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    Silver Bullion and Collectible Coins from Fiji at JM Bullion

    Fiji is perhaps best-known among numismatists as the original nation of issue for the Silver Taku coin from the New Zealand Mint. However, Fiji’s contribution to silver coinage extends beyond this one coin program and includes a variety of low-mintage collectible coins issued in recent years as part of the groundswell of comic-themed coinage. You can explore all of the Fiji silver bullion coins and collectible issues in depth below.

    The Fiji Taku

    The Fiji Silver Taku coin debuted from the New Zealand Mint in 2010 as an annual-issue silver bullion coin. The reverse side of the coins featured the same design in each year, while the obverse side had an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II between 2010 and 2012 with a new design of the Fiji coat of arms in 2013.

    On the obverse side of 2010-2012 Silver Taku coins, the right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II features in the fourth-generation design Ian Rank-Broadley created for the Royal Mint of England in 1998. This design was used for the first two years, but following a political conflict between England and its former colony in Fiji (as well as a military coup in Fiji), the Queen’s effigy was removed in 2013 in favor of the coat of arms for Fiji. This design includes a crest with symbols of the seafaring history of the island nation and is flanked by two Fijian figures.

    The reverse face of all Fiji Silver Taku coins includes an image of the hawksbill turtle swimming through the waters of the South Pacific. The hawksbill is found anywhere from the northern tip of New Zealand’s north island to the waters off of Fiji and nearby Niue. The hawksbill turtle design has remained the same since 2010. While the coins were issued for Fiji (2010-2013), the design on the reverse included a sliver of mirrored finish that included the word “Fiji Taku,” which is the name for the hawksbill turtle in the local dialect. Each issue of the Fiji Silver Taku included:

    • Coins ship in protective packaging.
    • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
    • Issued a face value of Two Dollars authorized by Fiji.

    In 2014, the coin series was reissued for the nation of Niue as the Niue Hawksbill Turtle coins. The design on the obverse reverted to the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, while the only change on the reverse is the use of “Turtle” in place of the previous “Fiji Taku” engraving.

    Captain America: Civil War

    One of the first major collectible coin series from Fiji was the Captain America: Civil War collection released in timing with the feature film of the same name. The six-coin collection included four individual designs of popular characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a 2 oz coin that was divisible into individual 1 oz coins that included the central figures: Iron Man and Captain America. The list of superheroes for individual release included:

    • Black Widow – Team Stark
    • Black Panther – Team Stark
    • Winter Soldier – Team Cap
    • Silver Falcon – Team Cap

    Each individual 1 oz silver coin had .999 pure silver content and was a proof specimen. The coins had colorized obverse designs of the superheroes and depicted the Fijian coat of arms on the reverse side. The coins had an individual face value of One Dollar authorized by Fiji and shipped in protective capsules with collectible tins. There was also an impressive lunchbox tin available for the six-coin release.

    All of the Captain America: Civil War silver coins were issued with a mintage cap of 3,000 coins and struck by Sunshine Minting. This private American coining operation is one of the nation’s largest private mints and also provides silver bullion blanks to major bullion programs at mints such as the United States Mint and Royal Canadian Mint.

    Fiji Pearl Lunar Coins

    Another prominent Fijian coin series is the Fiji Pearl Lunar Series. These coins follow the popular Chinese Lunar Calendar with designs that change for each lunar year. The series debuted in 2012 and offers limited-mintage proof coins rather than bullion issues as other programs do. The coins of the Fiji Pearl Lunar Series are actually struck by the Royal Canadian Mint on behalf of Fiji.

    The obverse side of the coins includes the image of creatures representing the lunar calendar year to match the date mark. In the center of each design is a pearl, a symbol of knowledge and immortality in Chinese culture. The coins have 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver content and a Ten Dollar face value.

    On the reverse face of the coins, you’ll find the Fijian crest in the center of the design field. Perhaps one of the more unique facets of the design of these coins is the use of an ornate circle around the crest. In this circle are each of the 12 animals that feature in the Chinese Lunar Calendar represented in artistic renditions. Each coin is limited to 8,888 in total and comes with a commemorative display box and Certificate of Authenticity.

    Other Comic-Themed Releases

    In recent years, Fiji has authorized the issue of other comic-themed coins in its name. Among the options are anniversary coins such as the 2016 30th Anniversary of the Dark Knight Returns from the original DC Comics and the 75th Anniversary Captain America Shield Coin. Perhaps its most impressive is a recent coin though: the 2019 2 oz Antique Fiji Marvel Iron Man Mask.

    The Iron Man Mask coin is a 3D coin that accurately recreates the appearance of the mask worn by Tony Stark as Iron Man. In addition to the unique 3D design of the coin itself is the issuance of a Certificate of Authenticity that includes 2 Grams of pure silver. The mintage of these antique, polished coins is capped at just 5,000 in total.

    Buying Fiji Silver Coins from JM Bullion

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