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    Biblical Coins

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    Biblical Silver Coin Series from JM Bullion

    There’s an exciting new series of silver coins available today in the precious metals marketplace, and it just might be one of the most robust options you’ll find right now. The Biblical Silver Coin series from the Scottsdale Mint is a collection of bullion coins available from the nation of Niue. The series launched in 2015 with six designs, and has continued in each year since with six new designs for each release year.

    Coin series rarely run as long or go as in-depth in the design intricacy as the Biblical Silver Coin collection from Scottsdale Mint. Each coin is meticulously designed and refined with the appearance of ancient coinage in mind from start to finish. While the coins of the release series feature similarities from one year to the next, there are different reverse designs with each new year of availability. Journey through the stories of the Bible with us as we look at the Biblical Coins of Niue.

    Background on the Series

    The Biblical Coin Series from the Scottsdale Mint was released in 2015 with the story of Exodus from the Bible. The coin was the first of the year and of the series, and brought to life the tales of the Bible on breathtaking silver coins. Each coin in the series shares the following commonalities:

    • High-relief design on a rimless blank with antique finish
    • Contains 2 Troy oz of .999 pure silver
    • Limited mintage of only 1,499 coins per release
    • Bears a face value of 2 Dollars backed by Niue
    • Obverse design of Queen Elizabeth II
    • Designs based upon artwork from Gustave Dore

    First and foremost, these coins have an ancient look and feel courtesy of the design of the blanks themselves. Each of the Biblical Silver Coins from Scottsdale Mint starts out as a rimless blank, mimicking the appearance of ancient coinage which often did not feature any sort of reeded or smooth edging around the rim.

    Secondly, these coins are all 2 oz specimens struck in high relief and finished with an antique polish. High-relief designs lend a greater 3D appearance to the design fields, and the use of antique polish provides added depth to the intricate details of each individual design used in the collection.

    Additionally, each coin in the series includes a laser-engraved edge-lettered individual serial number. These numbers range from 1 to 1,499 in each design release, and a Certificate of Authenticity is included in the packaging that reflects each coin’s serial number. The coins are packaged inside of a Bible-themed books.

    Finally, the shared the obverse imagery is a unique departure for most commonwealth coinage such as those produced for Niue. While the vast majority of commonwealth nations in the South Pacific use the right-profile effigy of Queen Elizabeth II created in 1998 by Ian Rank-Broadley, the Scottsdale Mint went back in time to revive the third-generation effigy.

    These coins have a right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that was created in 1984 by Raphael Maklouf for use on British and commonwealth coinage. Maklouf was born in Jerusalem prior to World War II, and his family emigrated to the United Kingdom after the war. Maklouf’s third-generation depiction of the Queen features a higher crown atop her head with more intricate details to the jewelry she wears. This design was in use from 1984 to 1997.

    2015 Design Releases

    The designs released during the first year of availability for the Biblical Silver Coins covered some of the most relevant and well-known stories from the Bible. Released in order, these designs included:

    • Exodus
    • Crucifixion
    • David & Goliath
    • The Ten Commandments
    • The Pale Horse
    • The New Jerusalem

    2016 Design Releases

    The Biblical Silver Coin Series continued into 2016 with six new design releases available, again following the most popular and frequently referenced stories from the Bible. The collection of coins from this year includes the following design releases:

    • 2016 Daniel in the Den of Lions – Daniel was a cast into the lion’s den by jealous rivals who saw his quick rise to high office with his royal master Darius the Mede as a challenge to their position. Darious bowed to the pressure of Daniel’s jealous contemporaries, but Daniel was delivered from death by an angel sent by God, who found Daniel blameless before him.
    • 2016 The Last Supper – On the night before he was crucified by the Romans, Jesus sat down with his disciples for one final dinner. At this time, he offered them wine representative of his blood and bread representative of his body, a ritual still recounted in church services today through communion.
    • 2016 Adam & Eve – One of the Bible’s most significant stories, Adam and Even form the backbone of creation as the first man and woman, created in God’s likeness. The pair live in the Garden of Eden, until they disobey God’s order not to eat from the forbidden tree. Tricked into doing so by the serpent, known to be Satan incarnate, they are cast out into the darkness from the garden.
    • 2016 The Good Samaritan – Anyone who lends aid to another out of the goodness of their heart is known as a Good Samaritan. The biblical tale of this comes from a man who stopped to help a traveler who had been beaten and stripped of his clothes on a road, even after others had left him for dead and rendered no assistance.
    • 2016 Ezekiel’s Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones – A more obscure tale from the Bible, this coin reflects the story of Ezekiel’s vision of a valley of dried out corpses. As walks through it in his dream, they reconstitute as human beings and are said to be the exiled people of Israel.
    • 2016 the Birth of Jesus – One of the seminal moments in Christian theology, Jesus is said to have been born on December 25th in a humble manger tucked away in a barn in the town of Bethlehem. To this day, Christians celebrate Christmas Day on December 25th as the day of birth for their savior.

    2017 Releases to Date

    The most recent releases are those from the 2017 collection, which is not complete yet but features once again some of the most prominent stories from the Christian Bible. The designs covered so far in this year of issue include four and include:

    • 2017 The Baptism of Jesus – Jesus was famously baptized in the waters by his follower John the Baptist. This moment in his life is captured on the reverse design as he stands in ankle-deep water near John.
    • 2017 Nailing Christ to the Cross – In the moments leading up to his death via crucifixion, Jesus is nailed to a cross by Roman soldiers to die as commanded by Pontius Pilate. Stakes are driven through his hands and feet before he is hoisted upright, left to die of exhaustion and suffocation as his body fails to hold its own weight on the cross.
    • 2017 Jacob Wrestles the Angel – Open to various forms of interpretation, the image of Jacob wrestling the Angel is a famous one from the Bible. Some say it is a mere tussle with an Angel, while others believe the Angel actually represents God in the battle.
    • 2017 Jesus Calms the Seas – Amidst a torrent of rain and heavy winds on the Sea of Galilee, the disciples of Christ believe they are going to die as their master looks on. Befuddled by his inaction, they awaken Christ only for him to reach out and calm the seas on his own power.

    Information on the Artist: Gustave Dore

    Dore was a French artist, printmaker, illustrator, and sculptor whose preferred medium of work was wood engraving. Born in January 1832, he died in January 1883. His 1866 works known as the “illustrations for the Bible” launched him to fame and were considered an immense success. The collection was housed in a major exhibition in London in 1867, and provided the inspiration for each of the coin designs and releases in the Biblical Silver Series from the Scottsdale Mint.

    About the Nation of Niue

    Niue isn’t exactly the first nation to come to mind when you think about a massive presence in the precious metals industry. Nevertheless, mints such as the New Zealand Mint and now Scottsdale Mint are producing endless coin programs for the nation. Located 1,500 miles northeast of New Zealand, the small island nation has a total land area of just 100 square miles and a population of 1,612 as of 2016. Today, the nation exists in a state of free association with New Zealand, with the latter nation conducting most of the diplomatic relations for Niue and providing for its defense.

    Scottsdale Mint

    Located in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona, the Scottsdale Mint is a private American minting location with a growing profile. Products from the Scottsdale Mint are distributed around the world through a network of authorized distributors and dealers. The mint has been recognized for its quality and consistency, as well as its innovation. The mint produces both investment-grade silver bullion products and a growing array of numismatic options, including these new Biblical Silver Coins.

    Buying Biblical Silver Coins from JM Bullion

    Your purchase through JM Bullion can be paid for using a variety of payment methods today. We accept most major credit/debit cards, bank wire transfers and PayPal fund transfers as the latest options available for payment, and paper checks as well. Bank wire and PayPal transfers process the fastest, with credit/debit cards taking an average of one business day and paper checks taking upwards of six business days.

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    If you have any questions about these Biblical Silver Coins, please don’t hesitate to contact JM Bullion. Our associates are available on the phone at 800-276-6508, online using our website’s live chat feature, and by submitting questions to us via email. Don’t forget you can stay up to date on silver prices by visiting our homepage!