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    Collect the 2020 Biblical Series Design with JM Bullion

    Posted on January 22, 2021

    One of the longest-running collection of silver coins available right now is the Biblical Series from the Scottsdale Mint. Introduced in 2015, the far-reaching series offers six new designs with each date mark, with each one capturing original artworks from Gustave Dore. The beautiful coins in this series all have shared attributes that deliver collectible value and one-of-a-kind visuals. The latest issues of the coin series have 2020 date marks and even have a particular focus. JM Bullion has a deeper look at the latest designs in this week’s blog post.

    2020 Reverse Designs

    Miracles seem to take center stage in the release of 2020 designs in the Biblical Series. Three of the six designs focus on miracles mentioned throughout the Bible. In particular, there are two miracles attributed to Jesus and another from the Old Testament featured in the reverse designs of 2020 Biblical Series Coins. The available designs include:

    • Jesus Walking On the Sea: Among the most well-known miracles of Jesus is the moment that he walked out to meet his disciples on the Sea of Galilee. Shoulder after performing his miracle at the sermon on the mount where he transformed one bread and one fish into bountiful loaves for his followers, he ended up walking out onto the Sea of Galilee later that evening to reach his disciples who had become mired in a storm on the sea.
    • Judas Kiss: With the Jewish and Roman leaders of Jerusalem growing nervous at his ministry, the Romans were convinced to arrest and charge Jesus. To find him, the Romans needed to turn one of his followers. Judas was convinced, for a price in silver, to identify and turn over Jesus to the Romans. He identified him among a crowd by kissing him on the cheek.
    • Fiery Furnace: Another of the miracles to feature in the 2020 design releases comes from the Old Testament. Three Hebrew men serving in Babylon are assigned to a giant furnace to meet a fiery doom for failing to kneel to the Babylonian king and recognize him as a god incarnate. For their faith in God, the men are rewarded with life. No harm comes to them in the fiery furnace, with the Babylonians even said to have seen an angel protecting the men from the flames.
    • Resurrection of Lazarus: Another of Jesus Christ’s miracles is the resurrection of a man named Lazarus. Jesus is approached by the daughters of Jesus who have heard of his miraculous healing powers and ask him to save their father from death. Jesus does not arrive in time to prevent the death of Lazarus but does command his body to rise from the tomb and Lazarus returns to life, amazing the crowds.
    • Destruction of Leviathan: The Leviathan is one of the oldest beasts in the Bible and an early symbol of evil. God showcases his power over evil by defeating the Leviathan with a mighty sword of justice.
    • Christ in the Synagogue: With his ministry spreading and his fame growing, Jesus returns to his hometown of Nazareth to teach in the local synagogue. Here, he amazes the local scholars with his advanced knowledge.

    Common Obverse Design

    For the obverse design of all releases in the Biblical Series of silver coins, the Raphael Maklouf portrait of Queen Elizabeth II features on the coins. This design was created in 1985 for the Royal Mint of England to use on British coinage. The image features the Queen in right-profile relief with the George IV State Diadem Crown upon her head, a necklace, and earrings. The design was criticized at the time for being an unrealistic depiction of the Queen based on her age. However, Maklouf responded to the criticism by pointing out that he wanted to capture the Queen as a symbol that is regal and ageless.

    Packaging and Other Details

    All coins in the 2020 Biblical Series carry on with the same packaging and production details that the series has used since 2015. Each coin contains 2 Troy oz of .999 silver with a face value of $2 (NZD) backed by Niue. The designs are struck on rimless blanks with an antique polish in the interest of creating a specimen that appears the same as old-world coinage. The coins are individually packaged inside of a display box that resembles a well-used Bible. The inside includes a special slot for the coin and a Certificate of Authenticity that both authenticates the coin and includes the passages from the Bible that correspond with the design on the reverse of the individual release.

    Each coin in this series is limited in release to just 1,499 silver coins. Additionally, the coins all have a laser-etched serial number on the edge of the coin that identifies is production in the series from “1” to “1,499.”

    Background on the Artist

    Gustave Dore was a French illustrator, artist, and wood-engraver. One of his greatest collections was started in 1853 when he was commissioned to illustrate the works of Lord Byron. His success in this led to additional commissions with British publishers, including the massive set of illustrated Biblical works that serve as the inspiration for this coin series. A decade later, he completed his illustrations for the Bible. The collection features 241 distinctive wood-engravings that consisted of 139 designs from the Old Testament, 81 from the New Testament, and 21 from the Apocrypha.

    Collect the Latest Designs from JM Bullion

    With limited mintages and beautiful designs, the 2020 Biblical Series coins will not last long. This collection has proven popular with collectors over time. If you have any questions, JM Bullion customer service can assist you at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and through our email address. We also encourage you to read our blog posts each week for in-depth insight and follow us on Facebook.

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