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    Fiji Silver Coins

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    Fiji Silver Coins from JM Bullion

    The island nation of Fiji is located in the Melanesia region of the South Pacific Ocean, situated some 1,100 nautical miles northeast of the North Island of New Zealand. A small archipelago that consists of more than 330 islands, only 110 of which are permanently inhabited, and a population of 909,389, this tiny locale in the midst of the massive Pacific Ocean has its name associated with some very important precious metals series in the eyes of those buying silver online.

    While the nation has lost the coin that made it popular, the Fiji Silver Taku, there are a new list of silver coins for sale for the nation that have attracted the eye of both investors and collectors. From colorized commemorative coins to beautiful Lunar Year coins, the nation of Fiji has a lot to offer those who invest in silver precious metals. Explore all of the available coins in the paragraphs below.

    Fiji Silver Taku

    Available from the New Zealand Mint since 2010, the Taku (now Hawksbill) coin is a popular annual release that is coveted by investors. The coin is much like the American Silver Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and British Britannia coins in that it has the same design features every year. However, while those have been reliably struck for just one nation in their history, the Taku has a more complicated background.

    The first Fiji Silver Taku coins were released by the New Zealand Mint in 2010. The coins had a beautiful reverse design based upon the hawksbill turtle, which is referred to as the Taku in the local Fijian dialects, hence the name of the coin series originally. The coin featured the beautiful hawksbill turtle as it swam through the warm, bubbly waters of the South Pacific Ocean. While issued for Fiji, the coins had an engraving in a sliver field to the left that read “Fiji Taku.”

    From 2010 to 2012, the coins were available with an obverse design that included the right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The imagery used on this face was the third-generation design from Raphael Maklouf that was created in 1984 and used through 1997 on British and commonwealth coinage.

    The 2013 Fiji Silver Taku coin had a different reverse design for what became the final year of issue for the coin as a Fijian precious metal option. Gone was the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, and in its place was the Fijian coat of arms. The image portrays native Fijians on either side of the crest, which bears imagery of the local population’s culture and a sailboat featured above. Engravings were simple and featured the nation of issue, year of issue, and face value of 2 Dollars.

    Today, the Fiji Taku is rarely encountered on the precious metals marketplace, as it is no longer in production. As of 2014, the coin is now struck with the same design features by in large for the nation of Niue instead. It is believed that political turmoil in the nation from 2006 to 2015 led to the eventual switch away from Fiji. A military coup occurred in 2006, and despite promises to hold free and clear democratic elections, the process did not actually occur until late in 2014.

    Captain America Proof Colorized Coins

    In 2016, the nation of Fiji roared back into the precious metals marketplace with the introduction of a beautiful colorized silver proof set from Sunshine Minting in the United States. The film Captain America: Civil War was released to theaters in the late spring of 2016, and the nation of Fiji partnered with Sunshine Minting to produce a six-coin series that featured the popular characters from the film.

    Each of the of coins from the Captain American Silver Proof Colorized Collection was available with 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver and a beautifully colorized obverse design set and a common reverse design. That reverse design was the same found on the final year of the Fiji Taku. The Fijian coat of arms was depicted on the coin’s surface, with the nation of issue, weight, purity, and metal content, as well as its legal tender One Dollar face value all engraved on this side.

    Individual coins in the collection had an extremely limited mintage of just 3,000 coins. Each one was sold inside of a collectible tin with colorized theatrical imagery from the movie. The designs released in the series include:

    • The 2016 1 oz Captain America Winter Soldier coin features obverse artwork depicting the Winter Soldier. A member of Team Cap, the design reflects the superhero identity of Bucky Barnes, a former allied soldier of Captain America who was separated from his group during the war.
    • The 2016 1 oz Captain America Black Panther Proof coin represents one of the members of Team Stark. Sometimes referred to as T’Challa, the Black Panther has enhanced senses and physical attributes due to a heart-shaped herb he consumed. The herb gave him superhuman powers and the specialization of unarmed combat.
    • On the obverse of the 2016 1 oz Captain America Silver Falcon Proof you’ll find another member of Team Cap. Silver Falcon has a unique skillset that allows him to mentally connect with birds. With his power, he can communicate telepathically with birds to receive mental images of everything the birds might see. He also has a suit with wings that enables him to fly.
    • The 2016 1 oz Captain America Black Widow Proof coin presents to you Black Widow. An expert spy, athlete, and gifted assassin, Black Widow is a valuable member of the Avengers, and her image appears on the obverse face of this coin in the series.
    • Although the 2 oz. Captain America: Iron Man vs. Captain America Proof coin looks like one solid 2 oz. coin, it is in fact a split coin that separates along a predetermined fracture line into two separate 1 oz. coins, each with a 1 oz. weight and .999 pure silver. Each individual coin has a One Dollar face value, and on the reverse it features the Fijian crest on both halves. The reverse design also features the words “United We Stand” on one half, and “Divided We Fall” on the other.

    The series was also available as a 6-Coin set from Sunshine Minting. For this offering, Sunshine Minting presented the coins inside of a lunchbox that held each of the individual collectible tins for the specific releases in the collection.

    Anniversary Comic Releases

    In 2016, Fiji was also the nation of issue for two celebratory comic-book themed silver coins. First was the 2016 2 oz Fiji 30th Anniversary Dark Knight Returns Silver Coin. Available inside of a Dark Knight-themed display box with an individual Certificate of Authenticity, the coins featured the Fijian coat of arms on the reverse, and Frank Miller’s re-imagined Batman on the obverse.

    The coin’s marked the 30th anniversary of the Miller design for the Dark Knight. A comic staple since 1939, Miller’s version of the Dark Knight was introduced in 1986 in a four-comic mini-series entitled The Dark Knight Returns. Sunshine Minting was again behind this release, and offered the coins with a 3,000 coin limited mintage.

    Also available in 2016 was the 2016 2 oz Fiji 75th Anniversary Captain America Shield Silver Coin. This stunning piece had a simple, yet easily recognizable obverse design of Captain America’s iconic shield in full, brilliant color. Each coin was offered inside of a stunning Captain America-themed display box that included not only an individual Certificate of Authenticity, but also a Captain America lapel pin.

    On the reverse of the coins was the familiar image of the coat of arms for Fiji. These coins had a higher mintage cap than previous Fijian releases, with the maximum set at 7,500 coins in total.

    Lunar Calendar Coins

    Starting in 2016, Fiji was also the nation of issue for a new proof silver Lunar Calendar collection of coins. Introduced with the Year of the Monkey, releases to date include the 2016 coin and the 2017 Year of the Rooster. Both coins have a limited mintage of only 8,888 coins with 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver content.

    Known as Pearl Lunar coins, each one has a small pearl in the center of the obverse design field and the unique use of two representative creatures from the year of issue. All coins have a shared reverse of the Fijian crest, with an added twist. The crest of Fiji is much smaller on these coins, with an ornate circle surrounding it that includes images of all 12 animals found on the Zodiac.

    The obverse of the Fiji Pearl Monkey Silver Coin includes the Year of the Monkey design, which depicts a pair of monkeys facing one another. Both the monkeys and the flowers on the branch above their heads has the gilded finish of 24-karat gold, while there is also an engraving of “Year of the Monkey” on this face of the coin.

    For the obverse of the 2017 Fiji Pearl Rooster Silver Coin you’ll find similar imagery of two animals, in this case roosters. Snowcapped mountains rise in the background to meet the sky and the coin again features a layering of 24-karat gold and a freshwater pearl in the center of the obverse design set.

    Artistic Silver Coins

    In addition to longer-running or planned series coins, Fiji also has a variety of other coins that have been released that have artistic designs. The most significant among these are the two Hokusai Great Wave Silver Coins. Available in proof-like and colorized proof finishes, the design on the obverse of both coins is based off of Japanese artwork.

    Known as the Great Wave off Kanagawa, the design was originally created by an artist named Hokusai in the 1830s in Japan. The original piece was done on a color woodblock and depicted the power and might of the ocean. Japan’s vulnerability to tsunamis has unfortunately been shown again in real life following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country’s eastern seaboard.

    On the reverse side of the 2017 1 oz Fiji Hokusai Great Wave Silver Coins is the image of Hokusai’s artwork, which depicts the massive break of a Great Wave off Kanagawa. Great attention to detail exists on this coin, with colorization adding a deep tone of blue to the wave and crystal-like white caps at its breakpoint. In the background you may notice the figure of Mount Fuji.

    The only difference in the two coins was the use of colorization on the colorized proof, which brought shades of blue to the wave itself and real-life colors to Mount Fuji in the background. Both coins were struck by Scottsdale Mint in the United States, with a maximum mintage of 50,000 coins for the proof-like issue and just 2,500 for the colorized version.

    Finally, there’s a 3 oz coin series that was made available starting in 2016 for Fiji. The first release was the Colorized Fiji Unicorn Purity and Grace Silver Coin. Just 999 coins were issued in this release and the design included the image of the legendary unicorn on the obverse, which includes a metallic-blue finish that lends visual brilliance to the coin design.

    The 2017 3 oz Colorized Fiji Green Dragon Silver Coin had the same limited mintage of just 999 coins, and featured a depiction of the Green Dragon. It depicts a European take on the dragon as it flies through skies cluttered with clouds as lightning rips across the background field of the coin.

    All coins in the artistic range of releases feature the same reverse design sets. The Fijian coat of arms is captured on all, with the vital information on the coin engraved such as its nation of issue and face value.

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