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    Silver Prices in Canadian Dollars

    Even though silver is a dollar-denominated commodity, the white metal can be transacted in any currency. If you live in Canada or a Canadian territory, you would likely buy or sell silver in the local currency, Canadian dollars. Some of the other most popular currencies for buying and selling silver may include U.S. Dollars, Japanese Yen, euros and Swiss Francs.

    Canada is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire world, from stunning mountain ranges to lakes and coastal towns. Canada also happens to be one of the globe’s biggest holders and producers of natural resources. These natural resources include oil, timber and precious metals. Canada is even a major producer for various food products including maple syrup, fish and various agricultural products.

    Silver Pricing in Canada

    Silver prices in Canadian dollars are readily available and quoted in Canada and elsewhere. Silver prices, like other commodities, can fluctuate frequently based on many different factors. Some of the potential factors that can influence the price of silver include:

    • Risk appetite or aversion
    • Industrial demand
    • Supply
    • Currency markets
    • Geopolitical factors
    • Overall investment demand
    • Interest rates
    • Equity markets

    And many more.

    Whether you live in Canada or elsewhere, any large silver coin and bullion dealers will likely display the price of silver in both local currency and other currencies.

    Due to Canada’s place as a top producer of commodities and natural resources, as silver prices rise, the price of Canadian dollars may potentially rise as well.

    Canadian Products and Mints

    One of the most popular silver coins in the world is the famed Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. With a low premium over spot silver and beautiful yet simple design, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a favorite among silver investors and coin collectors. This silver bullion coin is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and is available in just the one ounce weight. The coin features the sugar maple leaf design along with the profile portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Each one ounce silver coin carries a face value of 5 Canadian dollars.

    If you like the simplicity and larger sizes of silver bullion bars, then the 10 ounce Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar may be a great choice. These silver bars may provide a lot of bang for the buck, with very reasonable premiums over spot. The bars feature a unique serial number on each bar and also display a unique Royal Canadian Mint bullion finish. Containing 10 ounces of .9999 percent fine silver with a reeded edge; you can buy these silver bars with confidence.

    The Royal Canadian Mint produces many other types of collectible silver coin. A common theme employed by the mint’s designers is nature. You will notice that many Canadian silver coins feature beautiful animals, landscapes or plants. Some of these gorgeous silver coins include the 2017 1 Ounce Proof Canadian Silver Glistening North: The Polar Bear Coin and the 2017 ¾ Ounce Canadian Silver Big Horn Sheep Reverse Proof Coin.

    Many of Canada’s most stunning silver coins are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The RCM opened on January 2nd, 1908 and became a wholly Canadian institution in 1931. The RCM is a Crown corporation of Canada, and it produces all of Canada’s circulation coins. The mint also produces many types of collectible coin, bullion bars and medals. It even produces circulation coinage for other nations as well.

    The Royal Canadian Mint has a reputation for quality, creativity and craftsmanship and is considered one of the finest mints in the world.

    Coins and bars produced by the RCM come with excellent quality and beautiful design work. Although some designs are quite detailed, others are very simple yet elegant.

    Whether you are a new investor or collector, or you already have a portfolio of physical silver coins or bars, you cannot go wrong considering products from the Royal Canadian Mint. Depending on the dealer and location, these products can be transacted in Canadian dollars or other currencies and make a fine addition to any precious metals portfolio.

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