sr. in 1986 to produce the highest quality of minted coins, medallions, and bullion. The LaMere family continues to operate the mint today and blends its subtle artistry with technical minting skill in all its products. The Through That Door Series offers designs from Chautauqua Silver Works, a small coin design shop.

    Buy Through That Door Series Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

    You can collect the designs in the Through That Door Series online from JM Bullion. If you have questions about the releases, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service team is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.